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WWE Quiz to Prove a Point

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When it comes to the state of the WWE, everyone has their opinions as to what's wrong with it's product today.
As for my views on the matter you can read my previous blogs. However, for this one, I have decided to give you peeps a quiz to illustrate some of the key problems. Give them a go and see how many you can get right!

1. Who, and when, was the last superstar to win their MAIDEN WH/WWE title in a ONE ON ONE SINGLES MATCH (No stipulations, ie Hell in a Cell), and without the use of a Money in the Bank briefcase (the Miz, for example)

2. Who, behind Cena (1000+ days), Orton (510+), Undertaker (445) and HHH (1000+), has the longest combined WH/WWE title reigns in today's WWE roster, and how much (to the nearest 50 days)?

3. On today's roster, how many superstars have held the WWE/WH Title, and Intercontinental Title for a duration of at least 30 days each (Try and name them if you can)?

4. Which superstar had a winning record at PPV's in 2010 - Cena or Orton?

5. When was the last time the WWE Championship was defended at a PPV without Orton or Cena being involved? (APART FROM MIZ/LAWLER AT EC 2011) - Edited



1. April 3, 2005 - Batista.

2. Sheamus - 161 days

3. 5 - CM Punk, HHH, Kane, Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio

4. Cena... just! With 6-5 record compared to Orton's 5-7-1.

5. No Way Out 2009! (When it was the Smackdown belt, and Cena was involved in the WHC match that time also)

If you got all of them you are without a doubt a WWE nerd and I salute you in all your awesomeness, especially if you got that last question which truly surprised me.

Let me finish by adding a quick analysis of each of these questions:

1. It may just be my opinion, but earning a number one contendership in a tournament/ match gives a challenger some momentum and validity for having a match with the champion. On top of that, the true pinnacle is to pin or make the champ tap out to cement your legacy. When Guerrero frog- splashed Lesnar I really felt something that I haven't gotten since, and that was due to the image of the three count being made on top of Lesnar.

2. I understand that Orton and Cena are going to be up there, but surely the likes of Mysterio or Kane should be up there. Don't their careers deserve that? Could Orton and Cena have less time as champs and still be faces of the company - I think so. I'm glad to see Sheamus getting up there, however.

3. Ok now this one has bugged me, not because that the superstars in the list aren't elite, because they are. But where is the home- grown talent? Punk arrived with a reputation, as did Rey to some extent. This leaves Orton the last guy to accomplish this feat, like 5 years ago? This could be when the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship went downhill, from which it has never recovered from. Where has the talent gone recently?

4. Neither one had an amazing record last year, which is worrying. This is because they are DUE good results - alas why Orton has the belt now, and destroyed Punk and Christian's reputations to fans outside of the IWC. (And why I still argue that if Punk returns someday, that he'll be due a push)

5. Now I don't want to sound like I'm bashing these two stars, because I am not (at least not in this blog), but come on... Cena or Orton every PPV for 2 AND A HALF YEARS?!? Really? Really? Wouldn't a combination of Sheamus/Miz/Edge/HHH/Punk be good enough... or at a stretch the likes of Swagger/Kingston/Truth/Barrett. WWE rely so heavily on these two that the PPV title matches are mild at best which has lead to poor buyrates and low attendance figures. It not hard WWE.... THERE'S A CORRELATION IN THIS

Wow I got worked up writing that last point, I apologize if that was tiresome. If not, I don't care. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quiz/ rant and you learned some new interesting facts about the WWE.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    Well I'm not a nerd, didn't know any of the answers. Stop keeping records a while ago. All I know Diabese hasn't won a match sinse May 20th.
  2. 123mlewis's Avatar
    dude orton was the last guy to win the championship with no stipulation or mitb vs christian maybe get ur facts right
  3. LMPunker's Avatar
    if you dont count wcw then booker t/king booker for number 1
  4. NWOMyGawd's Avatar
    123mlewis....he said maiden...meaning first championship.
  5. 123mlewis's Avatar
    oh right I didnt realize that
  6. Blinker's Avatar
    I think question 5 is the saddest one. It's funny because we always say that it's just between those guys, but then you actually see that it has been just between those guys for 2 and a half years. YOWZA! I have nothing against either of them, but they should really take a break from the title scene.
  7. MrNolan's Avatar
    Well, WWE has fed us a healthy diet of Cena/Orton in a way that we did not notice. Kinda like slipping vegetables in the spaghetti sauce. Me likey!
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