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Money In The Bank vs. Destination X

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As the name implies I'll be looking at the both pay per views that took place in the month of July. I'll be breaking it down by three things. The build up to the match, the in ring work and finally the OMFG FACTOR.

The Build Up
ABSOLUTELY HANDS DOWN, the build up to Money In The Bank (MITB) wins this one. As they always said, location, location, location. And thats just what the recipe ended up being. You place on disgruntled employee, add a smidgen of arrogance, throw in the fact that he becomes number one contender, then you stir that up with the fact that he's last match (which is for the WWE title) is in front of his hometown, and all you get is solid hype gold. All this with 20 days till the pay per view. I applaud Vince McMahon. Destination X (X) had about the same time to work with a decent build, but it just couldn't compete with CM Punk.

In Ring Work
This one actually is tied. Both companies for the most part I would say brought their fucking A game. But I'd say in pure adrenaline and excitement, the four way match with Low Ki and Aries and Evans and Zema was fucking fantastic. Absolute pandemonium and frenzied offence. Ring work, by a slight margin goes to TNA. But I'd like to say well done to both companies for finally giving us great excitement in matches. The MITB ladder matches were insane, and Lynn vs RVD was a 2nd place show steal-er (four way match being the first). I can't find anything to break this tie, both companies put great matches on paper, and in actuality on the show. Very impressed.

This one, for the first time in a long, long, long ass time, THE WWE HAS ME FUCKING BAFFLED. THEY SHOCKED AND AWED ME ALL NIGHT LONG. First MITB ladder match, Sin Cara gets fucking destroyed by Shemus and Daniel Bryan wins, really did not see that coming. Big Show vs. Henry, Henry nearly tears Show's leg off. Second MITB ladder match, AIR BORNE OFF THE LADDER, mysterio's mask gets ripped off, my jaw was permanently on the floor. Christian SPITS in Orton's face, you could actually see the spit in slow motion and wins the belt. And finally, Cena doing two things he hasn't done in a while, actually wrestling and losing fair and square. Oh and here is the final twist PUNK WALKS OUT WITH THE FUCKING BELT. TNA on the other seem to go in the way of the predictable, Shelly wins b/c of Saban being injured, Kendric wins b/c its a X division ppv and of course Styles wins cause he's the face of the company. Also I was a little disappointed by the Ultimate X match, thought a lot more could have been done with it.

Final Thoughts
@knox wrote that Destination X was the best pay per view of the year, and I told him/her (i dont want to disrespect by getting the gender wrong) I'd respect that opinion until I saw MITB, well MONEY IN THE BANK WAS THE BEST PAY PER VIEW I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME. WORTH BUYING.

AS USUAL, comments, hates, agreements, disagreements, interesting points of views and generally thoughts are welcomed and appreciated. Also did I miss anything?

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  1. maar13's Avatar
    I liked MITB better from all points even though Destination X had great matches.

    The thing with Punk was just awesome and Bryan winning was just out of this World, sum up christian winning in sick fashion and Orton snapping and damn! the whole PPV was amazing (Divas title unfortunately doesn't count).
  2. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    Destination X had great matches and crazy spots but it was more of a "one night only" PPV which is still great. However, MITB was better because it had great MITB matches and the CM Punk/John Cena match just took that PPV to a whole another level! MITB for me.

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