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Thoughts about the new arrivals II

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So if you have read my first blog, I'm giving my opinions on the new wrestlers brought in during the Hogan/Bischoff Regime so here goes:

Hulk Hogan: Here's something TNA should have realized after January 4, 2010, Hogan cannot put asses in seats anymore. Who has memories of Hogan in TNA? I don't really, cuz I tend to forget all the crap Hogan has been feeding us for the past year. My memories of Hogan are you know Hogan and Andre or the formation of the nWo at Bash at the Beach 1996. But in TNA with him it's just a mess limping to the ring and don't forget that atrocious match against Flair on March 8. His bumps were god awful, yes I know he had a bad back, that's when you DON'T want to be in a wrestling ring.

Ric Flair: His promos are the ones I really love watching aside from Raven's. You can see the madness in his face when he talks and has meaning to all of it. But i hope his role for the rest of 2010, and if he stays in TNA for 2011, woild be the role of being the JJ Dillion of modern day wrestling. Flair lacing up the boots is literally spitting in HBK's face and that was something Flair knows he shouldn't of done.

Orlando Jordan: What is that gimmick? Where's the guy who used to be JBL's sidekick on SmackDown in 2004/05? Now he looks like Whoopi Goldberg's stunt double. He is something that makes me wanna change the channel and fast. Isn't TNA garnering lower ratings with his matches? Ech, pass.

Rob Van Dam: RVD was the hottest free agent wrestling had for three years running (with exceptions of yearly Royal Rumble appearances). He was already put as champion a month in his TNA run, which I think wasn't fair for anyone else who was going for the title at the time (like Desmond Wolfe and Pope). I like Rob but what did he ever do in TNA in the past 30 days to earn a title shot, what happened to earning your spot and busting your ass like Kurt Angle is currently doing. And his debut was the worst in history, what happened to debuts like Angle or Christian, yeah ok it was supposed to be a surprise, but an 8 second match against Sting was like laughing in the faces of Van Dam and the Stinger. Vince Russo has to book appropriate debuts.

Shannon Moore: The Prince of Punk made his return to TNA wrestling along with Jeff Hardy on January 4, and wasn't seen until March 8. He was put in to a title match against dominant X-Division champion Douglas Williams at Destination X. But I like what they did after though, when TNA paired him with rookie Jesse Neal and formed Ink, Inc. Yes we now Shannon was on the back burner when he was the Reject in his last wwe run, but at least now he's still young and he's giving Jesse Neal his 10+ year (debuting in 1995) wrestling experience in that team.

Generation Me: They remind me of a younger version of The Hardy Boyz, and the match against The Guns was sensational. But what I hated was the recent heel turn at No Surrender, ok it's to establish them as credible wrestlers, but at least we get to see another feud that will be worth watching.

Robby G & Cookie: Better known as Rob Eckos and Becky Bayless portraying Jersey Shore based characters coming to TNA. Vince Russo has his fingerprints all over that one. We didn't need another thing like that. Isn't the roster big enough without them? What happened to Reid Flair's signing that happened many moths back and nothing happened? All I want to know is that where are they all gonna end up? On Xplosion? Likely.

I will return with part three tomorrow or even a new blog


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  1. Justdawg08's Avatar
    I think TNA does need to keep weeding new stars in and out to keep things a little fresher though.
  2. Justingunnz's Avatar
    This was a well written blog. You made some good points too. The Ric Flair thing is totally true, how he is insulting HBK.
    Quote Originally Posted by Justingunnz
    This was a well written blog. You made some good points too. The Ric Flair thing is totally true, how he is insulting HBK.
    thanks! when I wanna rant about something and I have a few ideas, I'll blog about it

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