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Destination X PPV: Greatest PPV Of 2011, Big Props To TNA!

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Hey guys. Now I for one am a TNA fan but I criticize their product so much but I really feel this PPV Destination X really proved that TNA has the better product when it comes to comparisons with the WWE.

I'm very shocked at how great this PPV was. I never order PPV's and I only seen one TNA PPV prior to this one but its obvious I've been missing alot.

The significance:
We saw a TNA PPV that was gold without the TNA World Champ Ken Anderson, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flar & Beer Money.

They put on an A-Class show without their top guys including Matt Morgan, Crimson and others.

The only person that was missing was The Pope.

TNA Destination X Card:

Samoa Joe vs Kazarian:
Probably the weakest match on the card. It was a decent show opener. It was cool seeing the crowd turn on the fan favorite Kaz and cheer for Joe. Joe's reaction from the fans always reminds me of the WCW's fans reaction for Goldberg.

Douglas Williams vs Mark Haskins
This was an absolute thriller. I enjoyed TNA giving Haskins a shot and he certainly didn't drop the ball other than when he went on the top rope. This match was booked to perfection and the handshake was class.

Generation Me vs Shark Boy & Eric Young
First off, I would like to acknowledge that Generation Me is the best tag team in professional wrestling today. Hands down, no other team has the chemistry they have and I just feel they came up in the wrong time. If they were older and came up in the 90s, it would be no such thing as the Hardy's.

This match was Spot Mania lol but it was very thrilling. Eric Young showed the world just why he still has a job with TNA. Eric Young is one of the reasons I still watch TNA.

Alex Shelley vs Robbie E vs Shannon Moore vs Amazing Red: Number One Contender Ultimate X Match
I personally thought this match could've been better but it was still a great match. I personally don't think Robbie E or his gimmick should even be in TNA. Still a great match in my opinion though. Amazing Red is amazing, simple and plane. Everyone in this match shined.

Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn
One of the greatest one on one matches I've seen in a while. I will go as far as to say that this match was better than AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. RVD took alot of pain and when his head hit the steel chair, I thought he had a concussion.

Jerry Lynn hasn't lost a step. Beautiful match and the booking was amazing.

4-Way Contract Match: Austin Aries vs Zema Ion vs Low Ki vs Jack Evans
MATCH OF THE NIGHT AND POSSIBLY THE YEAR. This was more than a match of spots but just overall entertaining television. I predicted Austin Aries to win because he's the odds on best out of all four and he has a lot of personality and good heel charisma.

Aries promo before the match where he attacked the internet fans that were watching the PPV on free stream was gold. I see alot of Cm Punk in this guy, the future is bright.

All four clearly deserve a contract, we'll have to see what happens.

X-Division Championship: Brian Kendrick vs Abyss
This match was insane. The way the X-Division all came out to give Kendrick a hand almost brought a tear to my eye. Kendrick was so under-utilized in the WWE and hope they are seeing what they let go.

Kendrick is a master on the mic, he reminds me of Kevin Sullivan mixed with Raven when he cuts promos. He put on a hell of a match against Abyss and righfully so has earned championship gold.

Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles
This match was everything I expected. The two greatest X-Division stars of all time going at it. I truly believe Daniels is the better man but it was good that Styles was booked to win. It shows the fans that this is still AJ's company no matter what WWE reject TNA decides to bring in.

Daniels put on a better match and did a great job at making AJ look good. I would go as far as to say the Rock vs Cena won't hold a candle to what these two men put on. Great job TNA.

Tonight's booking:
I don't know who booked the winners and loser in these great matches. I don't know if it was Russo, Hogan or Joe Shmo but whoever it was did it to perfection.

The booking was classic. I mean havind Doug Williams win but making Haskins look good at the sametime was pretty good. It's different than seeing the WWE booking the Miz to lose to Roddy Piper.

Having Austin Aries win was gold.

The way they book Brian Kendrick to finally have his glory was amazing and to see them hoist him on their shoulders was a very emotional moment in which I enjoyed 100%.

What TNA proved tonight:
They proved that they don't need the Hardy's, Sting, Kurt Angle or Ken Anderson maineventing every PPV. They let their real athletes put the whole company on their shoulders for one night and it was gold.

They proved that they have the deepest roster and definitely the best roster in wrestling today. They might not have the best product, but they have the best wrestlers I've seen in a while.

They also proved that they actually do have guts. Letting these guys run the show showed their integrity even after all of the low moves they've pulled in the past.

They also put an end to a very beautiful story when you look back at how they used to have Bischoff say that the X-Division were worth nothing. This was a neat story because when it first started, I really thought TNA was going to cut a large amount of their X-Division but thank God they didn't.

What McMahon can learn from this Destination X PPV
I love the WWE, I'm a huge mark but Vince can learn alot from TNA's Destination X PPV. Vince needs to see that even the WWE has a great roster and they don't need to bail themselves out by having Cena & Orton mainevent every freakin PPV.

Vince can also learn how to showcase the young talent they have. Stop making people like JTG, Trent Baretta & Tyson Kid job every night. It makes no sense, these guys can really be something if they brought the Lightweight title back but let the title have prestige and not treat us to two minute matches.

Thanks guys for checking out my blog. I call it how I see it and this was the best PPV in the year of 2011 and I don't see any company producing something as gold as this. Kudos to the wrestler, Russo, Hogan and whomever else had a part in this great event.


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  1. f408m's Avatar
    I'm not a TNA fan nor hater. I merely keep an open mind, but I have to agree with only two of your points. the four way match and RVD vs Jerry Lynn. I'll save my criticism of this till I blog about Money In The Bank vs Destination X. Then we'll see who really had the best ppv so far.
  2. knox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by f408m
    I'm not a TNA fan nor hater. I merely keep an open mind, but I have to agree with only two of your points. the four way match and RVD vs Jerry Lynn. I'll save my criticism of this till I blog about Money In The Bank vs Destination X. Then we'll see who really had the best ppv so far.
    Thanks bro and I understand where your coming from. I mean as far as match quality, I don't think we'll see a better PPV this year unless its from TNA.

    As far as a great build for a story, WWE has shocked the hell out of me with this Cm Punk thing. I mean I really think the attitude era is on its way back. But the only two matches with a decent build are Punk vs Cena & Mark Henry vs The Big Show.

    So basically Orton & Christian and the two MITB matches have to steal the show "wrestling wise" to be able to compete with Destination-X. I love both companies but the problem with the WWE has always been that they put on a better story than the match itself.

    I remember the great build they gave Goldberg & Lesnar for Wrestlemania 20 but the match ended up being a borefest
  3. f408m's Avatar
    But I will say this, if Christian is not champ, by the end of the night, I quit Smackdown
  4. jethro's Avatar
    Most TNA crowd still loves Joe,he still relevant and I hope TNA start to push Joe to upper card/main event level again.

    I hate the USA chant during the Doug vs Mark match,i cant blame Mark for slipping because that turnbuckle pad is too big.Jack Evans too almost slip.

    TNA just loss the most exciting tag team wrestlers today,the Youngbucks.

    Ultimate X match: Its like Amazing red havent miss a step,I thought he would change his wrestling style because of his injury.

    RVD vs Lynn - the match that shouldve happen last year,and I'm glad Taz is not commentating this ppv or else I'm gonna listen to him 'I wrestle both of this guys...' speech.

    4 way contract - Its like I'm watching TNA 2002-2005 again where X division are the best.Love this match.All 4 wrestlers working hard here.

    I'm not sure if Kendrick deserve the title but I guess he 'saved' the X division

    AJ vs Daniels - long good match,slowly build the momentum until the end,Ring of honor quality match.I prefer their 2009 encounter for the TNA title though.

    Overall - highly recommend ppv,I would suggest show this ppv to whomever new to wrestling scene.
  5. steveorton's Avatar
    @KNOX once agin an excellent read my friend and I agree with you 100%, why can't vince bring back a cruiser weight title for the smaller guys, make everyon on the roster have some credibility, I'm jus sayin...

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