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My unbiased(mostly) opinions on the current state of the WWE.

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People need to stop blaming Cena for everything that is wrong with WWE. The writers, Creative as we like to call them, are the real problem. They are the ones who write promos that are obviously for children. They are the ones who want guys like Cena to look like 'a come from behind type.' Which is why he is limited to 5 moves of doom. They don't give him enough time to do much else. Give him 20 mins, then he has to time to do some decent back and forth. Then have the heel dominate, with Cena getting a quick reversal and then 5 moves of doom. Creative only gives him 7 minutes and the only way to have him 'come back' is to have the heel dominate for 6 then have the 5 MOD.

Kelly Kelly and the Bellas are mostly to blame for the Divas division being the way it is. Sure WWE shouldn't have hired them, but the should learn how to wrestle. They are surrounded by amazing talents. Have Bryan Danielson train them. Sure everyone can tell K2 got better but good lord, it took her 5 years to learn how. FIVE FUCKING YEARS! After five years she still can't wrestle any better than the 'hometown' wrestlers that job in >1 minute matches.

People give CM Punk too much credit. Its like if people started treating Austin like he was a god the night after "Austin 3:16." Punk hasn't done anything that would revitalize tha 'E yet. Give him some time.

Furthermore, Creative has you idiots right where they want you. Obviously they are the ones behind this. Sure Cm Punk is writing the promos, but just like any one who 'wrestles' in EWNCW/JBW knows, creative gives him the direction to go in. And just like the e-Feds, Creative has to approve the promos before they are put up. This is the bottom line: its not Punk who is saving us, its HHH.

HHH didn't 'hear the cries of the IWC.' He saw the declining ratings among the 18-35 demographic. You know the one we fall into, the one that 95% of T.V. is geared for. In case you didn't know the PG thing was just for Linda's political career.
But, WWE saw that they could have a wrestling show be PG and still have a good show. They just shifted the focus from crappy stories with bad wrestling to crappy stories with semi-decent wrestling. Now that HHH has been given some power, he is trying to get better stories and have people with better charisma be the main characters. So you see the rise of the 'IWC Darlings,' CM Punk and Christian. Are they pandering to us? No. They are simply utilizing them the way they should be.

People say the mid card 'isn't being used properly.' You can't rebuild something all at once, it has to be done over time. Start with the main event and work down to the dark matches. It has to start with the main event because that is the one that gets the marks to tune in. Then you start to move down the line to the upper mid card, usually the match before the main event of the night. Usually involving a former world champ or a multi-time intercontinental champ. Get them better storylines. Then get to the mid-card. Actually give them credible gimmicks and give them promo time. Don't give the lower card much promo time, that is just a waste if you ask me. Give them decent match time so they can tell a story in the ring. After they get some fans move them into the mid card. The lower card should be bumped up to the where the Divas Division was before the Beth and Nattie story.

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  1. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    I think you're putting to much on the HHH angle!! He is the COO, on a story basis but any major decisions, in reality, are still be dealt with by Vince!! The situation with Punk at the moment is down to Vince letting him run with it and listening more to Punk's creative input!!

    Apart from that, good blog and a good read! The unreasonable Cena bashing is becoming a bore! Yeah he is mainly there for the kids and their moms but to blame all that's wrong in the 'E' at his door is beyond ridiculous!!
    The mid card problem is, unfortunately, down to 'Creative' they just don't know how best to deal with this part of the business, for some reason! Unless a major shake up occurs, this will continue for some time, I'm afraid!!
    The Diva's division is getting there, slowly but surely! I think Dustin has had a massive amount to do with this! As noted by Lance Storm, he spends hours in the ring each day, helping anyone who needs it, so this is a good positive going forward!!
    If I think of anything else, I'll get back to ya :0)
    Updated 09-04-2011 at 09:24 PM by Wade Barrett 1979
  2. belleza's Avatar
    i really like this blog, jealous that i didnt think of these ideas first and post em keep it up!
  3. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Shame you called us idiots.
    Punk doesn't 'write' his promos as such. The most authentic promos are slightly improvised (unless you are Kevin Nash).
    Decent blog, seems a bit rushed but I'm sure you'll improve
  4. natejoseph09's Avatar
    I think your logic is slightly flawed, Cenas not to blame for being lame but divas are to blame for being lame. All their promos etc are written by the same people. Actually didn't Orton say that Cena ad libs quite a lot of his corny promos?

    Bad blog, calling us "idiots" didn't help.
  5. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Really bad blog Cena is mostly to blame he is the Number one face in the world he could demand better things for his character instead of being a pussy to the kiddies, parents & lameass fans out there.
  6. Braxton's Avatar
    Cena gets a large portion of his merchandise profits. Would you want to make a huge change to your character when you are raking in all that money?

    I liked the blog. It makes me happy when people are able to look passed the idea that Cena is ruining the WWE.
  7. Chazztastic's Avatar
    Well, there are some valid points that I agree with. I personally like Cena. From a business standpoint, he draws more people than any other Superstar. The real blame is Vince McMahon and the people he chose to promote. Swagger was in the limelight, but he sucked on the mic. Nexus was a bust. While people like Carlito and MVP who were good on the mic and in-ring but were pushed aside, leading to them asking for their release. The decision falls on Vince. There's no other person to blame. He pushes people who were not ready, and those who are ready were pushed aside.
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