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Rick Starr

CM Punk, John Cena....and Zack Ryder?

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Hey Splashers! I hope all of you are enjoying the summer. Me? Nope! I'm a full-time student who is majoring in drafting. However that didn't stop me from putting my books aside and giving my usual 2 & 1/2 cents in on what has become the most talked about issue in recent wrestling history.

It's just over two weeks since CM Punk made his controversial promo on RAW, that has gripped the entire wrestling world. While I do believe that the segment itself was a staged segment, there is no doubt that much of what the he said was from the heart, and unscripted. It was the best segments I've seen since the climax in the Monday Night Wars. What made that segment so great, is that for a short period of time, I wasn't sure if it was a “sell” or if it was a “promo”. Lets face it 95% of what Punk said was true, and I think that is what made the segment real.

However once the WWE re-packaged Punks promo, and displayed it on Smackdown, the jig was up. Aside from the fact that they promoted CM Punk in a mixed tag-team match, in my home town of Boston, Ma for next week's RAW while he was still suspended was a double whammy.

However, the bigger mystery is still lurking: Is CM Punk in fact leaving the WWE? It appears to be very clear that after Money in the Bank, CM Punk is gone. So why the big push at the end of his WWE career? Everyone has been suspecting a “Chicago Screw-job” coming in two weeks. While that is most-likely the scenario to happen considering the ending segment on this past RAW between John Cena and Vince McMahon. Yet I would like to see a twist and see Punk walk out with the title, so the WWE has to make a new WWE Title, and Cena gets “Fired”.

One thing I am expecting to see in either case, is Cena turn heel. This could be the whole reason for punk's big push. It's the old smoke & mirrors game, you pay too much attention to one thing, while something else happens. To be honest, I hope the plot thickens. If this just turns out to just give one last hurrah for a great WWE Superstar who's on his way out, and it ends with “Super Cena” remaining as our @#!*% -kissing champion, then I won't be too impressed.

One last issue I would like to talk about that has to due with the possibility of CM Punk leaving...How did Zack Ryder get thrown into the Mix?! Your telling me if Punk does leave, it's goodbye New Nexus and hello Zack-Pack? Ryder may have a huge following on Youtube, but I don't think he will be bringing any Long Island Iced Z's to the ring. And if David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty need to saddle up with him, rather than go out on their own, their taking a step back rather than moving forward.

There are several other directions that people have written about. Such as R-Truth's "Conspiracy Theory", and even a "TNA Invasion". Both of these do have some legitimacy in them, but I personally think the WWE just mentioned Hogan, just to throw everyone off.

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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    The ideal close for MitB for me would see Cena kayfabe fired and Punk leaving with the WWE title. It sets up so many things which are needed right now. A new WWE Championship (and maybe a tournament to crown a new champion - pushing some of the crowded mid-card for a while) to replace the outdated spinner title, and it would be a great platform for Cena to turn heel. It's unlikely since he is the face of the company, but with Punk quite clearly becoming a Steve Austin-esque face, his departure for a few months could help to propell him into a feud with a now heel Cena when he returns.
  2. DM Tea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    I'd like to see a big change in Cena. I don't think it would hurt his career to turn heel for awhile. As for Punk, I don't know what the deal is. I just know that thew WWE has not given him the proper push since his last title run. He has way too much talent to just be sitting on the side lines.
    I don't think it's a great idea for Cena to go heel. He sells a lot of merch and most of the tickets. Turning him heel would turn the E upside down. Guess what? That's CM Punk's job. Here's the other thing: Just about anyone he feuds with gets over. To be honest with you, if he can bring it in the ring like he did at MITB, no turn necessary in my humble opinion. Here's one more thing: if Cena turns heel, who's your top face? Orton? F that. I say turn him heel again when the Christian program is over. This is getting lengthy. I feel a blog coming on.
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