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YcCmC: 1- TNA's Real Heavyweight Division Question

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(Don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled.)

(Seriously, don't complain.)

As everyone had probably read on this site or just about any other wrestling news website this past week, a huge twist in TNA's Heavyweight division has been revealed. The reigning (as of this post) champion, Rob Van Dam, is set to take some time off for whatever reason and is vacating the belt. So a tournament is set up to crown the next champion at the No Surrender PPV in September. Personally, there maybe a small problem with this, storyline wise.

Kurt Angle is on a quest to go through TNA's Top 10 claiming that if he loses, he will retire. So as we can all imagine, it should come to Bound For Glory where the match for Career v Belt will take place. Anytime now in this pretty predictable age of wrestling, when a career of a very established wrestler who put in many years of work is put on the line, they are most likely going to be retired, supposedly (cough*cough* Ric Flair) at the biggest PPV of the company. HBK did it, Flair tried to do it, it would only make sense for TNA to do it to Angle as well at their largest PPV. So back to the main issue at hand. With this tournament in the works, what does this mean for Kurt Angle? If he loses, he's retiring, but if he wins, then what?

There is no way Kurt Angle has enough in the tank to go a full one year run as champion to lose it a Bound For Glory 2011, does he? So for a second, lets pretend that he doesn't. Who in TNA now deserves to retired Angle?

Samoa Joe? They had some great feuds in the past, but oh yeah, TNA suspended him. He's out.

AJ Styles? Currently is one of the ones still on line at Ric Flair's "Space Mountain" so I doubt he is going to get off to go retired, arguably, the greatest pure wrestler of this century.

The Pope? Has not one a single belt in TNA, why does he get the honor?

Mr. Anderson? (see The Pope)

Sting? No one will believe that.

Obviously I have been wrong many times before, and probably again here, but think about it for a second. Where does TNA plan to go with this Angle? (sorry for the pun) There is only one way it can end right, at Bound For Glory, but the current storyline has got me wondering what TNA can pull out of their ass to do it the right way.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading. Crack, out.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. sonsofrage's Avatar
    i think his match should be a passing of the torch so to say, if bryan danielson ever decides to jump ship to tna then hes the guy to beat/"retire" angle for the title.
  2. Greenboi's Avatar
    I agree with them retiring him at bound for glory. Personally i would have gone for AJ as they have had some amazing matches. But the way he is atm i can't see it being that way. Its hard to say who i would get to retire him it would have to be a legend rather than an up and comer. Can't think of the legend in TNA though. Can't see Sting doing it. Angle has to go out in an amazing match as thats what hes all about being brilliant. It has to be AJ in my opinion who does it. Just don't know when or how that will happen right now.
  3. djsoulslayer's Avatar
    I never really thought about how much TNA's Kurt Angle storyline is similar to WWE's Ric Flair storyline. But I don't think Kurt Angle is retiring (not this year anyway). TNA is on a quest to prove that Angle still has it and that he can still hold his own against the TNA's best. I see him holding the title one more time and giving it further value. You gotta admit, that although Kurt is getting old he can still put on one hell of a match (see Kurt vs. AJ Styles this past impact) and right now TNA cannot afford to lose him. The last thing TNA needs is another Jarrett, Hogan, Nash, Sting (guys who are just lending their faces to TNA).
  4. The Instant Classic's Avatar
    I agree i don't think Kurt will retire just yet, maybe next year. But in my mind there is only one person to retire Kurt, the man who has taken him to the limit and had the best matches of 2009 with him, and it would make sense with the aging Olympic gold medalist from America Kurt Angle being retired by the up and coming technically sound Desmond Wolfe. It lets Angle go out after a 5 star match, the crowd will love it, puts over a non-overrated wrestler so he's up in the main event status and gets him a trememndus amount of heat as he retired the Olympic gold medalist.

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