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More praise for Punk.....eventually.

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CM Punk. Take a bow!
I have been a WWE fan since it was introduced to me in England back when I was 8 which was 9 years ago now, unfortunate for me as I missed the best of the attitude era.
Growing up I never surrounded myself with the politics thats goes with the different wrestling brands, in fact its only in the last 6 months I took any notice to the IWC.

I watched WWE to be entertained, to be in awe, to get a buzz unlike no other I have witnessed to date. The moments when, as a ten year old Benoit fan, I get a lump in my thoat because Randy Orton has just RKO'd Benoit out of a World Championship and then the pride I feel when they shake hands afterwards.

Now as a youngster I got a lot of those moments on a regular basis but once you grow up and start to take in whats going on and it dawns on you that those memorable moments just dont happen as much any more. Yes. The odd thing happens such as Edge coming back at the rumble and hearing his music kick is undescribable but these events are few and far between.
This caused me to take 2 breaks from WWE, not entirely as I still needed to know what was going on from time to time, but I felt that the passion for me was'nt there.

NOW! On one of my frequent delves back into the WWE universes I come across an article telling me what happened on the Raw the previous night, as I'm reading I come across CM Punks promo and I think that someone has written this as an opinion on what should of happened or that for some reason it happened off air.
I go to Youtube and there it is, the best promo I have ever seen.
People will obviously say that I'm of a PG generation and that this used to happen all the time which maybe so, but, I have viewed this clip over and over and I just don't tire of it. I take it all in, his expression, his emotion, his attention to detail.
It's obvious this was staged and why anyone would question this is beyond me personally, but to make you believe that it could be real. That means you are a special talent. So Phil while you sit at home, hopefully basking of the glory of what you have produced, please can you pat yourself on the back because you are an absolute gem.
Sorry for wasting your time but this hit a nerve...........

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  1. FaceOfSpades's Avatar
    I liked it a lot. Surprisingly it was on and even they portrayed it as real. 2 things though 1-I don't like about it is people act like no one could have delivered a promo as scathing as punk did. He did excellent but pass almost any one of those superstars in the back that script and it could have been delivered ALMOST as good, but the effect would be the same. 2-Punk is pretty much established. Something smaller could have catapulted him to the ranks he's in now thanks to that promo. That promo would have been more appropriate for a heel turn or to bring a superstar who is actually held back into the spotlight. Punk nailed it, but a DB heel turn or a drew mcintyre come up with that promo would probably have had a BIGGER result. Hopefully this type of promo will be used again for one of the two I mentioned. Otherwise, punk did incredible.
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    Not anyone could deliver a speech that good. Maybe in the attitude era they did it all the time. The attitude era is over with and there is very few stars left from it. That promo showed why he is one of the best today, it wasn't scripted. The writers were in the dark about it. Only the McMahons knew about it.
  3. FaceOfSpades's Avatar
    If mcmahon knew about it then it was scripted. Not written, but still scripted. Let's say you worked for wwe. You bust your ass and you're not utilized or in punk's case under-utilized. You're the top tier all around and you know it. Mcmahon sees the contract signing thing as an opportunity for you and says "go almost all out. Give a career changing worked shoot." You wouldn't be able to lash out convincingly? Your career at that moment depends on the most natural of emotions- anger. If it was me I would have killed em. Maybe not on punks level, maybe even better than him. Great job, I appreciate the moment and I'm def. A punk fan, it was impressive but considering the realness behind it, it was easy.

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