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CM Punk is a D-Bag!!!!!

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Well Punk's Raw rant was probably the single most shocking thing I've ever seen, it was something I hit rewind on and watched again....My thing is, {and i know that anyone reading this along with the rest of the IWC will hate me for saying this} I found it disgusting, unprofessional, and i dont think there is any room for that in wrestling, especially not the WWE. {even if it was a work} If i wanted to watch a shoot "Promo" ill go you tube Matt Hardy's stupid tirade's, and I doubt you will ever see me do that. If its not a work I cant believe Vince let that go on, and if It was part of the show, I cant believe Vince let him say all that. If Vince told him to go out there and say what ever he wanted, then IMO it was a bad judgment call by the company.

Now I know Stone Cold and Good 'ol' J.R. gave him props along with everyone in the "WWE universe" on a great "Promo", but i have a hard time even calling that a promo, it was just real talk from a bitter talent. That is not why I watch or Love wrestling, because at the end of the day, I dont really care what goes on behind the stage. {even though I do get the scoops on the internet, and its cool reading about my favorite wrestler's lives and what not} I love the wrestling product, I love seeing , and wondering what's going to happen next, so I dont care about the stupid backstage drama, just as long as im entertained. For CM Punk to bring that stuff to the general public's eye is appalling, now every half butt wrestling fan is going to think they understand what really goes on back there, and to tell you the truth not even us real wrestling fans do, and never will.
To be honest I've never even liked Cm Punk, I mean I realize he is talented in the ring and he can talk the talk, but I truthfully cant stand anything he does and I never have been able to. I hate the boot's he wears, he has horrible physical attributes, stupid tattoo's, IMO, I think his whole straight edge shtick is retarded also, and yea he can talk the talk but not in proper wrestling format because he try's to be 'too Real' and that's not what fits in a Real wrestling company like the WWE- that stuff belongs in a ECW or a ROH, but defiantly not a PG rated WWE. His Cultest gimmick is offensive, because he make's religion and Jesus out to be a joke, {and in that he brainwashes an entire generation of fan's into thinking that religion is a joke} like I said before, his body type make's him look like a regular person {not a pro wrestler} because he isn't muscular and he isn't big {as in fat} and he isn't even cut {no 6 pack, no definition}. Maybe it isn't the fact that he doesn't kiss enough butt that make's him un-noticed {or whatever} but maybe it is half the stuff i just wrote that holds him back. I have never been able to look at him as a "Big Star" and if I cant see him that way, even after I read about how the entire IWC is hanging on the end of his wrestling tights, and after all his accolades { world titles, mitb wins, and great matches} then why should Vince McMahon or "John Laurnitus" or his "Idiotic Daughter" or his "Duffus Son-in-Law".... dont get me wrong I hate the idea of a lack of backstage brown nosing being the reason some great or potential great superstars not getting their chance to "shine", but that is none of our business, unless we make it our business {by book reading, or web searching}... so that is why Punk's so called "Promo" kinda get's under my skin, and for people to praise a guy for not doing his job properly or for trying to kill what make's wrestling "wrestling" kinda bug's me too.

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  1. ut11smithcor's Avatar
    Your an idiot. That is all.
  2. KingOrton's Avatar
    Is this Jackie from WZR Radio? But in all seriousness, this blog had very little intellect too it. How was this unprofessional? If anything is unprofessional it is this blog. CM Punk didn`t just start bitching for no reason. He had reason too and he delivered his `bitching`to us in a very logical and professional way. All the comments about this not belonging in PG WWE were wrong cause the only thing in his rant that was unPG was `Douchebag`. Before you go spewing your words online maybe think about it first.
  3. Parallax's Avatar
    Bwa ha ha ha!!!! You are so caught up in hating the man, that you don't realize that CM Punk has you completely worked. You hate him and were offended by him because he's doing his job "properly". Also, being big and/or muscular is not the prototypical look for a wrestler. That's just what Vince McMahon prefers. And you've clearly bought into that philosophy and therefore have been worked by Vince as well.

    BTW, you DO care about goes on backstage. That's why you come to sites like this. You're working yourself there.

    Normally I wouldn't use the term "mark" in a derogatory fashion, because I don't consider it to be a dirty word like some do, but you are one hilariously ignorant mark. You are getting worked so badly that you can't even see it.
  4. 6maximum6carnage6's Avatar
    so let me get this straight, cm punk doesn't belong in wwe to you....because of his look? sorry, i forgot that being the best rounded wrestler on the current roster isn't a good enough reason to be in wwe nowdays. and to say that a shoot promo doesn't belong in wrestling?? i dont even know what atmosphere let alone galaxy your even comming from on that one. heres a quote from you "now every half butt wrestling fan is going to think they understand what really goes on back there, and to tell you the truth not even us real wrestling fans do, and never will." ... so where is the problem then? if none of us understand anyway, then whats so wrong with the casual fans thinking they understand? what makes you better then them? and you say that cm punk is brainwashing kids to make religion a joke. how? by playing a character that brainwashes kids to do what.... not take drugs??? are you just bitching, simply because you want to bitch? how did cm punk really offend you enough to feel "disgusted" watching a wrestling show that used to specialize in sex, violence & profanity? dude, get real
  5. HolyJose2391's Avatar
    WWE and Wrestling don't go together just throwing that out there
  6. TSD's Avatar
    Get A clue as if Vince did not know what was going on. I believe it is the start of the non PG era. WWE know that PG is not working and are about to change it up
  7. FaceOfSpades's Avatar
    Damn ur catching alotta flack. Punk IS a douche in real life, but he's the type of douche people only wish to be. I'm not gonna call u names but I do disagree, even tho I feel where u comin from, I still have to disagree, especially on his look. At least he can kick ass off screen. In fact the only person I feel he can't beat is yoshi tatsu (aside from khali, big show, kane and taker).
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