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Oh My Blog: MITB & Has Punk delivered another summer of excitement?

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Hi all. Time for another blog! And i believe i'm writing at a time where blogs are flying in thick and fast, for obvious wrestling related reasons.

Well Money in the Bank is only a couple of week's away and in my estimation it is one of WWE's best PPV's. I know parts's of the wrestling community are not fan's of the 'themed ppv's' such as MITB, Fatal 4 Way and Hell in a Cell but i believe that the Money in the Bank PPV offer's excitement and potentially plenty of suprises. For 16 WWE superstars (8 Raw & 8 Smackdown) it offers a window of opportunity. And i'd also like to think that there aren't any obvious winners. You could argue that Del Rio is for Raw, however you wouldn't discount Rey Mysterio and certainly not The Miz after a fantastic year. Perhaps R-Truth is an outsider too! As for Smackdown, personally i'd love to see Cody Rhodes grab the blue briefcase. I've written it in many previous blogs that i believe that he has all the tools to be World Heavyweight Champion. Although the same can be said for my fellow Englishman, Wade Barrett. He can be the man in the future or possibly now to win the 'big one'. Something that William Regal deserved, but regretebly never achieved. Although Kane can't be ruled out nor Sheamus from the 'blue brand'. The MITB matches themselves offer plenty of 'blink and you'll miss it' action with the likes of; Sin Cara, Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio & Justin Gabriel on show. And of course i think Orton vs Christian can deliver yet another quality match. In addition, Punk vs Cena goes without saying. The atmosphere could rival or better One Night Stand 2006 and the quality of match should be superb.

Towards the middle of last month i casted my mind back to last summer in the WWE. I have to admit that in May and June of 2010 i switched off from WWE. For whatever reasons i just stopped following it, didn't check this website for updates and i think boredom was an overriding factor. And then one night over a few drinks my friend mentioned that a group of rookies had invaded Raw and completely decimated the ring and the surrounding area. This made me switch back on and from that point i've not missed a single show. The Nexus angle was a very exciting period particularly in the early stages of it and under Wade Barrett's leadership. Another exciting part for me in the summer of 2010 was watching Kane win the MITB briefcase and claim the World Heavyweight Title, as well as claiming many victims along the way. The old Kane seemed to be back and he simply dominated Smackdown. So that was around June- early Septemeber (the summer period). Now coming into this summer i was very anxious that this summer wouldn't offer anything at all. But thankyou Mr Punk. Your contract status has really set the cat amongst the pigeons and with what has happened on Raw concerning him, Cena and Vince i believe the next few week's leading into the summer period could be a very memorable one, or we all hope so! There are certain scenarios that could spring up from the 'Punk situation'. I've read a lot of views and theories on the ewrestling website so i'm not going to bother myself. Screwjobs? Invasion angles? Who knows? I don't, we all have things that we'd love to see. But all i do know is that in Chicago at MITB something will happen that'll have us all talking whether good, bad or indifferent. Hopefully this is another exciting WWE summer.

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  1. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    Hopefully we'll get to see some of Cena's good moves et in this match.. I mean he's a GREAT wrestler.. he only get's to show like 5 moves though. No doubt Punk will rock too.
  2. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Lol dont wet yourself now Punk had one good promo its not gonna make me or many of the real old school fans to buy the ppv ?
  3. jonod's Avatar
    seems like everyone else is excited about it Theiconsting. I am and I've been watching since I was 5 (in 1992), but then I'm also English :P

    Good blog willotron, I dipped out last summer too, and I only caught the end of the nexus thing. I cant wait for the MITB main event!

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