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The "True" Higher Power

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Having recently gotten back into viewing and reading up on wrestling again, I’ve looked over rumors of past angles and characters that simply never came to pass and even became a huge let down. With Punk’s future completely up in the air, for some people at least, I’m reminded of one angle that had a lot of hype that ended poorly. This may be a bit long, be ready!

It’s the summer of 1999. The Corporation and Ministry have joined forces to become the super stable/faction “The Corporate Ministry”. The Undertaker has been talking about a “Higher Power” whom he serves for a good while now and it is revealed to be an actual person. Austin has seen the revealed face of the man behind the Undertaker. Now, here is where my version takes over.
 June 7th, 1999. The Corporate Ministry comes down to the ring accompanied by the cloaked figure, the Higher Power. The HP has brought two additional cloaked men with him. These men are carrying a black and ominous chest with them.
 They take the ring. Paul Bearer and Undertaker introduce the audience to their “Master.” They give the mic to the HP who, in a disguised voice, introduces himself. Why did he do it? Why was he behind the Undertaker’s attacks on McMahon’s family? How did he get Shane to betray his father and sister? How could he fuse two separate and different entities such as the Corporation and the Ministry together?
 Easy. He asks Paul Bearer to open the chest and reveal its contents. Paul thanks HP for the honor of doing so. He opens the chest, a golden glow emits from it. The HP says the answer is right here and has Paul bring it to him. Its appearance is obscured from view until it comes into the HP’s hands. It is……..the Million Dollar Championship! The HP says that this is it, the thing that makes people bow to his well, this one belief: Everyone has a price.
 HP then laughs a bit, then his voice is no longer disguised and it is revealed that TED DIBIASE is the man under the hood! He laughs once more and says that it is great to back in the WWF. He tells the crowd they should have known it was him. Why? He lists the reasons:
• Who made Andre the Giant WWF champion? “ME!”
• Who also simultaneously set up the events that robbed Hogan of the belt ending his title reign? “ME!”
• Who introduced (pause and looks at belt) the greatest championship belt in the WWF? “Me!”
• Who was a part of one of the greatest tag teams in the early 90’s? “ME!”
• Who created the most unique and diverse group in the 90s? “ME!”
• Who introduced Steve Austin to the WWF? “ME!”
• Who brought the Undertaker into the WWF? “ME!”
• Who does Paul Bearer have to thank for a job IN the WWF today? “ME!”
 Ted says he could go on and on, but he’d have to start charging people to listen to him. He has also come to his point. He brought two of the greatest superstars in the WWF into the organization. Undertaker came in at the 1990 Survivor Series match and he was Austin’s manager few years earlier after his own (Million Dollar) Corporation stable fell apart. Ted says that he has gotten a little off topic and gets right to the point: REVENGE! This was the overall goal of this entire ordeal. Revenge on two men: Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. He says Austin is easy, since he blames Austin for the circumstances of his last day in the WWF. Ted says that Austin was in a feud with a wrestler named Savio Vega; they even had a match at Wrestlemania 12. One of their last matches together saw Austin as The Ringmaster face Vega in a strap match. Ted says he was so confident Austin would win; he stated he would leave if Austin lost. And what happened? Austin lost. AUSTIN LOST!
 Ted says that now Austin is one of the biggest and marketable stars in the company and a former WWF champion, which Ted was screwed out of having any involvement or profit from because Austin failed him. He lost to a no body like Vega and now he has everything and Ted has nothing to show for it.
 The other man, Vince McMahon is also just at fault. Ted claims that Vince has screwed him since his early years. He could have over turned Jack Tunney’s decision about vacating the title in the 80s after Andre won it from Hogan and given it to Ted, but didn’t. He allowed the Million Dollar Championship to NOT be registered as an official belt, thus voiding it from DQs and other normal rules that would keep it on the champ; himself. He also refused Ted’s increasing salary demands and refused to be intimidated by the M.D. Corporation. He also goaded Ted to make the statement of leaving. The last straw was Vince’s creation of his own Corporation stable, which he claims was Vince’s theft of his idea and his on-screen character was a big ‘up-yours’ to Ted, Vince’s way of showing Ted that he no longer needed him.
 Ted says he did everything till now for those reasons. He says everyone has a price. Undertaker wanted revenge on Austin and McMahon for past spites. Shane wanted to escape his father’s shadow and take his authority, and with Ted’s wealth he could do it. Ted says everyone man has a price and states that they should just look at the Corporate Ministry members. Does anyone really believe that these people would honestly get along with each other if money was not involved? NOTHING is beyond the Million Dollar Man’s reach and that this is just the beginning. He then pauses and looks at the men holding the black chest. Ted says that this should be obvious as well and asks both men to reveal themselves. They are… Virgil and IRS!! Who else could they be? Ted says that this is the beginning of the end of Austin, McMahon, and the WWF!

And I think I’ll end there. As you may have guessed for those who didn’t hear, Ted DiBiase was one of the people suspected to be the Higher Power. This is how it could have played out and not to tout my own horn, but this could have been a hell of a promo, though a real DiBiase promo would have been better than what I put together. Sadly the real HP was revealed to be Vince all along and made the whole feud between the Corporation and the Ministry seem wasted and pointless. Now the fear is where the PPV this Sunday will leave a great or disgusting taste in our mouths. Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. mywine5's Avatar
    u have wayyyy too much time on ur hands
  2. cy1911's Avatar
    u stole this froma site i read this from some guy years ago...
  3. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Umm no Vince was a better choice
  4. BigJM's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback. Well, I figured there would be similarities between this post and another person's ideas, after, all 1999 is more than 10 years ago now. Also, this was a rumor, so of course people were going to talk about it. While I hope my post wasn't a word-to-word verbatim copy of their's, I was simply speaking my mind. Lastly, some in IWC, from what I have read, felt the whole Higher Power angle sucked since the Ministry and the Corporation had been feuding for some time and it seemed unlikely that they would fuse already. Also, some people were sick of the Austin/McMahon feud. Not that it wasn't entertaining, just drawn out.

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