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What should happen in Summer Slam...

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this monday night Raw should open with Vince McMahon. he would inform us that Cena had failed last night and he is fired from WWE. But Mcmahon has a surprise for the WWE Universe. Austins music hits and here comes the SCSA with a mic in his hand. Austin says last night CM Punk left WWE with the title. after that Vince called Austin and begged Austin for a favour. So, heres Austin with an offer for CM Punk. Punk mentioned in numerous interviews that he always wanted a match with SCSA. Heres his chance. If he comse back to WWE, he can have his dream match in Summer Slam against Austin. If Punk looses the match the WWE title shall be vacant and Punk has to leave forever. If he wins the Punk gets to keep the title. However, he has to stay with the WWE. Thats the price Punk has to give to have his dream match.

Next Monday there is a rumor in the air that Punk will come back and sign a new contract with WWE. there is a official contract signing staged at the ring. Punk comes back with title in his shoulder and a mic. He is about to sign for the match but then rips paper. He says while he was in WWe he asked countless time for this match. Now he just doesn't care anymore. He will have his dream match with someone else.
Stone Colds music hits and here comes Austin with a beer truck. He gives Punk one hell of a beer bash. Punk is lying in the middle of the ring soaked and unconcious. Austin takes a mic and whisperes in Punks ear "Do you wanna fight me now?"

Next monday Vince and Austin waiting in the ring side for Punks answere. It is Punk in the big screen. Appearently he is in the parking lot right beside Austins truck. Punk says he accepts the match and he will see Austin at Summer Slam. Then he sets Austins truck in fire and leaves with a smile.

Now you got Punk vs AUstin in SummerSlam main event.
How was that???

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  1. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Lol not a summerslam & prob not ever
  2. ecw9008's Avatar
    if anything Austin vs Punk should be at WrestleMania 28.
    CM Punk comes back around the Royal time and challenge Stone Cold for a match at WrestleMania this will give CM Punk time to heel up and Austin time to prepare for this match.
  3. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    Bit of a contrived set-up. Interesting though.
  4. rudlefuz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    Lol not a summerslam & prob not ever
    wishful thinking.... i know..
  5. Daniel Bryan's Avatar
    dream on lol
  6. AOF666's Avatar
    Would be cool if Austin could wrestle.
  7. DM Tea's Avatar
    Wow, nice one. Another fanfiction wrestling blog. It reads like the scene from Always Sunny with Charlie recounting an entire episode of Law and Order to Dennis, except this is you making it up. Try presenting some insight. Think of your blog as a term paper, not a conversation with your 12 year old nephew.
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