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The Brown One

WWE Live Event Experience from a First Timer

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Hey guys, I know there's been quite a few of these reviews since the WWE has embarked on a world tour, but I just couldn't let my first live WWE event go untold, so here it goes!

The arena (Vector Arena) here in Auckland, New Zealand was PACKED, with only the top row being tarped off.

==CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio==
Despite the usual jeers from the crowd, the crowd's pops drowned out the boos when Punk came out. Pre-match, Punk cut an excellent promo, critisizing the people he worked with, including Beth Phoenix, and Ryder (a shout out to the IWC?). Good back and forth match, with Rey winning with a 619 after reversing a GTS.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

I have to tell you, the 619 looks AMAZING close up

==The Bella Twins vs Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly==
It was surprising to see Beth here instead of say..Eve, but a great surprise. Cat calls for the Bellas, and BIG pops for Kelly Kelly. Astonishingly, this match was about 7 minutes long, which is longer than most of the Divas matches we see on Raw! Kelly wins the match for her team with a diving cross body.
Winner: Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly

==Evan Bourne vs Primo==
A very short match, at about 3 minutes. At least Primo got some time to wrestle. Bourne wins with the Airbourne-which looked SPECTACULAR.
Winner: Evan Bourne

==Jack Swagger vs Zack Ryder==
We actually get to see ZACK RYDER!!! The guy sitting next to me didn't have a clue who he was, but the crowd seemed to love him, and shouted with Ryder, as he did the "Woo woo woo, you know it!" catchphrase. Swagger turned Ryder's leg lariat into a powerbomb, and proceeded with the ankle lock for the victory.
Winner: Jack Swagger

This match exceeded my expectations, being one of the best matches of the night, and I hope the WWE uses Ryder more often in matches on Raw, because he is a joy to watch

==United States Championship-Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston==
HUGE pop for Kofi Kingston. We have seen this a hundred times on tv, but for me, it never gets old. Definitely the match of the night, with both wrestlers kicking out of each other's finishers throughout the match. The match ended when Ziggler held onto the ropes to get a pin.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Ziggler picked up his US title and attempted to take out Kofi with it, but Kofi avoided Ziggler's attack by hitting him with a Trouble in Paradise to send the fans home happy!

==Dance contest==
Kelly Kelly showed up, and picked 4 people from the crowd to participate in a dance off, with the winner getting to meet with a superstar of their choice backstage! Justin Roberts brought up Kelly's past as part of the Extreme Expose (for those who don't know what that is, it was a dance group with Kelly, Brooke, and Layla, back in WWECW), and then Kelly proceeded to show us her dance moves, which by the way was hot A little kid wearing a Cena shirt won, which was expected, but he was adorable and the crowd ate it up.
Winner: Little kid in Cena shirt

Intermission+Piss Break
This is off topic, but NEVER buy food from the arena. It was $9 for a fucking beer!

==Tagteam Championships-Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs David Otunga and Michael Mcguillicuty==
I was still in line to get food when this started, but when I didn't miss much. MASSIVE pop for Santino's Cobra Attempt. The match ended when Otunga hit The Verdict on Santino to get the win.
Winner: Otunga and Michael Mcguillicuty

==The Miz vs Alex Riley in a Street Fight==
They annouced The Miz, and he cut an AWESOME(no pun intended) promo! Surprisingly, he got his fair share of cheers from the crowd, including me of course! He did his "Really" skit, made the crowd say "WHAT?", and everytime he tried to do his "I'm Awesome" line, the crowd booed him. No doubt, THE MIZ GOT THE BIGGEST BOOS OF THE NIGHT. He finally did his line, and here comes Alex Riley, with the SECOND BIGGEST POP OF THE NIGHT, who pounded away on The Miz, taking it to the outside. A street fight match was made.

This match taught me a lot. The most important thing was that Alex Riley, in my opinion, drastically needs to improve his in-ring skills-He was only hitting clotheslines for the majority of the match. This match had the greatest crowd interaction of the night, with lots of "Lets go A-RY", "Miz is Awesome" chants. Then the most fun part of the event began, with the crowd chanting "WE WANT TABLES!!!" for 10 straight minutes! The Miz got a mic, and said that we weren't getting any tables. But he proceeded to get out a kendo stick, and a chair, and wailed on Riley with loud shots-NOT BAD FOR PG
The Miz went for a sick move-a Skull Crushing Finale on a chair wedged between the ring ropes! Unfortunately Riley avoided it. Riley got the upper hand later on in the match, got out a table, placed it in the corner, and speared The Miz through it, picking up the victory.
Winner: Alex Riley

This was a long match, that picked up as it went on, with a fantastic ending!

==WWE plugged the WCW Nitro DVD==

==Main event: WWE Championship-John Cena vs R-Truth==
Not a doubt in my mind that this would end the event. Truth out first, who actually rapped (for the first time since God knows when). He cut a rap on my town-Auckland, which drew HUGE heat from the crowd. Cena out now, with NO DOUBT THE BIGGEST POP OF THE NIGHT. Believe it or not, this match was even, with both men getting in good offense, albeit the match was terrible. Cena won with an AA, after Truth missed a show to Cena with the WWE title.
Winner: John Cena

After the match, to my delight, Punk jumped Cena
He then grabbed a mic and said that he's not the only one who hates Cena. Then all of the heels of the Raw roster showed up and beat down on Cena. However, they were driven away by the arrival of the faces of the Raw roster, who then cornered Punk. All the faces-Ryder, Riley, Kozlov, Santino, Kofi, Evan Bourne, Kelly, Beth Phoenix and Cena all hit their finishers on Punk! Even Beth lifted up Punk and hit him with a Glam Slam!!! (Trouble in paradise between Punk and Beth? :P)

The faces stood in the ring to end the show.

Overall, this was my first WWE live show, and it was AMAZING!!!!! It may not seem like it now, but I'm glad that I got to see a future hall of famer-John Cena, and the best in the world-CM Punk. It's been one of my dreams to see a live WWE event, and I accomplished that tonight, getting to see the wrestlers that I thought I would only see on tv, LIVE

Thanks for reading, and I recommend anyone who gets a chance to see a WWE show to go!

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  1. dres1214's Avatar
    Live shows are always fun and awesome to go. I have been to so many. I always feel like a kid when I go! Awesome blog! Glad that you got to enjoy your first show!
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    I hope that I can one day see TNA come here..maybe in 10 years haha.
  3. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    First time live is an awesome thing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I got to take my daughter to her first show this year, and it was just as cool as going myself for the first time
  4. Viper's Avatar
    where i'm from, i would have loved to see swagger vs ryder & primo vs evan bourne but i got swagger vs bourne (like i havent seen in enough times on tv) and primo vs ryder in a relatively good match.
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