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Punk plus SD! taping

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I wrote this sometime last week and forgot to post it. Thanks for taking a read. All input is welcome.

Just returned home from Phoenix. Me and my seven year old daughter attended the SD!, NXT, and Superstars taping. Along with going to the show we also attended a Randy Orton signing at a local Cricket Wireless Store. I will get to all of this in a bit.

I finally got to watch the CM Punk promo that everyone and their mother has been taking about since Monday Night. Honestly, all I can say is that if WWE doesn't just give him what he wants and resign him they are stupider than I would ever think. This man is gold on the mic and is gold in the ring as well. He could take the greenest talent in ANY company and make them look as good as him. He has everything that it takes to be the face of any company on the planet and I really think that the WWE heads are finally starting to see that.

I have always been a huge supporter of Punk. Say what you want. Call me a CM Punk mark if you need to. I could care less. I have followed him since before he was in ROH or TNA back in the day. This man is a pro wrestling genius. He has the best mic skills of any wrestler around these days. Let's just take a look at his promo from Monday Night Raw.

He used the unspoken word of the WWE a few times for a reason. He knows that there are so many people out there, if with the company or watch every night, think that this is the stupidest thing in the world to not call themselves wrestlers anymore. He said that he is the best wrestler in the world. You are damn right he is. He has proven that time and time again. Unlike a lot of the talent in the WWE these days he tells a story in the ring each and every time he is in it.

Also, in his promo he mentioned a few names that have been on every ones minds for the past year or so. Paul Heyman. From what Punk said Heyman was the one that say something in him that would be great for the WWE. Heyman backed Punk from day one. He also mentioned Brock Lesner, which to me was a shocker. Brock was rumored for months to face Taker at Wrestlemania which we all know didn't happen because of his contract with UFC. Just these two names can honestly stir things up anywhere. But from what I have read in the past hour it looks like there is more to it than just a mention of their names. That goes for Colt Cabana as well.

Just look at how he bashed Vince. I have not heard anyone bash him like that in many years. There hasn't been anyone that could actually do it and do it right like Punk did. He is just one of a kind a man that can take any company to the top.

All in all. CM Punk is the best modern day professional wrestler in the world today. Love him or hate him he is doing his job.

I said that I would touch on the SD! Taping and the Orton signing so here goes.

The signing was scheduled for 11am to 1pm. We arrived at the store around 915am and there was a line of only about 15 people. The doors opened at 1030am. Orton finally walked through the back door and to his table at around 12pm. An hour late and still only signed until about 115pm. But we did meet him and he was in a great mood.

The SD! Taping started at 645pm with NXT first up. The crowd was pretty dead throughout NXT but got a bit better once Superstars started. The biggest pop of the Superstars taping was when The Usos hit a double super kick on the outside. The SD! Taping was pretty good. With Randy Orton getting the biggest pop and Mark Henry getting the biggest heat. Some would argue and say that Christian got the most heat but there were quite a number of people over powering the RKO chants with Christian ones of their own. My seven year old daughter being one of them.

For me the highlight of the night was when I sat and watched Christian CARRY Sin Cara through a match. Sin Cara has been known for missing a lot of steps and moves since coming to the WWE and last night proved it. There were a few times where Christian had to take a few more steps of make something up on the fly to cover for Sin Cara. I know that this guy was brought into the WWE to be the next big masked wrestler for the company but this is getting pretty bad. All in all it was a good match but with the help of Christian.

Over all it was a pretty good day for me and my daughter. It was her first ever WWE live event and she loved it. Looking forward to taking her to Summer Slam this August.

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    It's about time someone else noticed what I did about Sin Cara about screwing up!
  2. jamez20's Avatar
    ummm....He was told to do what he did. I'm not hating on CM-Punk, I like this version of CM-Punk, but how much effort do you think he put into that promo? Just by saying those names and bashing the WWE, he gets recognition for that? Anyone could have done that. Everyone wanted to do what he did. It's not rocket science as to what he did. He was just given the opportunity to do it. He was instructed to do it. An average joe could have pulled off what he did and make it seem so real. Just by saying those "names", the promo felt real.

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