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Vince McMahon: World's Smartest Man

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Hey guys hope all is well. I'm here to blog about how smart Vince has been with this Cm Punk deal which is worth reading.

The WWE has the World's Largest Athlete (Big Show), World's Strongest Man (Mark Henry) and....wait for it.....the World's Smartest Man (Vince McMahon).

Now lets start of by explaining reasons why he's the smartest man alive when it comes to business.

His Titles Sell:
Really think about how McMahon has booked big draws as far as the gimmick he gives certain stars.

World's Strongest Man: Mark Henry

World's Largest Athlete: The Big Show

Only Olympic Gold Medalist: Kurt Angle

World's Greatest Tag Team: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

MVP: Montel Vontavious Porter

Now I know many of the names mentioned above aren't with the WWE but wouldn't you agree that those names sell. If I didn't watch wrestling and someone told me the World's Strongest Man and the World's Largest Athlete performed for the WWE then I would tune in just to see exactly how large they are.

Those larger than life names that Vince & his crew give stars are what makes him smart.

From TV-14 to PG to TV-14?
Ok this is a fun one to touch on.

Vince McMahon used whats called planned obsolescene. Once the Rock & Stone Cold left, he realized that that era of wrestling was completely over and now he had to rebuild.

He went from 2004-2007 with a ver graphic program. He then built a new group of stars with the emergence of John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Batista. The veterans were stacked with Undertaker, Kane, HBK, HHH, Chris Jericho and JBL.

Eventually, he made the product dry on purpose by going PG.

Why he went PG?
Chris Benoit decided to pull a dick move and kill himself and his family. I don't care who bashes me for this but you can kiss my ass. Why people defend this man, idk? But when you kill your family, your legacy is completely ruined and forgotten. I don't give a damn if Chris Benoit was World Champ, NBA Finals MVP and Superbowl MVP at the sametime, once you kill you family, you don't mean shit. Vince had to prove to parents that this man is a piece of shit and that his actions don't reflect the company or their product so they went PG.

They also went PG to gain more sponsorship. Many family friendly companies picked up on this product and it worked.

The WWE went PG because of the economy believe it or not. One thing about the economy during a recession. Many entities will fold over but its two entities that remain dominant during any economic crisis.

Those entities are Cosmetics (Beauty & Hair & Makeup) and Kid Sales (Toys, Diapers and other baby stuff). Ladies & Gentle now we have WWE Divas and a PG product that caters to kids. How is this not smart?

No matter the cost, ladies are going to look beautiful no how much they have to spend, and parents will always spend money on their children whether its toys or anything. So Vince said to hell with wrestling, lets put the most beautiful divas in the ring. Since the cosmetics industry is still on a rise, people will see these divas and try and be beautiful just like them.

Thats why Vince created Lay-Cool. Let these two antagonize the crowd for not being beautiful. That why you have Maryse (be sexy). Vince is a freaking genius.

And Lets not forget Linda's Senate run

Why does he involve celebrities?
He involes celebrities because they are World Famous. No offense but I guarantee more people in the world SHaquille O'Neal & Donald Trump as opposed to Randy Orton. They draw too.

Why remove the word wrestling?
Now I disagree with removing the word wrestling but I completely agree with referring to the WWE as a Global Entertainment Company as opposed to a wrestling organization.

This is letting consumers and sponsors know that wrestling isn't the only form of entertainment you can get from putting your money in this product. The WWE provides wrestling, movies, apparel and many other products and possibly ice cream bars again.

Now WWE is edgy again...slowly moving back to TV-14?
Now Vince is starting to go back to his roots with the verbal language of these wrestlers.

Now Vince is allowing wrestlers to use words like bitch, ass and even more. This shocks the viewers and makes them think "Is this really happening".

Vince allowed Cm Punk to shoot and actually refer to competition including ROH & Hogan.

They do this in TNA all the time but TNA is known for being an adult product. So nobody gets surprised or shocked when this happens.

But when they start mentioning stuff like this on a PG program, then heads begin to turn and ratings begin to increase.

Vince McMahon back to being an oncreen character again?
I mentioned in a recent blog that Vince needs to be on television again in some form as a dictator heel again. When I suggested this, half of you all bashed me but now that he's on teleision again everyone is praising the idea.

I said that McMahon generates ratings when he's on television. Its just like when Obama's is delivering a speech. Most people will tune in to see what he has to say. Its Vince's company so when he talks, people listen.

People are praising Cm Punk for the mainstream attention as if he did this by himself. This was pretty much all Vince's idea and Vince being on television in the ring with Cm Punk is gold also. Also Cena is the one that Punk is attacking. If Punk did a shoot on the Miz & Teddy Long as opposed to John Cena & Vince McMahon than this wouldn't be getting that much attention.

Thank you all for reading and please leave feedback.


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  1. Y2J___Y2J's Avatar
    Great Read.. I agree with everything you've said especially with the last point with Vince being on tv.. He should be on every week like he was back in the day and like the feud with DX in 06.. BUT if he is on every week, it may not make it as special of an occasion as it is nowadays..
  2. thetheme's Avatar
    One thing I have to mention about the WWE going PG. His wife ran for office. That had a lot to do with it as well. People don't seem to realize that it was all done within reasoning.
  3. pgarcia79's Avatar
    Vince McMahon IS a genius. I've been saying that for years. He IS the ultimate puppet master. The great Oz. The worlds smartest man! Think about it, he just turned MITB into one of the most anticipated ppv's in recent history (besides any Wrestlemania ppv's of course). I say this because this MITB is the FIRST non-wrestlemania ppv that I plan on ordering.
  4. samoan619's Avatar
    Great read, but Vince didnt give Henry the name of the World's Strongest Man.. Henry had that title waaay before the WWE.. Great blog though..
  5. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    fantastic blog man, its lazy and popular on the net to slate the man but theres no doubt that hes a genius. i haven't enjoyed the whole pg thing at all but i think its pretty dim to call him retarded and half the booker the millions on these site would tell you they'd be. Your analysis about the womens and kid products, top notch sir!
  6. eldandy's Avatar
    You give Vince way too much credit. There are others around him too ya know. The WBF & XFL were genius ideas too, eh?
  7. the-rocks-stunner's Avatar
    Vince needs to be on television again in some form as a dictator heel again. When I suggested this, half of you all bashed me same thing happened to me in december i said the rock would return and everyone bashed me now look what's happened
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