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Heel Triple H - King of Kings: Owning The Throne

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Hello everybody, was very surprised to see such positive feedback for my previous post. Surprised because all the negative seems to outweigh positive about many topics in wrestling, specifically Triple H. Anyway, enough of my babbling... apart from plugging my link for my last post on this subject .

So we left off in January 2002, Madison Square Garden. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder so what was to happen was predictable in that sense. Jean-Paul Levesque the man had been missed genuinely, that there was no way he could be a heel again. He received one of the longest standing ovations in a wrestling ring in history because of the persona he had. Ruthless, vile, dangerous, dominant, truly evil. He had all the tools like a great villain in a movie, where they are received as heroes despite all their wrongdoing. It happened with Austin, Rock, and inevitable Triple H. Anyway, as I am supposed to be concentrating on his heel (and best) role, I will be brief with this.

When Hunter returned to the squared circle, there was no way he would have remained heel. To go that route would have been stupid from an investment standpoint, and we all know WWE loves the triumphing over adversity storyline. It's a classis and will happen whenever opportunity arises. Triple H won the rumble, split from his then fiancee on screen, feuded with Jericho and won in his second main event at WrestleMania X8. Maybe the re-emergence of Hulkamania damaged any kind of long term plan as a fully fledged babyface, but it didn't last long. Dropping the belt to Hogan at Backlash, fighting jericho in Hell In a Cell, and feuding with Taker were the major points of his face run. Hell the only points, from here, the nWo who he was being linked with had just disbanded, and there was a new era of general managers. The big story with Triple H was whether he would choose Raw or Smackdown. Soon to be divorced screen wife or Eric Bischoff.. or Shawn Michaels?

As we know, Triple H winded up on Raw at the behest of his long time friend Shawn Michaels, o get a dx reformation on the cards. The heel turn was brilliant and unexpected, pedigreeing HBK in the middle of the ring. Though the heel turn had not been complete, and would not for a while. As a face, Triple H had built up some decent credibility. He still had that nasty side, but he has always had that sense of humour that the crowd eats up. So this heel turn was in no way complete, or even definitely on the agenda. One thing Triple H was a master of as a heel was being genuine in his motives on the mic. He would be honest in his asshole approach. So when HBK was assaulted, it seemed for a bit that someone else might have done it, for what motive who knows, there has been lots of storylines that haven't made sense. Stage 2 of his heel turn was complete via satellite, talking live with Shawn as video evidence was used against him. When this was shown, this may be my favourite Triple H moment. the evil smirk, just gold. He was still not fully heel though, HBK was supposed to only have one match, the whole story was about him proving to Shawn that he was not up to scratch anymore. Win or lose at SummerSlam, a handshake/hug could have been the outcome. Right???? Wrong! © Arnie Schwarzenegger.

Seconds after Michaels pinned Triple H, before the euphoria could even settle in, Triple H did the most dastardly of acts. He nailed his so called best friend in his screwed up back with his token sledgehammer not once, but twice. Jim Ross was going apopleptic during this, once again Triple H, face covered in blood, displayed a sick and evil smirk. Ross again, put over everything going on, and described his facial actions as just that. Triple H was once more, bona fide heel.

What's a great way to antagonise the entire audience after you have just reached new lows in a moralistic sense. HBK's music hits on monday night raw, Triple H does his best HBK impression, and growls into the mic "Thats the last time you will ever hear that crap again". Clap Clap, that was good, even though wrestling is fake I hate the man haha.

Triple H was ready to get back to business. Back in the title hunt like never before. Austin and Rock were gone, he was now mvp. When Brock Lesnar decided that he'd only defend his wwe undisputed title on Smackdown, this understandebly made the Triple H character livid, but not for long. Eric Bischoff not only introduced the World Heavyweight strap to Raw, but handed it to Triple H.


Now, this is probably where all the Triple H hate started gathering momentum. I can see a lot of it predates to him being "handed the championship" (part of a storyline folks, don't get yourself wrapped up in ribbons, it added heat to the character didn't it?). A championship given to the horrible Triple H character, after all he had done, had rubberstamped him as a Bischoff favourite. If a heel power figure is favouring other guys, that person is a heel. If he gave the belt to a face, that guy would become heel by association. It's classical wrestling storyline development, not a conspiracy theory.

The first guy who got a shot at the new Triple H was Rob Van Dam at Unforgiven. And this was a new Triple H. At SummerSlam, he appeared fully shaved. The next night on Raw, gone was the badass Game Over/Cerebral Assassin gear, replaced with expensive looking garmants. He looked quite simply pompous, a douchebag, back to his blueblood roots it could be argued. Soon suits and sunglasses would follow, after his newest recruit.

Ric Flair at this time was portrayed as a man down on his luck, losing half of the company and wrestling, and being beaten consistently. There was several clashes between the two, Triple H, being true to form, had to insult the man down to the bone about being past it and pathetic. Before the World Heavyweight title bout, he said some damning things to Flair that got to him. Flair returned the favour, and nailed RVD with the sledgehammer. Triple H sold beautifully as usual, looking shocked and looking at Flair as he pedigreed RVD. Selling 101 ladies and gentlemen. Triple H had a new manager in the aftermath.

Triple H and Flair was perfect sense. A match made in heaven. Triple H over the preceeding weeks had been morphing into a jet set looking fellow, and now with Flair at his side this move was complete. A manager, of the highest calibre, was well received, by me at least. Ric Flair was the perfect heel manager for the perfect heel. Triple H, the character, was now all about being the greatest wrestler of all time. By aligning with the renowned best wrestler of all time, this only cemented the direction. Triple H, was now, even moreso than before, all about the title.

Excluding the whole Katie Vick scenario from my memory, Triple H was to defend the championship in the first ever Elimination chamber match, a truly innovative and exciting invention. The second selling point of this main event was the heroic return of HBK. Michaels won the title in a truly memorable moment. A month later, the feud culminated in a quite brilliant three stages of hell II (Triple H beat Austin in part 1) where Triple H got the title back.

This was the reign that saw Triple H as a heel go beyond the character, and really be met with hatred of a new, freaky level. I was going to write about this whole period this week, but proper feedback had to be given I felt. I have given some backstory but it wouldn't be fair to go on forever, I'd lose interest and so would you readers. I am going to continue writing about this right now anywa, at least until the nightmare scenario of work enters my mainframe, so there won't be a long wait.

Triple H was once again the master heel, dominant competitor on Raw and WWE as a whole.

Come back very soon for the final part of this series Heel Triple H - Evolution into God.

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    HHH was really good getting people to hate him and like him. Like he said many times he is that damn good.
  2. jethro's Avatar
    Yes more please,Evolution is one of the best stable in wwe.
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    That was a great read! I too look forward to the next part.
  4. steveorton's Avatar
    Excellent blog I was disaapointed at the end I wanted to read the rest lol, I'm jus sayin...
  5. trips's Avatar
    Cant wait for next blog, HHH is one of my favorite wrestlers
  6. Daffy Duck's Finest's Avatar
    I love this series of blogs. Keep up the good work!
  7. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    I really wnat him to have one last heel run. His last one was blah, and I really don't like him as a face.
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