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Cena CAN wrestle

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Hey people.
I've been hearing A LOT of talk about CM Punk's well deserved WWE title win last night at the MITB PPV. But not many have discussed the other man in the match-Cena, which I intend to do here.

For years people have been referring to Cena as "SuperCena", referring to the fact that his matches always follow the same pattern: Cena gets destroyed for the entire match, then hits his 5 moves of doom without breaking a swear, and finally hits the Attitude Adjustment for the win, which by the way isn't a realistic finisher, as many have brought up in the past.

However, last night I saw a different side to Cena, which I thought I wouldn't see for a long time to come. He showed us that he COULD wrestle. He hit moves, such as the gutwrench, that he hasn't executed in years. We know that Cena occasionally pulls out the dropkick in his "limited arsenal of moves", but to see him pull out something that he hasn't done in what seems forever was a nice touch.

The pattern of Cena's matches also changed last night, from the usual one where Cena come's back after 15 minutes of getting beat down and wins with his 5 signature moves, to working a fairly even match. For those who watched the match, you can't say that the match was like any other of Cena's matches. This one was different. This one broke away from the mold that we have complained about for years. Cena and Punk got in equal offense in that match, with several reversals thrown in there too.

When was the last time you saw someone kick out of the AA, and not tap out to the STF? Well Punk did that last night, which made the match even more special. In the past, when Cena hits the AA, its usually the end of the match, but this time it was just another near fall-which captivated the audience. This was what made the match that much more intense. It had the crowd on the edge of their seats!

Lastly, we saw another side to the Super Cena persona. Instead of winning the match with his five moves of doom, Punk kicked out, and Cena just sat there in the middle of the ring, smiling! That for me made the match more emotional, which Cena's matches have been missing for a long time. In addition, Cena went "anti-hero", and took out John Laurinitus to prevent Punk from being screwed over. This was the right thing to do, and I'm glad that he did.

I hope that all of you watched the Punk-Cena match at MITB last night and saw a side to Cena that we haven't witnessed in a long time. I'm not a Cena fan by any means, but last night's match confirmed my belief that Cena can indeed wrestle, as I have seen from his OVW days, and I hope it did you too.

Leave your thoughts, criticisms etc below, and thanks for reading.

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  1. machoo mann's Avatar
    miz kicked out of AA just lately? but nice blog, Cena was at his A-game on sunday and should have some credit too.
  2. DM Tea's Avatar
    Nice blog, man. People do get way too carried away with this John Cena thing. Maybe this juancena623 is just trolling and being a jerk but clearly there are a lot of people out there saying stuff like that every day. Maybe "SuperCena" is getting old but all the misspelled and slur-ridden hate is getting REALLY FUCKING OLD, GUYS.
  3. mrbluto's Avatar
    Sorry guys but Cena could not wrestle his way out of a paper bag, he is today's version of Hulk Hogan with less personality and mic skills. His finish move is the fireman's carry, dam!!!
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