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Randy orton too big for his boots?

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This is my first blog so if i make mistakes (which is very likely) dont be too hard on me. I am not a hater of randy or a fan in fact im not really affected by him either way be it face or heel which is a poor reflection on the guy as the one thing a 'superstar'should strive towards is a reaction be it negative or positive such as john cena...he gets both at the same time funnily enough, zack ryder then is a better example of a guy who went out and created his own reaction when wwe wouldnt push him.

the thing is with randy orton is that he never wanted to be a wwe 'superstar' (wrestler is a dirty word now) he admits himself that he got into it because of his father being able to get his foot in the door of the wwe after a bad spell he had with the marine corps. im not sure on this but apparantly he went awol etc someone with info on this would be better placed to elaborate on this. so he turned to wwe as a second choice and there is nothing wrong with that after all some of the greatest have done the same such as Goldberg after a football career cut short, the rock after his time with the miami hurricanes and numerous others for whom wwe was not there first calling. so heres my point the good and bad of randy orton weighed against the actions of the guy as a person and the question of him being too big for his boots for the level of success he has.

the good of orton is he is a great heel when he puts the effort in, his legend killer run was great and interesting and had legs as wwe were bringing back legends to be fed to him, which allowed us to also see some of our favourites again and hate him for beating em up, his run with evolution was good also, however his most effective heel run was when he went against hhh at wm25. he was punting vkm beatn up all the mcmahons including steph, just good work overall as you really wanted him to get his ass kicked.

as a face orton to me and maybe its just me but i believe im not alone here has always made me cringe, the man has no connection with the crowd you dont really cheer for him in the same way as you would a proper face because he doesnt fit as a face, hes too robotic with no emotion, which suits a badass heel of i dont care have no remorse kinda thing but the audience cant connect with a face whom they believe doesnt give a shit what he does. some of ortons best work has been with christian but i believe that is down to the better work of captain carisma, with better promo's than orton, and the better in ring performance,

the behaviour of orton is something that i believe is what stops him from getting over in a meaningful way by that i meant that if he didnt have the machince of wwe pushing him the audince wouldnt give a damn about him, ok maybe in the sense that oh its cowboy bob ortons son let see how this goes. the man is known too have done drugs which is what kept him from rising in his early career, not judging the man for that being offended by drugs in wrestling is like writing a letter of complaint because csi had a murder in the episode, but the maturity of a man who is also known too have pissed in the bags of the diva's (confirmed by torrie wilson) is questionable. the man recently was rude to reporters at an airport when asked about chris jericho and shane helms being arrested. nothing wrong with that until he learned they were from tmz and would therefore mainstream media coverage and not just locals or iwc and he changed his tune he was sweetness and light 'you guys take care' was how he ended the interview.

quite recently he gave a radio interview in which he refered to the rock as trying to get him in trouble with vkm, maybe this is true, however to do the childish thing of john cena's better than the rock anyway is bs, he said he didnt buy it when the rock said hed never leave OMG cause everyone of us did, we just enjoyed the rock when he was there and glad we knew he would be back at intervals for wm28, if he was at every raw orton and the others who trash him for leaving would say hes taking their air time etc as they do over wm28, John cena better mic skills than the rock really? really? really? he must still be on drugs if he thinks that, maybe he does have better mic skills but weve never seen em, he then went on to say kelly kelly has 'Method acted' aka boom chicka wha wha(mature ino) with at least 10 other wrestlers, so what those lucky sob's id give my left nut for that, he said the 2 actresses who played his wife were awful and reiterated it several times, so what their roles were to scream at hhh or punk the wwe isnt going to hire jessica alba for that.he mentioned his concusion again well done to wrestle with one but hhh wrestled with a torn quad, miz at wm with the same, stone cold broke his neck, mick foley got up and finished the most awesome hiac match ever, but i keep hearing about randys concussion. the guy is an asshole in my opinion but that does not detract from his ability i just wish he would focus more on improving his matches and promo's and realise his potential rather than gettin himself ino awkward situations

anyway leave your comments negative or positive or mixed, what do ye think has he gotten too big for his boots or have i been too hard on the guy??

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  1. maar13's Avatar
    The guys is not bad as a Face-Anti Heel...what ever you wan to call him, he is a good guy.

    He has changed his methods a little to adapt them to his new ways but remains the same character that was the leader of Legacy just with a tendency to get to a more friendly approach to people, which is not completely bad.

    On the interview, the think is Orton is still young and I think is hard for him to completely change fro the brat he was rumored to be back stage back in the day. Also, I think he is frustrated not with how people reacts towards him, but with the entire situation he is in, he is pretty much honest about it in the end by saying he is the guy the go to the least for life advice. Also in part he should think he is fire proof since after all the crap he did and all the bs, he is still with the company has been only suspended once and not even in regard withe Wellness policy.

    I am not completely defending the guy, but can understand where he comes from in the interview and trough his career, his comments on John and the Rock are very subjective, just like everyone else.
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