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2004 the year WWE stated going bad

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So I've been watching all the PPV's in 2004 and i believe this is wear WWE started getting worse let me explain

1: some good things
OK so thought i should just begin with what they did right befor going negetive whitch if you didn't get it from the title there will be alot of. 1st paying dues the veterans get there 1st world title Eddie, Benoit & JBL they actually had a suprising world title win (IMO) with Randy Orton I was actually suprised that he's 1st reigh can so soon at the time anyway (I was 11 tho lol) they finished the HBK vs HHH feud in spectacular fashion with the HITC match. Wemons divison was actually good that year with diva's such as Trish, Lita, Victoria, Gail Kim & Jazz being in the division & started the diva search with the 1st series giving the McCool & Hemme.

2: Tag Teams
Yep were starting with the very badley shaped tag division 2004 was probably the worst year for tag teams. Rikishi & S2H, APA, Jindrak & Cade, Los Guerrero's, WGTT, La R'esistance, London & Kidman, Tajiri & akio, evolution, the dudley's & Venis & Storm there may be some more but cant think off them right now anyway these were all the teams that split that year. Then they gave teams like Rico & Hass, Dupree & Kenzo, Rhino & Tajiri & Benoit & Edge hold the title's that year. I know they did get some other great teams after that but that manny in 1 year is rediculous. Also they had a great IC title picture that year & had feuds like Christian vs Y2J & Edge vs Y2J.

3: Pushed the wrong stars
Snitsky, Tyson Tomko, Heidenrich & Eugene these were some of the very aweful "talent" that was given a push in that year & all ended up being sunday heat stars. Not to menchin that this is the year Cena won his 1st title and had an aweful feud with booker T.

4: probably the worst Wrestlemania of the decade
Cena vs Show, Taker vs Kane 2, Goldberg vs Lesner, Evolution vs Rock 'n' sock basically except the 2 World title matches the PPV sucked the next best match was the cruiserweight open which if they gave them more then 12 minutes could have been great they saved it the next year at WM 21 but that year was were it all began again & they were off to a bad start.

5: U.S
the U.S title picture sucked that year with it mainly being a Booker T vs Cena feud the only other people in the hunt were dupree, RVD & Carlito

6: conclussion
I could keep going but i got most angles covered basically add gimmics to the PPV's you've got 2011 WWE except that now WWE dont have people have Taker, HHH, HBK, Edge, Y2J, Punk to save them

thanx for reading & leave a comment

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  1. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    I've always thought that WM XX was pretty bad too. 1 excellent match, 1 good match, 2 half-decent matches; everything else sucked.
    I was actually watching Survivor Series from that year yesterday. Heidenrich AND Snitsky in high-profile matches? I almost blacked out from the boredom.
    Quote Originally Posted by 123mlewis
    at one point u said u were eleven in like 2004 I think u are 11 now from this blog
    Wow you really hurt me with that 1. maybe you would to give some reference to what is juvinile about my blog rather then that very very clever 1 liners. Also your coment is exactly what a kid would say you may as well have written "Hey your face started going bad in 2004" i think some1 should really think about what they write & see how ironic it is.
  3. luisalexander70's Avatar
    wm 20 > wm 27 and 25
    Quote Originally Posted by luisalexander70
    wm 20 > wm 27 and 25
    Maybe 27 not 25 but 27 is a different decade that is why 20 was the worst IMO
  5. DonzelDomination's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    You make a great point, I enjoyed this blog. What happened was Stone Cold & The Rock were gone. They were the two forced that made wrestling one of the most talked about companies in the world.

    Now granted they still had the Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Triple H & Shawn Michaels....but The Rock & Stone Cold were their huge drawers.

    In 2004, the WWE were desperately searching for new maineventers. They made excellent moves by pushing Cena, JBL, Eddie Guerrero, and Orton.

    Your right, they made a bonehead move to push Heidenrich, Snitsky & tomko and Eugene. They passed up on stars like Booker T & Y2J.

    No offense to Guererro or JBL because they had a great feud...but I think easily Y2J & Booker T would've been more believable WWE & World Champs in 2004 than these guys.

    Great blog though, I pretty much agree with it all, but I will say that they made a great decision to push Cena. But they shouldve also pushed Carlito
    i liked tomko snitsky and eugene
  6. Morgan921's Avatar
    I couldn't finish reading this because the spelling is so bad
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan921
    I couldn't finish reading this because the spelling is so bad
    so couldn't finish reading it yet went threw the trouble of writing a coment
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