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Wrestlemania 14 (If I was Vince)

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This is just a blog on how I would have done things in 1997 leading up to WM14

I would have had Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Bret Hart for the WWF title....

in 1997 I would had Stone Cold feud with the Hart Foundation, with Bret beating him at WM13 and then at King in the Ring in a #1 contenders match...Still have Bret beat the Undertaker at Summerslam. Thus having Shawn, Taker, and Stone Cold chase Bret for the title. (Austin, just wants revenge)

Survivor Series would have been The Hart foundation vs Austin, Hbk, Taker, Trips, and Rock (This would have been a great match) Hbk costs the team to lose and Austin blames Hbk. Hits him with the Stunner (Starting the Feud)

At the December In Your House (Hart Attack) Shawn and Stone Cold would have there match from 1997 King of the Ring here and it would be loser gets #1 in the royal rumble. Have Bret interfere hitting Austin with a chair and costing him to be entry #1. Also would have Rock vs Trips vs Shamrock for IC title. submission match. Main Event: Bret vs Taker, Kane debuts and costs Taker the match. (Setting the Feud)

1998 Royal Rumble Main event, Bret vs Kane (This will be Kanes payment for helping Bret back in 1997 IYH Hart Attack) Obviously Taker returns costing Kane the match....
Austin enters the royal rumble, he's number 1. Him, Rock, HBK and Trips are left, a little DX in there. (This setups up future storylines) Everyone going crazy, HBK throws out Trips, (Setup for Wrestlemania match) Austin throws out Rock (Future Feud) Now two of Bret's biggest rivals are left, they go back and forth, crowd going nuts, boom STUNNER...and the Hart foundation runs in and starts beating down Austin. Hbk looks confused then jumps in and starts beating him too, crowd is confused. HART FOUNDATION throws Austin over the top. HBK's music hits, and he is your winner of the 1998 Royal Rumble...Bret comes out and gives that smirk and laugh at Austin. As Austin looks in disbelief....he just got SCREWED.

Next night on raw, Austin complains that Hbk didn't throw him out, so he was never eliminated, so the way he sees it, is he's going to wrestlemania to whoop Bret's pink and black ass...Vince comes out (Pre Mr. McMahon) tells Austin he has a point, but tells him ever since he's been in the WWF he's been bad for business, and that he doesn't think he would make a good champion for his company (Setting Up future Storylines). But however, fair is fair, so if Austin believes he was never eliminated from the RR, then he is going to have to EARN his chance to face HBK at St. Massacre PPV for the #1 contender to go to wrestlemania. HBK is furious, crowd is going bananas. But, Austin has to defeat each member of the Hart Foundation...and Austin, you have to do it in one NIGHT...Austin and crowd cant believe this...

During this time Hbk and Trips are seen arguing about why Hbk through him out the RR, he thought it was DX 4 life and why he was seen coming out of Bret's locker room earlier tonight....Hbk, just smiles and says insurance...and walks out

Austin, of course beats all the hart foundation, and earns his right to face Hbk for the #1 contender at St Massacre PPV. The Rock in the mean time is being placed in BS matches, pissing him off and still carrying NOD. Slowly he becomes brewing and his full persona will soon emerge..The crowd his behind him, but we would develop him slow, so we can have another Face vs Face at WM15 (Future Plans)

The next couple of weeks Bret and Shawn are seen talking and being very sneaky, people cant believe this since they hated each other, Austin knows he screwed, but continues raising hell audience is hot and really behind Austin. Hbk and Austin have their match, great match, classic, Austin hits the stunner....1..2...Oh Bret pulls the ref out, and flicks off Austin, Austin turns around BOOM SUPER KICK, this match is over.....but wait Trips is running down the aisle hits Hart in the back and slides in the ring, Hbk goes for Sweet Chin Music, Trips ducks, kick in the gut PEDIGREE, drags Austin on top of Hbk, throws the ref in 1..2..3 "Breaking Glass" Austin wins, Austin wins, Crowd going nuts, Bret is in disbelief, Hbk is laid out, Trips is Dx chopping Bret....

Next 4 weeks the build up, Bret and Austin cant touch each other....just some good promos

Wrestlemania 14 Marquee Matches

Rock vs The Nation of Domination

The Rock, has become a star and its time for him to break from them. They notice it too and a 3 on 1 match is formed. The Rock wins, and begins his journey as the People's Champ.

Triple H vs HBK

This would be show stealer as far as action, suspense, and story telling. Classic, both in 100% shape, goes back and forth, and its time for HBK to take a break from wrestling, and ends up jobbing to Trips. Shawn goes to hug Trips, NOPE another pedigree, making him an instant Heel and begins a future feud with the Rock as they both chase the belt....

Kane vs Taker (Grudge Match) Taker streak stays in tact.

Austin vs Bret Hart (Main event) (*Note, Bret would still be leaving for WCW)

The anticipation for this match would be insane. Austin would be facing Bret, a man he never beat and it would be on fire from the beginning. Crowd is going nuts, good pace. Bret carry's the match wrestling wise, getting the crowd heated. Hart foundation tries to get involved, but Rock comes and saves Austin. Bret puts Austin in the sharpshooter, everyone remembers WM13, Austin aint going to tap, but he's going to pass out...but he doesnt he starts making his comeback, Bret goes for the atomic drop Austin counters, FU Bret, STUNNER...1.2.3....CROWD goes nuts Austin is champ the biggest face in the company since Hogan....

Just how I would have did it....

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Renevious's Avatar
    This all sounds great. I loved this blog, especially because it brought back so many memories from such a better time in wrestling. However, I would have to change one thing. I don't think you can have Undertaker run in and cost Kane his match against Bret. Maybe that one would have to end in a no contest, because one of the big draws of Kane v. Undertaker was the fact that Kane was so invincible. He would have to still be undefeated up until he loses to his brother. Having him lose any matches prior to that would somewhat cheapen the victory. But like I said man, I loved this blog. That was just the one little detail I wanted to add. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  2. b1ak's Avatar
    I'm curious what inspired you to write about changes to WM14? It was one of the better WrestleManias, and you took out some of the better things about what lead up to it, including but not limited to Mike Tyson's involvement. More than that, it doesn't leave a whole lot for 1998 -- we miss out on the fun things DX did and their feud with the nation, that not only put HHH and The Rock on the map in the first place, but gave the Attitude Era more than just Austin running around drinking beer.

    Your heart is in the right place though, I commend you for that - you put a lot into it for sure, good work there. I'd be more interested in reading about fixes for something that needs fixing, like WrestleMania 15 -- The Rock was NOT ready for main eventing WrestleMania, The Big Show, I feel, was misused, same with what was left of DX (NAO defending /singles/ belts? X-Pac /loosing/ to Shane McMahon? Really?). So, perhaps that might be a better place to start (it makes sense, because St. Valentine's day massacre was February of 1999, not 1998 like you had in your post -- it was actually the first No Way Out [of Texas, as the marquee stated], so you're already right there).
  3. SilverBack's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments guys. @B1ak, I didnt know the name of that ppv between RR and WM14. I remember it being austin, owen, etc vs DX. I started here because in my personal opinion Bret vs Austin at WM14 would have been HUGE and bigger than a Michaels vs Austin, especially if they played up the fact Austin has never beat Bret, The Fallen Hero vs The Hero. That would have been great for Austin's career and Bret's.

    I agree with you on the fact Rock was not ready for WM15, but I blame Vince. Rock got TOO popular TOO fast for WWF and they didnt know what to do with him expect make him heel. I will do a WM15 build up, next. Glad you guys enjoyed it.

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