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My Report from a TNA live event!!!

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Hello folks, I am just getting the chance to write about the Impact Wrestling event I went to last Saturday from Troy Ohio{6-25-11} here is the match listing and results
Jermey Buck vs Max Buck vs Alex Shelly vs Robbie E with Cookie...Alex Shelly wins
Mickie James vs Madyson Rane....Mickie James wins
Abyss vs Kazarion for X division title....Abyss wins
Beer Money vs the Pope and Devon...Beer Money wins
Jeff Jarrett vs Crimson...Crimson wins
A.J. Styles vs Gunner....A.J. wins
Mr. Anderson vs Kurt Angle {non title}....Angle wins

I bought the 50 dollar tickets, so that allowed for me and my group to attend a meet and greet one hour before the show. It basically was an autograph session, good times.
Pope came out and announced that he was only signing autograph's if he was thanked in advanced. So he asked for NO-One to ask him for an Autograph, just say Thank You. was so funny because my dude RSmith didn't hear him and he asked for an autograph, and Pope shot him down, hahaha. when Pope came out to perform we started chanting Thank You Pope! Thank You Pope! Thank You Pope! He gave his glasses to some white chick but he made her kiss him for the glasses and when she did we started chanting Pope Is Pimpin! Pope Is Pimpin! Pope Is Pimpin! When he was on the ring apron he asked someone for some gum and my dude JT threw him his pack and he threw it back and every piece went every where. we Chanted Tag In Pope! Tag In Pope! Tag In Pope! He got hit with the Wussssup after the match and as he left ring side he looked at us and said Thank You, we snapped a picture of him as he was saying it. Pope was cool.
A.j. Style's acted like he didn't want to be there
Devon was very nice and he appreciated all his fan's
Alex Shelly was very down to earth, he talked to us a little bit, My dude RSmith is a big MCMGs fan and he had a MCMGs shirt on, and when Alex Shelly came out to perform he pointed at RSmith and said thanks for the money in his pocket. haha..he also said that Chirs Sabin is pretty depressed and that his leg was F'd up.
Gunner was cool, I asked him if he was the future, and he said I hope so man.
Crimson was nice, my dude's told him he was the future and he seemed to appreciate the comment.
Generation Me was both cool dude's, i told Jermey Buck how awesome they are to watch.
Mickie James was looking hott, I got my picture taken with her, I wore sun glasses in the arena {like a d-bag} and she said nice shade's and when I put my arm around her she sniffed my shirt cuz i had some cologne on. I told her IMO she was one of the top 3 best women's wrestler's of all time under Alundra Blaze and Terra {Victoria}....She seemed to appreciate the comment.
Kurt Angle was awesome as usual, i told him good luck with the whole Olympic thing, and that I thought he was truly one of the best talents in wrestling history.
Mr. Anderson was the only superstar to stay in character the whole time, he was awesome, he came out and said i cant wait till about a half hour so i can finish this match take a shower and leave this crappy town. cracked me up.
Jarrett signed autograph's after the show and i asked him if he ever was going to have one last run with the world title he aid you never know, I said he need's at least one more run at the top. at least one!
Earl Hebner was announced before the Knockout's match, and when he made his way down to the ring I started a You Screwed Bret! Chant and it kinda faded out before he got down to where we was, so I yelled YOU SCREWED BRET!! as he walked by and he stopped and turned around and gave me the dirtiest look ever, lol....then he get's in the ring and put's a pair of pink sun glasses on and started mocking Bret Hart!!! needless to say he got a loud BOOOO!!! from me, haha....I took my shade's off at the end of the show so he wouldnt recognize me....{hey, I wanted an autograph,haha}
Madyson Rane asked me If I could see with those shade's on, and I told her yes of course, She asked if i ware them everywhere and I said yea I even ware them to laughed.

I ended up walking out with everyone's autograph except Crimson's or Jermey Borash....I counted 21 total Autographs.... so not to shabby....I must add that this event was one of the most fun wrestling experiences Ive ever had, the superstar's were very interactive and seemed to enjoy the fan's appreciation. I posted Some picture's from the event on my profile...check them out and leave some comments!!!

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  1. Asherdelampyr's Avatar
    Good to hear, I am going to a live event later this month and this article just makes me more excited for it!
  2. KingOrton's Avatar
    That sounds absolutely great. I gained a bit of respect for TNA because of this. But I dont have alot of respect as ive heard TNA doesnt treat their wrestlers right yet their wrestlers treat their fans right.
  3. DeadlyExtremeXvX's Avatar
    I've been to a TNA live event this past year, I got a brown bag special.
  4. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    All that.. for $50 tickets.. aww hell its on next time they come here..

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