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STATE OF THE 'E: Fight The Machine

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I'm sitting at home awaiting one of my favorite shows: WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!! During the signature, I'm always promised "We Have A Great Show" and then we get into the meat of it.

Tonight, something strange happened. Something in my eyes I thought I wouldn't see for at least a couple more years. My 6 year old boy looked at me and said:

"I don't think I like this anymore."

I looked down at him completely shocked and obviously asked him why. His response was something I knew was coming but, possibly didn't want to happen.

"It's boring. All they do is talk. I wanna see them fight. I wanna see John Cena do what he did a few years ago."

Now, my son is one of the biggest Cena marks you will ever come across. I watch a lot of old school/attitude era/ruthless agression era in my household on any given day and he's obviously been exposed to "Heel" John Cena. This character we all lovingly refer to as "Super Cena" is definitely wearing thin. We the adults have known this for quite some time now but it seems like some kids may be coming around. In the last couple weeks he's gone more into liking different wrestlers. Hell, his action figures used to NEVER have another Champion other than Cena. I think his reign has been 3 years now. (Could you imagine that crap for real? My god!) Now, Morrison, Sheamus and CM Punk have all been Champion within the last couple weeks.

I'm nowhere near trying to base my one child's opinion on every other child's opinion but realistically, all it takes is just one to start the wheel. I'm not saying he's the one but, there will eventually be kids at the shows booing Cena. Then what would VKM do? When his cash cow is all dried out and no more can be squeezed from it, how will they handle the situation?

Cena's time is coming. One way or another either his career will be done or he'll turn heel. I cannot forsee him staying this same way for much more longer. We all know when he was in The Nexus that would have been the best heel turn in quite some time but, that was at the beginning of the Bullying campaign... BECAUSE of The Nexus, they had to show that THE 'E wouldn't stand for it. They did and effectively killed the generation of what could have been a huge monster.

Either way, as adults we've been tired of this for quite some time now and we've been frothing at the mouth for a change. I wonder if VKM even notices anything other than the dollar signs flashing when Cena walks?

Everyone knows that I am a mark for THE 'E and I will defend them on a lot of things. Personally, I've felt for the last month and a half, let alone the whole year, the quality has been there but apparently a lot of people feel differently.

I cannot defend THE 'E on this one though, in my personal opinion John Cena needs a change. I'm liking the direction of the actual company itself as I displayed in my last blog.

But based on the knowledge that my son, a huge Cena mark is yearning for something more when he's supposed to be the "demographic" they're aiming for now... how does this work into their plans? Will more kids start to feel this way? How much longer can they ride this current train until it falls off the tracks?

As usual, leave some comments and remarks. Let me know what you're feeling. And like always... see ya' soon!

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  1. kickass's Avatar
    my nephew used to love cena too n he got bored off him some time last year, it was when cena was being supercena and he said "is this all cena does anymore", i told him yes and he decided he liked TNA better. see WWE, a kid likes TNA better than you. i think its stupid people say that cena fans are stupid 10 year old kids, when most of the ten year old kids i know hate PG and want violent, action filled wrestling shows instead of talk talk talk supercena match
  2. BackDaFoosleUp's Avatar
    just another bitch writing a pointless ass blog
  3. alexrules01's Avatar
    Cena should turn full heel to fuel his match with The Rock
  4. dres1214's Avatar
    Good blog, I imagine that sometime in the future we'll get the heel change. It'll be as big as Hogan when he became a heel.
    @BackDaFoosleup if its a pointless blog why read it? why make a comment? Why even share your opinion about the blog if its pointless? What's pointless is you claiming someone else being a "bitch" for writing a blog. Maybe in the end, your the bitch.
  5. Bagg's Avatar
    Good blog, agreed. It's always nice to see when a kid turns around on what he's "supposed" to like, like when I was a kid and HATED Lex Luger. Well done RobKO, youve got yourself a future IWC'er in the making...he'll be writing about Cena some day too. The time they finally pull the plug and turn Super Cena heel, it will be too late and absolutley nobody will care. The whole key to this is getting those kids upset, seeing their destroyed faces (like that kid after Miz won the title), but if they all get of it and its mostly just screaming teen girls when it happens, wont be nearly as effective. They should do it and soon.
  6. jrsckilla23's Avatar
    GREAT BLOG, I was never a Cena fan since he debuted his wannabe Thug just didn't cut if for me, I'm from the ghetto was born and raised but never never wanted to act like a nigga, gangsta or thug. I had allot friends from different gangs that watched wrestling and they didn't even like Cena for being something he's not but what I'm trying to say is my lil nephew and my daughter which both of them are 7 years old don't like Cena for the fact that they say he just doesn't entertain me i rather watch spongebob or Family guy then Cena they told me this 2 years ago when they were 5 yrs old. Cena really needs to change his character cuz being himself in Wrestling Entertainment ain't cutting it anymore but Heel or Face still won't like Cena enough said cuz I've CENA NUFF
  7. Clikka's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BackDaFoosleUp
    just another bitch writing a pointless ass blog
    .................................Just another ignorant troll posting useless crap, Mate his blogs are gold, he has an opinion and he sticks to it. And can i ask how is he biitching?? in ANY sense? He has observed his son doing something, written his thoughts and asked for our opinion.....i hear no whinging crying or moaning, he even admits he is a WWE mark but cannot agree with whats happening....

    So before you troll to make yourself all high and mighty as you sit in your bedroom mum and daddy pay for, THINK. Your free to post whatever you want, just a tip....make sure what you write even relates to the above it makes you seem like the tool you most likley are......
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