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WWE: Tag Team Division - Relaunch

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The return of Battle Bowl: The Lethal Lottery
(Starrcade '91 & '92, Slamboree '96)

This WCW concept was excellent - the ending culmination was a disappointment.

What Worked: The Lethal Lottery concept placed 20+ wrestlers names into a spinning barrel and were drawn Randomly and On Air to make up unique Tag Teams. These Tag Teams would pit friend vs. friend and hated rivals together to strive to win and be entered into a Battle Royale for some stated prize. Thus the teams worked together to win for a shot at the big match.

What Didn't: In WCW's version there was a Battle Royale at the end of the night with all winning teams vying for a Title, Title Shot, or just bragging rights. No real new tag teams were created that lasted. The potential was there to really start some good storylines and it seemed to lose its fire. This is similar to the Original Survivor Series concept with an End Match that didn't live up to the hype of making the Ultimate Survivor.

An Idea: With the number of pending superstars un-used and potentially being let go soon re-ignite the Tag Team Division. Not to keep everyone but to see who can make it as a money drawing tag team.

Week 1: Raw! Set up storyline where the Tag Team Championship has been stripped / vacated.

Week 2: 3 Hour Raw! Announce the Lethal Lottery Tag Team Tournament to crown the new champions at the next large PPV. Live - Drawn participants from each show Raw! & Smackdown! will enter 16 stars each in their Own Brand Lottery to make potential tag teams. Teams are made on this RAW! for matches next week on Raw! And Smackdown! This gives ample time to hype the individual storylines and play up the matches.

Week 3: Raw! and Smackdown! 4 Tag Team matches each show pitting the 16 Stars from each Brand against their own. Create new storylines and heat based on the tag team mix.

Week 4: Raw! and Smackdown! 2 Tag Team matches each show pitting the 4 Brand specific remaining Tag Teams against their own. Continue heat and storylines.

Week 5: Raw! and Smackdown! 1 Tag Team match each show to determine the Brand competitors for the Tag Team Championship. The Locker room should be seen watching these matches and really getting behind the teams. When one wins there should be a celebration or show of support for the teams.

PPV: Raw! vs. Smackdown! two Tag Teams vying for the Tag Team Championship. Announced the belt will only be defended on the winning Brand’s show.

Why it will work: The Tag Team division needs a complete overhaul. By doing the Lethal Lottery you can really give mid carders your unsure of a chance to keep their pay checks. The buzz around the back should be cuts are looming thus increasing the desire for them to bring their best out.

Alternatives: Use only Mid Carders, use only NXT / FCW talent, use Stars with burnt out personas.

Let see some team ideas and why they would work? Or what storyline could develop.
Got a twist to this design, a way to make it really work?

Bring back Tag Team Wrestling - TNA has dominated with excellent matches and even the independent shows have thrived with tags, just look at ROH for one solid example. Why not WWE?

My best choice: Sheamus & Wade Barrett, this team would dominate the WWE if given the chance.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Marx's Avatar
    I would love to see something happening in the tag division, and would love to see Barrett & Sheamus.
  2. rya666's Avatar
    I world like to see Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger and call them Sinister Swagger

    Or Dolph Ziggler and Jakc Swagger and call them Swaggering Perfection

    Tyson Kidd and Ted DiBaise

    Wade Barrett and William Regal

    Yoshi Tatsu and bring back Tarjiri

    Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins

    Mason Ryan and Skip Shiffield with Matt Striker as their manger and talker kinda like mark henry and Big Daddy V

    Well thats just some of my ideas
  3. Asherdelampyr's Avatar
    I like this idea
    I want to see Mcintyre and Sheamus, - The Celtic Connection (especially if Mcyintire goes back to wrestling in a kilt, bringing in a bit more "traditional" scottish into it!

    Wade Barrett and william Regal would also be awesome, so I agree with Rya there!
  4. Enforcer23's Avatar
    i like it except the titles being defended on one show after that i like how the tag team titles are with being on both shows
  5. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Sorry but Vince & the E team dont care much for the tag division anymore & there isnt enough genuine stars to create any real interest
  6. midian's Avatar
    Sheamus + Mcintyre

    Zack Ryder + Curt Hawkins

    Eziekial Jackson + Vladamir Koslov back together

    DH Smith + Tyson Kidd back together

    Dolph Ziggler +Ted Dibiase (would say Cody,but I would push him to becoming I.C Champ)

    Tyler Reks + Trent Baretta

    With of course the recent teams in now like The Usos,New Nexus and The Corre (dunno what else to call Justin Gabriel + Heath Slater,but ya get what I'm saying.)
  7. Grungy's Avatar

    Sorry but Vince & the E team dont care much for the tag division anymore & there isnt enough genuine stars to create any real interest
    I agree that the WWE doesn't care for tag teams but to say the roster is weak in genuine stars is reaching.

    4 good tag teams can make a division - hell it took only Beer Money & Motor City Machine Guns to make TNA's tag team division excellent.

    Go with the ideas above - include managers to make the matches involve the fans more
    -- Sheamus & Mcintyre
    (manager Rowdy Roddy who stated he may want to take Mcintire under his wing)
    -- Barrett & Brodus Clay
    (manager Regal to feud with Roddy - Brodus is his bodygaurd)
    -- Eziekial & JTG
    (manager Booker T - he carries the respect from Harlem Heat into his endorsement)
    -- Ted Dibiase & "partner of the week"
    (manager "valet of the week") <keep switching eahc week till one clicks, lot of storylines here>

    These 4 teams plus - the Usos and The Great Kali angle group

    I think thats all you would need to run the division into a passionate fan base
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