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Why the hate for the Rock?

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Im not sure why but everyone seems to be hating on the rock lately. As a rocky fan I cant understand the reason for it

Cena I think is just saying stuff to promote the match and his interviews that provoked the rock as mentioned by rocky when he returned were done at the insistence of Vince in order to get what we now have the rock back in wwe.

I mean dont get me wrong we all know the man isnt going to stick around we knew it when he said it that it wasnt true but what else was he meant to say 'hey im back but ill be gone after mania' and get booe'd outta the building?

Randy orton said in a recent radio interview that the rock tried to get him in trouble with vince and who knows maybe he did but randy is not one to talk as in the same interview he threw so many of his co-workers under a bus im surprised 'Greyhound' didnt sponsor it, and lets not forget how he's buried Kofi for botching a move and Ken kennedy getn fired as well. not hating on randy just pointing out that he's in no position to pontify on the issue

punks shot at dwayne being in the main event at mania couldve been part of the whole work but its an issue that a lot of wrestlers seem to have a gripe with. The guys been gone seven years and he's in the main event, these are the same superstars who would complain that the rock is taking all their air time before wrestlemania 27

if the rock had stayed and remained in wwe he wouldve gotten stale like cena has not doubting the rocks ability but you can have too much of a good thing. the guy went out on top after putting over brock lesnar, and made sporadic appearances for a period of time after that.

stone cold left also around the same time but because he hadnt made movies or enjoy the success in movies as he currently does, he wasnt hated and rightfully so cause if any1 tried to hate on austin a can of whoop ass would have their name on it 'and thats all i got to say about that'. but the rock is hated as a sell out cause he left before he got too old and started to bore us and he's hated because he was successfull after wrestling. which is so childish to hate someone because they didnt end up having to stay wrestling cause they know nothong else like flair has to, . Id hate him if he stayed and became washed up and therefore ruin his legacy

I just cant see the logic in hating the rock for finding success after wrestling and leaving before he stank the joint up, and open up a spot for others, would cena have become such a huge face if the rock had stayed no cos the rock wouldve had that spot. much like hogan stopped a lot of guys from getting their shot in wcw not just through all the politics but the fact they had him there and a spot wasnt available. plus the rock doesnt work in a pg environment which meant the wwe wouldve parted ways with him or changed him from what we know and love so im glad he left when he did much like im glad he EVENTUALLY came back but I dont understand the guys who hate him

what do you guys think is it right to hate the rock and im just too much of a rocky mark to accept it or is the guy a sell out?? leave positive and negative comments

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  1. maar13's Avatar
    Well look, The wrestling business is a cut throat business and everyone knows it.

    The new generation of wrestlers are resentful with the Rock, not because he left, but because he is back and is taking his spot back, spot that all of them want and when they saw it closer, he comes back and just take it like that.

    Orton, while being very over, has been shafted in the last 2 Wrestlemanias to mid-card at best. Cena has been on top on both occasions but this year the whole event was kind of over shadowed by The Rock.

    The numbers might have been big but as someone working there you can see some wrestlers were resentful about it, Orton has been the most vocal of them, and he is John's friend in and out of the show.

    So some of them might be resentful because in their view, it's their spot the one he is taking.

    The hate by the fans, I don't really know, most of people now are against the Atittude Era so they resent The Rock over someone from this era like John Cena, because of the Cheap propaganda mentioned before that "I am here every week, he is not".

    Austin at some point was resented too during 2003 because even when he was not wrestling he was beating everyone with no real repercussion.

    The good thing is the guy has come back here and there and when he has done it, he has helped the company a lot. This year might seem like didn't do much but with the plans for next year he will in the long run.
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