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WWE & New Japan Pro Wrestling Merger? Invasion?

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Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. To quote one of my favorite bloggers "MindlessRants", I'm pretty much about to deliver a mindless rant lol. I think both WWE & TNA are doing awesome right now. Now granted we don't see everyone we want to see every week but its still good television.

One thing TNA does that is awesome, is they are merged with the AAA promotion out in Mexico. This gives us a chance to see some of their guys out in Mexico which is awesome.

I think the WWE has an opportunity to play around with the WWE roster and NJPW and mix up the rosters temporarily and have them defend titles in Blockbluster matches.

This has been done before but I'm not sure if it was with NJPW. I'm thinking about back in the 90s when wrestlers from Japan would defend their belts on Raw.

We could have a great oppotrunity to see WWE belts defended in Japan along with NJPW belts defended in the United States. The possibilities are endless.

Who to send over to the WWE?

It would be nice to see MVP return to the WWE to defend his IWGP Intercontinental Belt over here against Cody Rhodes whom happens to be the WWE Intercontinental Belt.

MVP would get a huge pop.

Also we have an opportunity to see NJPW's top guy Hiroshi Tanahashi to face John Cena at a huge PPV in Japan or the U.S. Either way, the crowd involvement would be sick. Could you imagine the heat a Japan crowd would give John Cena when facing their top superstar? Chicago wouldn't hold a candle to how hostile the Japan crowd would be.

Or imagine for once how a U.S. crowd would get behind John Cena or Cm Punk if they're facing one of Japan's top guys?

What WWE stars to send to Japan for about 4 months?

I would like to see guys that either have experience wrestling in Japan or people that fit in with the Japanese style of wrestling.

These names would be Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Tyson Kid, Trent Baretta, JTG and Justin Gabriel. Give them time over there to see how they role with the Japan style of things. Maybe even veterans like William Regal.

Japan's huge arena size

Japan is know for having huge arena sizes in place like Osaka. They have 3 or so arenas in that beautiful country that can fit 150,000 people. I guarantee WWE & NJPW in the same building can sell those places out.

Disadvanage #1: Huge travelling costs

The costs for travelling different superstars back and forth between Japan and the U.S. would be expensive and indeed a very boring over 25 hour flights.

Disadvantage #2: Building Superstars in New areas

Basically, Kofi Kingston might be over with the fans in America, but who's to say they'll like him in Japan. This could take away credibility from guys like Kofi if they don't deliver.

Disadvantage #3: Japan events won't be televised in the U.S. vice-versa

I'm not sure how the whole television thing works but I'm not sure if they would be able to broadcast Japan shows like that in America unless they are taping Raw out in Japan.

Thanks guys for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you all enjoy. Its just an idea, I think it could work and it would work if really thought into. Please leave feedback and let me know what you guys think and check out my deep song/track below.

Jae Knox - "Livin' My Life"

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  1. Jay Gravity's Avatar
    Knox, i have been thinking this for awhile now also. Just a question, what you the card be a show in your opinion?
  2. Reichwulf's Avatar
    Interesting blog
  3. SilverGhost's Avatar
    I would love for NJPW and WWE to work something but these are two different styles of wrestling. One as a sport and one for entertainment. As we may kinda see with TNA and NJPW having their partnership(though NJPW should reconsider on their partnership with them) the styles of both can slow a match down.(Though when it comes to the Jrs. or X-Div guys it shouldn't be a problem.)

    Hiroshi Tanahashi vs John Cena would be a sight to see.

    As for fans liking a wrestler, they need time to build. Example would be obvious here, MVP. When he showed up at NJPW, he was basically a new guy with a gimmick that had no draw but he grew over time and now he gets a pop with the Ballin' Elbow Drop(yes they started saying "Ballin'" xD)

    Out of all the names you mentioned, Bryan has the most experience in wrestling in Japan and also Naofumi Yamamoto(Yoshi Tatsu)

    The problem is that not many people know about NJPW or even know that it exists. Only the people that has expanded their wrestling views would understand. The casual fan would be like..."oh he wrestles he is no Cena or Orton" which can be a problem.

    It can work....only if Vinnie Mac will be willing to go with the partnership again.
  4. Manabu's Avatar
    hahaha, I knew you'd comment on this sg!
    but yes, the two would be great together, people like bourne would work well with kota ibushi but wwe need more strong style wrestlers to work well with NJPW, daniel byran would most definantly be over
  5. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Ehhhh To be honest I think I would rather see NJPW partner with TNA before I would see them partner with the 'E. TNA already has partnerships with AAA mexican promotions, and they seem like they would be more willing to send talent over to Japan. Hell Tomko already goes there for TNA, or at least he used to. To me it just seems that the "TNA style of wrestling" would better fit a Japanese style moreso than a WWE.

    I watch both programs, and I can see there is a definite style difference between the two. Just my opinion, take it for what it's worth . Great read though, keep up the good work!!
  6. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    great blog man i think it would be good for wwe and better good for tna overll rly good man
  7. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    great blog man i think it would be good for wwe and better good for tna overll rly good man
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