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The Brown One

Most realistic Wrestlemania 27 card

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With 62 days till Wrestlemania, and some seeds sown for the matches, I have decided to give my input on which matches I believe will be on the Wrestlemania card this year, with explanation. In no order:

1) John Cena vs The Miz(c) for the WWE Championship- With The Miz getting Cena out of the Rumble match, when he wasn't even an entrant, had pretty much set up the match for Mania. Also, Cena is WWE's biggest moneymaker, so he has to be involved in a world title match at Mania.

2) Layla vs Michelle McCool- This is a possibility, but it seems likely, because McCool and Layla were teasing a fight at their match in the RR, when they were the only 2 divas standing. Heres how it may happen..Michelle accidently kicks Layla in a tagteam match, allowing a diva from the opposing team to get the victory. The next week, Layla could want revenge, and can turn face. I can see people pulling for her, rather than Michelle. This would be a great blowoff to the 1 year+ of Laycool's friendship, and feud.

3) Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio(possibly with both men's masks on the line)- After Cody's promo on Smackdown, and not appearing in the Rumble match, this story looks legit. Also, its been reported on several sites, that Cody vs Mysterio is set for Mania. In the next few weeks, Cody could show up on Smackdown wearing a mask, and hopefully WWE won't screw it up like they did with Joey Mercury, and then fire him. Mysterio handpicked his WM 27 opponent, so it looks like he wants to work with Rhodes. That says something, because Rey is a vet in WWE now. Cody could say that he couldn't show his face again, so he must wear a mask. And then he could challenge Rey at Mania, with the loser removing their mask.

4) Beth Phoenix vs Natalya(c) for the Divas Championship- Kong might factor into this match somehow. But I see this as a respect match, with 2 friends, but at the same time, a match to determine who the WWE's top diva will be. Its possible, after Eve loses the Divas title.

5) Alberto Del Rio vs Edge(c) vs Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship- Christian has beef with Alberto Del Rio, and will want revenge for ADR putting him on the shelf. ADR is the RR winner, and has chosen to face Edge for the WHC at Mania. Edge and Christian have a long history together, and this match has been wanted by fans for years.

6) Michael Cole vs Jerry "The King" Lawler- You probably laughed when you read this. But theres a BIG chance this will happen. Lawler never got his moment, and deserves a WM moment, and this could be it. Also, its the blowoff to Cole's heel turn, and disrespecting Lawler.

7) Diesel vs The Big Show- Diesel has stated that he has had over 200 matches with Big Show, and they have history. Well after they had that staredown at the Rumble, it seems that Diesel could have a wrestling role after all. By facing Show, he won't have to do much, since Show can still go and carry the match, and it will be slow anyway, since they're giants, and will show their strength by throwing delayed punches etc.

8) Sheamus vs Triple H- This will be the grudge match, where Triple H will seek revenge for Sheamus taking him out(and they could play on the Sheamus keeping Trips away from action for months-even though he was fine to go since last year). Sheamus won KOTR specifically to set up a match with Triple H again. I can see Trips returning either before/after the Elimination Chamber PPV, and then having a short buildup to Wrestlemania. It will be the King of the Ring vs The King of Kings.

9) Randy Orton vs CM Punk- Since Punk interfered in Orton's WWE title match at RR, and Orton showed up on Raw to attack Punk, this match is bound to happen. I can see The Nexus and Punk interfering in Orton's matches, and jumping him, and then Orton wanting revenge, challenges Punk to a match at Mania.

10) Nexus vs Corre- I think that one, or both groups will aquire more members, and it will be an even matchup. I know that at least one of these groups will stay around long after Wresltlemania, because it has happened before(after Cena took out Barrett at TLC, Nexus kept on going, under new management), and it has been reported. Instead of taking out random members of the Raw/Smackdown roster, the members of both groups can have matches with each other, so that they get more mic time, and time to improve their wrestling skills.

11)Money in the Bank ladder match- If this happens at WM, I believe these will be the participants.. Drew Mcintyre, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Tyson Kidd, Ted Dibiase, Daniel Bryan, Michael Tarver(hey, its possible), Jack Swagger, Kane/Chris Masters. Why Masters? Its been reported that he is getting a big push, so MITB will be good for him.

12) The Undertaker vs Wade Barrett/Sting- Wade Barrett as Taker's WM opponent this year was the latest plans for Taker. But with the possible return of Sting, and both Taker and Sting approaching retirement, it would make sense the have Sting as Taker's final opponent.

Well thats what I think the card will look like at this year's Wrestlemania. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Bodom's Avatar
    Wow this is the most reasonable WM card that's ever been posted.
  2. SDR's Avatar
    What about Dolph Ziggler?
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    Dammit! I knew I forgot someone really important Thanks for that! I'd add Dolph Ziggler to the MITB match instead of Kidd, or Dibiase.
  4. crazy23ph's Avatar
    its going to be...

    undertaker vs sting

    miz vs jomo

    edge vs christian

    natalya vs beth vs awesome kong

    mitb: r-truth vs evan bourne vs daniel bryan vs justin gabriel vs dolph ziggler vs kofi kingston

    alberto del rio vs rey in a specialty match

    big show vs kevin nash

    punk vs orton

    and nexxus vs the corre with john cena as referee
  5. HeelTurn's Avatar
    Vey very likely, although not sure if the WWE would do 2 divas matches.
  6. Saiga's Avatar
    Grandpa Diesel vs. Big Slow is more of a bathroom break match.

    I dont think naybody would wanna see that snoozefest.
  7. Azazel's Avatar
    Real nice card you made there, and i agree with almost everything on it. Allthough the two divas matches might indeed be too much
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