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STATE OF THE 'E: Blurring The Lines And Breaking The Fourth Wall

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Welcome back to another edition of STATE OF THE 'E! I appreciate you all very much and am glad you make it back to read these every time I post one. THANK YOU very much! Now, lets get onto the topic at hand.

THE 'E has done something the last few weeks that have made people all around the world take notice. With this CM Punk angle going on and with all the other angles coming into play... they've been toying with us. Even the hardened ones like myself that has been watching for forever, they're messing with us too!

With no "technical" news coming of CM Punk actually signing a new contract, we're all up in arms about what's going on. We know VKM and Mr. Punk have had private meetings about it. We know Lauranitis is in trouble because he isn't able to secure him but, we don't seriously know how much of that is true.

In another post of mine I dabbled into the thought that THE 'E may be grasping onto something good here. How do we know that they're not just feeding false information out there now to mess with "Dirt Sites" just like this one? How do we know that they haven't finally smartened up to the world of online IWC members? This is a pivotal time within THE 'E and the blurring of reality seems to be a hot topic as of late. I'll break down just a few of the TABOO segments that have happened over the last few weeks. This is not a definitive list, just things I've noticed:

1.) John Lauranitis Mentioned On Television - THIS IS A HUGE NO NO! This is one of the BEST surefire ways to get fired within the ranks. You NEVER mention a producer, ESPECIALLY VKM's right hand.

2.) Calling VKM Old - If there's one thing that VKM hates is age. He hates his birthday, he hates other people's birthdays and he hates the way you look when you're older.

3.) Acknowledging Other Promotions - Unless something is brewing between the companies you NEVER mention another one on live National/Worldwide television. VKM has become so sheltered that he wants to believe he's the only game out there.

4.) Talking About Other Wrestlers In Other Promotions - Colt Cabana, Hulk Hogan, Luke Gallows... these are all guys NOT employed by THE 'E yet, they've been mentioned. Up until a few weeks ago, if you didn't work for them, you've just "disappeared". (cough*christian*cough)

5.) Talking About Family - Whether it was Cena's Dad and Wife last night or the mentioning of Steph and Haitch the last few weeks, that's a no no again. No one is "technically" supposed to know that when VKM goes bye bye, Steph and Haitch gain control.

6.) Real Names - Technically it started when Punk called Orton by his Government - Randall Kenneth Orton (Or when VKM called for "Paul"... but that was a long time ago now.) but, it's been going on a lot more now with Punk being called Phil just last night. I expect this trend to continue as well.

Again, like I said... just throwing a bit out there. I'm sure there's more I didn't catch or remember to put on here. But those are the big ones I remember. With all of this in play and with everyone scratching their heads on where this is going, there's many theories out there but they all seem to hinge on what THE 'E does this Sunday on PPV for MONEY IN THE BANK.

I for one will be watching with anticipation of those last 20 minutes. Just imagining how it's going to all go down gets me excited... then I remember how they handled Nexus and I get a sad feeling. Many people are saying a "New Era" is on the horizon, I may or may not agree with this. I do know that we're heading into a VERY curious and experimental time within this company and the dynamic on how its run.

I for one am very curious to see how they stump me week in and week out. As the saying goes by one particular HALL OF FAMER:

"Just When You Think You Have The Answers, I Change The Question!"

And with that, I will leave you guys with this: What if they succeed?

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    Back when VKM was fueding with the Undertaker, he called him by his real first name a few times.
  2. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    CM Punk did say he likes John Cena more then most people in the back also.. which leads me to believe that Cena will turn heel and help CM Punk after losing the title.. brning some low mid carders and some ROH Wrestler in a new invasion angle, then letting CM Punk go in about 4 months or so after it's finished.
  3. jethro's Avatar
    Whatever it is,WWE makes wrestling somewhat matters again thanks to last few weeks current on going feud between Punk/Cena/Vince.
  4. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Lol im still not buying the ppv just for the last few minutes of the show
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    Good recap of current events Rob. MITB looks to be one of the best PPVs of the year so far, not just because of the Punk angle, albeit it's a huge part of it. I'll be watching on July 18th (17th), will you?

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