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Dolph Ziggler & Kofi Kingston Rivalry.

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Hey guys hope all is well. Dolph & Kingston have literally been experiencing an on-screen rivalry for about 2 years on and off and my question is where is this going?

Now Kofi & Dolph happen to be my two favorite midcarders. I honestly look at their rivalry as something fresh and amazing and I honestly don't want it to end anytime soon.

When I look at these two in ring chemistry with one another I see many legendary feuds I can compare them with. I can definitely see Bret Hart vs HBK, I can also see a modern day Orton vs Cena.

They have the best in ring chemistry with one another than any other pair in the WWE which is why their feud has lasted about two years and counting. I would even say I enjoy watching them more than the mainevent.

So my question is where does this lead?

Interesting fact:
I've been to pretty much every live event in Baltimore since 2004.

WWE Extreme Rules 2010 from Baltimore: Dark Match: Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

Three Raw live events in Dc & Baltimore: Kofi Kigston vs Dolph Ziggler

Raw's Power to the People live from Baltimore: Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship 2/3 Falls

They fight almost all the time.

Interesting Fact #2: They are road buddies:
Every time I goto a live event I take my cousin around the side of the arena after the show to see the wrestlers drive off.

So far everytime I've went in the past two years, Kofi & Dolph have left the arena in the same car.

This tells me that they are good friends and they clearly enjoy working together. I truly believe they are trying to persuade to the creative team that they are the two best midcarders that the WWE has to offer and they are showing that they have the ability to put on mainevent caliber type matches.

My solution: @#!*% in a Cell Match at Wrestlemania 28 for the U.S. Title:
Why only reserve @#!*% in a Cell matches for the World or WWE title?

Why not have the longest current WWE feud be decided in the Cell on the grandest stage of them all?

Wrestlemania 28 has all the potentials of being a great event with the Cena & Rock match put into place. I think Dolph Ziggle & Kofi could compete in the cell and potentially be a show stealer.

What a @#!*% in a Cell Match would do for the U.S. Belt?
I feel this would elevate the prestige of this belt to an all-time high. Thats what needs to happen.

The WWE has a shortage of maineventers but a very large midcard. So if they add a bit of prestige to the belt, it makes the talented midcarder worth increase.

Take the Rock vs Triple H approach?
Who remembers the great matches between the Rock & Triple H for the I.C. Belt back in 98 & 99? These were two stars that were clearly on their way to stardom.

During their feud, they put so much prestige in that belt.

Eventually they both became WWF Champ within a year of those classic matches for the I.C. Belt.

The WWE can do the samething with Doplh & Kofi. Have them put on the match of the year in a Cell at Wrestlemania 28. Give this match atleast 23 minutes. Have them put on the biggest show. This match will be soo great that the fans will actually give them both an ovasion.

Have them shake hands after the match thus putting their feud to an end for the next 2 years.

Keep Kofi on Raw, send Dolph to Smackdown. By Wrestlemania 29 or 30, they should be maineventing it for the title or defending it against people like Cena & Orton.

Thus, putting their names in the mainevent with their World & WWE title reigns.

The future?
Re open this feud in 2014 or 2015 and have them feud for the World Championship for atleast 4 months.

Everyone will be saying, "I remember when these two guys were feuding for two years for the I.C & U.S. Belt and now look at them".

Thanks guys for reading. I truly believe that these two guys are the future. This feud has to eventually come to its climax. But if they let this feud just end without a big match, then it was a waste of two years.


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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    Sounds like they are trying to push Kofi Kingston to the next level. Lately he been getting some promo time.
  2. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    great idea I love these 2 's chemistry together and no other pair has the same chemistry maybe the tagt eams of the usos & slater+gabriel but that hasnt'been going on as long
  3. Asherdelampyr's Avatar
    best Idea for either of them I have heard yet, though personally I would rather see them in a TLC match than HIAC for the blowoff. though that is just my own opinion
  4. Y2LUUK's Avatar
    I really don't feel the way you do, except in how they could have made it awesome by doing cool match types (like Hell in a Cell). The point is, it's too late. Last year on SmackDown! they should have had this feud ended in an awesome match of whatever kind. What I see now is a storyline which has been going on way too long. This is not necessarily bad, I mean don't we all wanna see long thorough storylines? But these guys, I don't know, they don't seem to add anymore value to a wrestling show since we have seen their matches too often. So in my opinion they should have stopped last year with a bang and leave it there, because honestly, I don't give a horse's *** anymore about their matches.
  5. Dude573's Avatar
    Personally, I find the feud boring. They're both good young wrestlers, but enough is enough, we need some new midcard feuds using guys like Mcintyre, Riley, Rtruth, Bourne, Masters etc. Seeing these two constantly wrestler eachother, bouncing back from US to IC championship has become stale and lost all credibility I feel.
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    I think they only have the HIAC matches for the HIAC PPV now..which sucks. I would love to see another HIAC match at Mania. We haven't had that in a LONG time. But for a HIAC match to take place between Kofi and Dolph, the writers would have to give us some kickass reasons for the "most dangerous match in the WWE". Otherwise it wouldn't make sense. Take for instance The Legacy vs DX in a HIAC match a few years ago. It didn't make sense to have that match so early in Cody and Ted's careers. I don't want that happening to Kofi and Dolph.
  7. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Dolph is working his gimmick, but Kofi?? I'd agree it's time to push Dolph a bit, maybe tweak his image a little and give him a chance to wrestle some better guys. Kofi needs to make his current gimmick work first before he gets anything else from the company. Or can him and move on.
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