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CM Punk is indeed Money In The Bank

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Well hello there peeps,
This is my 2nd blog technically (The first wasn't published dunno what i did wrong) Anyway, I just finished watching Money In The Bank, and I'll sort of give my review quickly on all matches, then go on and focus on the main event, which for as far as I can remember is the best match Cena has had in his entire career in my opinion.

First Match
SmackDown Money In The Bank Ladder Match

At the beginning of the PPV, I thought this would be the show stealer, this match has once again proved my point that SmackDown! is indeed the dominant brand in the WWE. For the last few years, I have always viewed SmackDown! as WWE's A brand, and I think the SmackDown! talent just proved it. From the amazing Sheamus spots, to Daniel Bryan & Cody Rhodes battling it out, to Kane actually looking as a legitimate monster and finally Daniel Bryan winning (I had predicted Sheamus or Barrett would win) which was a pleasant surprise.
This match was just amazing.

Second Match :
Divas Match Brie Bella Vs. Kelly Kelly

Now i don't watch Divas matches, I even rarely do watch Knockouts matches, I'm just not big on women's wrestling, anyway, the only reason i watched this match is because of how people said it was awful, more awful than normal Divas matches, and boy was it a botchfest
Enough said.

Third Match :
Show Vs. Henry

OK match, not much to say, although Mark Henry is finally getting interesting again, glad he won, thought WWE would not allow Big Show to lose, glad I was wrong.

Fourth Match :
Raw Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Mm, I dunno why i wasn't into this match. Don't get me wrong it had amazing stuff in it, the Air Bourne from the top of the ladder being the best spot of the night, Miz faking an injury and returning, someone remind me again what did the rest do ? Ya I forgot what A-Ry did, what Kofi Kingston did, I tend to forget things that don't interest me, R-Truth had one good moment in the match and the ending was rather predictable, I'm glad ADR won though.

Fifth Match :
Christian Vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship

I looked forward to this match, but I was terribly disappointed with how it went down. The match was a good back and forth action match, offense and defense were about evenly matched I'd say, it's just the ending that ruined it all. The WWE not allowing Christian to have a clean win after all this time building the feud, not allowing him to prove he can beat Orton, having to make a man so lunatic he doesn't give a rat's @#!*% about the World Title.
Yeah, that's what screwed it for me. The ending was @#!*% , now this may seem biased as I'm a peep but I certainly didn't watch all these months of feuding just for this BS. I dare say I enjoyed Mark Henry Vs. Big Show more than this match.

Sixth Match :
WWE Championship Match : CM Punk Vs. John Cena

Now I think this is the match we've all been waiting for, not a single person wasn't waiting for this, this IS the match that made people buy the PPV and dare I say this is the Cena match that I'll watch over and over again.
This match was given the time it needed, it wasn't your classic Cena match, get beat down ten to fifteen minutes then come back hit the AA and retain.
It was a back and forth action, counter after counter, move after move match between a great wrestler and an ok wrestler.
But what made the match was not the technicality or ring work, it was the story telling, this is the first match that actually had good story telling in it since, well, since Chris Jericho Vs. Rey Mysterio from the Bash in 2009 or since The Nexus Vs. Team WWE at SummerSlam 2010.
I wish I hadn't read the results before watching the PPV because I'm @#!*% sure I would've marked out when Punk got the pinfall.
What made this match also was not just storytelling, it was the great crowd and I'll get to that in a moment.
CM Punk has definitely proven over the last month that he IS money in the freaking bank, his promos, his ring work, his story telling, if I were Vince McMahon I would be wishing I had used him a long time ago. With that being said, we can't attribute the success of this angle to Punk alone, Vince was a part of it, his promo with Punk was nothing short of awesome, and yes, we have to also give a little bit of credit to John Cena.

The Crowd
The Crowd was absolutely brilliant, letting their voices heard about just about everything in the PPV, Chicago has always been a city to let it's voice be heard, this was also very clear during the Cena - Punk match and I think the Crowd is one of the main reason this PPV is such a hit.

I've read here a report saying that CM Punk MAYBE appearing on this Monday's RAW, if that's the case I hope it goes a little something like this. CM Punk comes back, says he won't be what Cena said, he won't turn his back, he can't leave the WWE without a championship, introduces a new championship to which the WWE will hold a tournament to crown a new champion and then announce he'll be taking some time off and be back.

Thank you for reading
I hope you enjoyed the read
Please leave your comments and tell me what you thought of my blog
And until the next time

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