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Is CM Punk "Poster Boy Material"?

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I'm sure many people are still hyped from Punk's promo that he had cut on this past Monday Night RAW. Now that Punk has broken through with this promo, this gives CM Punk fans more incentive to say "he's the best and should be the poster boy of the WWE". But what does it take to be a poster boy of the WWE? And is CM Punk really "WWE Poster Boy Material"?

In my opinion, I believe that a WWE poster boy has to have a wide and vast number of fans backing him up, he's usually a face, and has to present the right message to captivate the WWE fans. In this era of WWE, which is known as the PG Era, CM Punk is not cut out to be "WWE Poster Boy Material". My reason for saying this is because he is far too different from the WWE PG-Era. The WWE is now targeted for kids around the age group of 5-13. Superstars like John Cena and Randy Orton are perfect candidates for PG-Era poster boys. Both superstars are one dimensional characters and if your audience is 5-13 year olds, more than likely, that's all they can really understand. CM Punk isn't a "superstar". The truth is, CM Punk is a "Wrestler". CM Punk is far different from Cena and Orton and for Punk to even want to be considered as a WWE Poster-boy makes no sense to me when he can be destined for so much more. CM Punk should be striving to be the "ROH Poster-boy" or the "TNA Poster-boy". CM Punk is a wrestler and WWE dissociates itself from what they use to be, a pure wrestling company. CM Punk and the WWE are two opposite entities. WWE stands for entertainment while CM Punk stands for wrestling.

Since WWE is filled with a younger audience like children or pre-teens, most of them won't understand or even take the time to understand CM Punk's gimmick or his promos. It's just not really appealing to them. CM Punk appeals to the older generation of wrestling fans or the teenagers or adults. Why? Because we can understand CM Punk. He is intelligent and he can challenge our minds (like how he did this Monday Night RAW with his promo). This is why CM Punk will never be a top guy in the WWE since WWE is PG and Punk is more hardcore and intelligent to the point where the WWE Universe (Children) will never get it. I believe that CM Punk could always cut great promos like the one he cut last Monday, but he was just restrained from doing so for the entire time he was there in the WWE. Which is why CM Punk needs to go to ROH or TNA where there are no restrictions from him being himself.

I just hope more Indy wrestlers begin to realize that WWE is not there home. Indy wrestlers belong in ROH. I could say TNA but they might end up having another old wrestler being their world champ. ROH is filled with many opportunities and its for "wrestlers", not "superstars". I hope Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Evan Bourne, and Tyler Black end up back in ROH. That's they're calling.


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  1. mrcashjeans's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheVipersCenation
    CM Punk is not the best, and never will be.. We all know Jericho, Shawn Micheals, and most of the classic wrestlers are better.
    Well, Shawn Michaels, Jericho and the other classic wrestlers are inactive so rephrase your point. Who active is better than Punk all around? God help you if you say Cena or Orton.
  2. maar13's Avatar
    PG-Era or not, CM Punk can be a poster boy, you could say he was not a very good face, but I think with the right time and the right way to promote Punk he would have been a great face, the guy is good on the microphone and his wrestling style is well rounded.

    Everyone was cheering for him when they tough he was going face Edge for the WHC, given the time he probably would have even received more cheers than Jeff Hardy have the WWE not decided to played like they did.

    Even the Straight Edge life style is a positive message when not pushed as someone being superior to the rest but as an alternative.
  3. VKM's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nrb6304
    I agree with some points, BUT i'd say you're wrong. I think CM Punk COULD be more of a poster boy for WWE if they turned him into a face, a full fledged face who promotes his sXe lifestyle. His "I don't do drugs, I don't drink, I don't take pills etc." could be as big as Hogans "Take your vitiams, say your prayers, train."
    The problem with that is that "I don't do drugs, I don't drinkk, I don't take pills etc" should be for teenagers instead of WWE's PG audience. You have to remember that most of WWE's audience is too young to be given the speech of "Don't do drugs"
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