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Wrestling Revolution! (CM Punk Inspired)

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Now im going to start off saying we all know by now that CM punks Work/Shoot has shaken up things in the wrestling community. That Promo on Raw last week was with out of doubt some of the best Television we have seen on a wrestling show in quite some time, and it was only a 6 min segment at the end of RAW.

Is there anyone out like me who is tired of the Bullshit that goes on in the major organizations today. Are you like me and feel like both WWE and TNA have turn there back on real wrestling fans. I am fed up With it all together.

Everything that is wrong.
1.Impact wrestling (wrestling matters), but there is never any wrestling on the program.
2. WWE not wrestling nor are there wrestlers just Sports entertainment and superstars.
3. Hulk hogan
4.Mark henry still has never won a world Championship?
5.Visionaries like Paul Heyman are not in wrestling anymore.
6. Storylines,Rivalries, the Product itself is a shame.
7. The Rock is headlining wrestlemana! (thanks CM punk)
8. world Titles have no meaning anymore.
9. Jr is gone.
10. (My favorite) Super CENA!

when is it enough. when will wrestling be back to how it used to be. Did what we see last Monday night a Change? Did CM punk single handling change the wrestling world? The wrestling Revolution?ROH is coming to National Television this fall and maybe the world will once again receive good Wrestling. Maybe WWE will change after this moment.

this is more of a rant then anything else but i would like to see if the IW community agrees or disagrees. comment on this and if there is something i forgot then post what pisses you off about todays wrestling, hell cant even call it wrestling anymore Sports Entertainment

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  1. Wrestling Rant's Avatar
    Agree with alot of what you said except:

    4. Why is mark Henry not being champ such a bad thing. There are so many other young talented superstars who are actually entertaining. Henry is so dull and has always been.

    7. There really is no pleasing everyone. The Rock was and is still fantastic. Hes so exciting to watch and brings up such nostalgic memories and I know all the old fans are extremely glad to have him back. The Cena/ Rock match has huge protentional, just enjoy the ride. Icon vs Icon.

    --Wrestling Rant
  2. Theiconsting's Avatar
    There is a lot of wrestling on impact & the matches arent watered down like in the E.
    Heyman isnt that special what did he do that is any different from Vince or easy e?
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    Disagree about #1, there is plenty of wrestling on Impact Wrestling. Like the idea of the contest they are holding to see who faces the champ after Sting rematch and Kurt Angle match.
  4. DM Tea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    There is a lot of wrestling on impact & the matches arent watered down like in the E.
    Heyman isnt that special what did he do that is any different from Vince or easy e?
    Oh my god, you're everywhere! What a piece of shit you are. No matter how good the wrestling to segment ratio is on Impact they're always going to find time to put Eric and Terry, the two biggest twats in the universe (besides you), on screen.
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    You know im not the biggest fan of the way the Rock treated professinal wrestling when he started his movie career, he treated it as a embarresing stepping stone.... I think the Rock sees how he was disrespectful to wrestling and kinda feels sorry for his actions... But make no mistake about it, Rock main eventing wrestlemania in one of the only dream matches left in wrestling and probably the biggest match in wrestling history, is the best choice you can make.

    Rock is a legend, he is young and healthy. He is the only legend that is young and still in shape, maybe in better shape than he has been in.

    Fact is, CM Punk cut a great promo one night, he had a great storyline, the right people backing him up. But fact is fact, CM Punk had no impact on the ratings.... Tv ratings were the exact same, PPV buys had a very small increase, not enough to even aattribute to Punks work prior to the PPV.

    The Rock made the ratings spike by a huge diffrence, Wrestlemania buy rates were threw the roof... So yes the Rock main eventing wrestlemania is the best decsission all the way around.
    Updated 09-15-2011 at 05:30 PM by THE_CRIPPLER

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