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#3: Guns don't kill people, water bottles do.

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I've wanted to post this for ages now but keep forgetting to get around to it, then I forgot what I wanted to name it so I'm just going to settle on this.

There are also spoilers lower down in this blog. I'll be sure to try and point them out for anyone reading that doesn't want to know any.

For anyone whose read the two other blog entries before (#1 is here and #2 is here, if you're interested), you may recall my distaste for both the TNA product as a whole, and WWE's current product (although stressed that I DO watch WWE and still enjoy watching it). Due to recent events surrounding a particular WWE superstar I thought I'd amend this blog (as it was to focus on ECW and the failed ECW brand, along with WWE's, but I'll push that down the line somewhat).

Everybody will know that the particular superstar I'm referring too is obviously CM Punk and his recent shoot live on Raw last week. Since then I've seen rumours flying round everywhere, and a lot of people coming under the impression that CM Punk's shoot wasn't actually meant to happen. But of course, it was. People would be stupid to assume that anyone would be able to walk down the ramp, pick up a microphone, walk back up the ramp, sit down, and proceed to shoot on the business live on it's flagship show without someone saying "what's he doing?" The fact that *SPOILER* CM Punk's WWE title shot has already been re-instated because of John Cena on next weeks Raw more than confirms that it's a storyline.

But, y'know, this was probably the single best thing that's come on WWE programming for years. I've always thought CM Punk had a lot of talent, and I've always thought he was one of the very few talents that either WWE or TNA have on their roster that could make a genuine difference in the company. Paul Heyman saw it when he was drafted onto the failed ECW Brand a few years ago, but since winning the ECW Title, and eventually the World Heavyweight Championship he hasn't exactly been utilized, even though he has bags of talent.

So it begs the question: "Why even let CM Punk cut that promo in the first place?

Now, I know Vince is a very smart businessman, but I don't believe he would simply let CM Punk let off that kind of steam live on TV without a hidden agenda, and I think the answer may lie in recent activity in ROH, which was even brought up by CM Punk during his promo (coincidently, including using ROH's recent PPV name "Best in the World" several times). Now, most people know that way back when Vince helped out the guys from ECW get some mainstream exposure and effectively help their talent be shown. Even some ECW style matches were played out live on Raw (this, I think, is where I had my first taste of ECW).

So how will it play out? Well, I've got a small feeling they'll put the title on CM Punk and keep him under a contract that stipulates that he can wrestle outside of WWE and "defend" the title elsewhere. It's happened before. Taz went to ECW to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship while still under contract from WWE, and he subsequently wrestled HHH on Smackdown the week after while holding the ECW title, so I don't think letting CM Punk take the WWE Title elsewhere is completely out of the question.

Now, to what CM Punk said to Cena directly. For those who, for some reason, haven't watched CM Punk's promo, Punk told Cena that he "hates the idea of him being the best." I cannot agree more with this statement. The sheer thought that Cena is the best in WWE makes me not want to watch it. He has bland matches, with even worse promo's and wrestling skills. I've seen an elderly monkey with Alzheimer's that could move better than Cena. Probably had more talent too. The thing that grates me (especially after pigging out on old WWF video's today), is that a match back in and around the attitude era could end in any way. Big names would loose in big events, and possibly in ways you wouldn't expect, like a roll up. Hardly any of this happens to Cena, and amazingly in comparison, it hardly ever happened to Hogan too.

The whole Cena-Rock at next years Wrestlemania sort of told me that WWE have already decided that Cena was going to be Champion going in to Wrestlemania. Why would anybody say they'll defend a title a year away? It's ridiculous. The Rock had his day, and even now he's amazing, I highly doubt he could hold up in the ring like he used too, but his mic skills are still top notch. Better than CM Punk? Questionable.

To me, Punk is an all-rounder, and a very good one at that. I won't go on about the countless Cena/Hogan comparisons because it's been bled to death already.

What I will say is, I really hope there is some bigger picture behind this. I don't watch ROH, but I never watched ECW until WWE got involved. So I really hope Vince has the business ethic to be able to capitalize on the buzz surrounding Punk and bring him to the main stage. I really believe Punk will win the WWE title at MitB. Hopefully in a clean win match, and not a screwjob type.

I think Vince has a chance to build a relationship with ROH because they do produce talent, and ultimately that is what Vince is after. He doesn't see them as competition, certainly not to the (low) level as TNA. Given the fact that WWE still is the main stage of competition, talent from ROH will flock to WWE as soon as a contract is offered and that's why I think CM Punk won't be gone for long (if he truly is out of contract), exposure. But, given the fact ROH now has a contract for a TV show, and thus exposure, they could eventually become competition. I've seen some of ROH and it reminded me of old, actual wrestling and I enjoyed it. I'd certainly watch ROH if we get it in England, as long as they don't take the TNA path (which is similar to the Hindenburg path).

I'll end on this as I'm running out of time. Vince has a great chance to create a working relationship with ROH, give them exposure, promote their new show etcetc. He also has a much better chance of doing that if say, the WWE Champion was apart of the roster, I'm sure that would bring in ratings. WWE also have a chance to capitalize on Punk's promo and change the overall business of WWE. Perhaps shy it away slightly from the PG-13 it's currently promoting. And lastly, Punk has the greatest chance now to make something of his career. The promo was one of the best I've seen, ever, and it shows exactly what he can do with a microphone. Hopefully, someone will see this. Hopefully, that person won't be Hulk Hogan.

I'll try and do #4 about my thoughts on ECW, but at this rate something more controversial will happen and I'll end up pushing it back.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    While I agree with you on a lot of points, including him bringing ROH wrestlers in and having his stars (CM Punk, and other ROH talents in the E' there too), I also agree Cena's character is bland, but I respect the guy, he does what he's told to do every night, get's in that ring a wrestles even while injured (which prolly explains why he has been pulling the "Beat down to come back" even more lately), which will prolly allow them to turn this CM Punk thing into something controversial, have Cena take some time off, come back and win the WWE title, and defend the title at wrestlemania.

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