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The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man Of All Entertainment

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The Rock is the first third-generation in WWE history, he debuted in 1996 with the name Rocky Maivia with the name of his father (Rocky Johnson) and his grandfathers name (Peter Maivia). He was a face when he started everyone loved how Rocky Maivia had allot of potential and energy but lacked of wrestling skills. After three months in the company he had won his first Championship in the WWE the Intercontinental Championship which he beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Then people started hating this Rocky Maivia character while fans chanted "Die Rocky Die" and "Rocky Sucks", so he had to reinvent his character in order to reach the top and out came THE ROCK.

I already mention to you how The Rock started in the WWE and was gonna tell you what his career went from there but in the words of Alberto Del Rio "but you already knew that" so this blog is about how The Rock gave us something in 7 years in the WWE more than any other wrestling entertainer that has giving us more in 9 years "cough...Cena" and that's The Rock putting on some great interviews, great promos, great wrestling matches with the very best in the WWE and most important he gave the fans ENTERTAINMENT. In 2003 The Great One left his legacy in the ring to pursue Hollywood as an Actor he's had some great movies and some shitty movies but doesn't any other Actor or Actress makes good and shitty movies.

So which brings me after 7 long years that we fans including myself have been whining, bitching and moaning for The Rock to come back and electrify us with his presence in the wrestling ring which he did this year of 2011, I was so excited when i heard his music DAMN!! i screamed like a lil bitch but that's when it hits me and i ask myself why would he come back if he makes much more money as an actor but the reason he came back was because of us wrestling fans. The Rock even created a facebook page which he actually uses not a WWE Superstar page which is created for them, but he did his return to give us what we wanted, he's having his last match at Wrestlemania 28 again John Cena to give us what we wanted and now people hate him cuz he's not there full time.

Which brings me to the end of this blog lately I have been hearing allot of Hating Rock because his not back full, He's not here but I am bullshit fucken Hypocrite cough....Cena, Listen!! people The Rock gave us everything he had in his run in the WWE and did it with an All-Star cast of wrestlers. The Rock coming back full time will take the spotlight to all these young stars including John Cena so that's why he let's them get there shiny star in WWE to make something of themselves to become the next Hogan, Macho Man, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold and The Rock imagine if all these old school wrestlers would back to the WWE today how would Cena, Orton, Miz, Shamus or any other wrestling superstar would be at I'll tell you one thing NOT!! at the Top. So appreciate what The Rock has done for us in his Wrestling Career, Coming back for us wrestling fans which he meant that he wouldn't leave for 7 long years again and The Rock is still "The Great One" "The Most Electrifying Man Of All Entertainment" and last but not least "The People's Champion" never will be a great wrestling entertainer like him.

So Leave Your Thoughts and If Your Spell or Grammar Check Guy Don't Leave Anything It All


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  1. luisalexander70's Avatar
    i hate the rock i was so happy when people boo him in summerslam 2002 being a face
  2. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    The Rock is crap.. Cena is only a character he's really a hardworking skilled individual. There is a difference between Cena the character and Cena the man, you guys do know that?
  3. Harm's Avatar
    Fans have the right to say who is great and who sucks...thats what makes the audience so fun. If we thought every wrestle was great we'd all be the way Cena sucks...cause he will never be a Macho Man,Hogan,Ric Flair,HHH,Sean Michaels,Ricky Steamboat,Bret Hart,Rock,Mick Foley,Rick Rude,Mr.Perfect,...I can go on forever...Cena knows he sucks thats why he's always trying so hard with the tours and fans...sorry,but the bar was set by all these wrestlers I just mentioned...even HHH told him he sucked when Cena asked him what did he thinks of his's just reality...
  4. jonod's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by WWTNA Mark
    jrsckilla23, I really think your that crazy enough to actually think what The Rock and Cena are saying to each other are real. Its something called KAYFABE, look it up. You are taking Cena's comments to The Rock straight to the heart and its pretty sad to be honest.

    Moving on, The Rock has done all he can in the wrestling business and wanted to pursue other things like acting but I feel that him being in the main event is kinda unfair to other guys who busted there ass to get in the main event and who has stayed with the WWE longer then The Rock has. I cannot wait to see The Rock take on Cena at Wrestlemaina 28 but itshouldn't be in the main event for the WWE title, thats just to much and a waste of a title defense that could go to other wrestlers.

    Correct, its gonna be a great match. Its just a shame its kind of petered into a name drop game for build though. as a story its doesn't really work over a year in show - but perhaps this is the e working outside the box - after all most of the exchange between the rock and cena has been online.

    I hope to god its not for the title though, it makes no sense at all to me. the only thing that gives me a sense of promise is the ideas in the winds of a new title debuting (punk teasing it on raw too), and cena needing to rest up for a while. I hope they let Del Rio, Kingston, Miz, Truth (Punk if he's around) battle it out for a new title. It would be the perfect way for this new generation to define themselves as the stars of the company.
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