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About WWE new era

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The recent events on CM Punk and the so called new era in the WWE hashad me thinking about how WWE's new point of view about sports entertainment. I think that the fact is that nowadays WWE is trying, and succesfully did it, to capture little kids to follow wrestling, since they already had teenagers and adults all they needed was to drawn little kids atenttion in order to fully hoard all people in general and that's the main reason why WWE has turned PG.

On the other hand, true WWE fans refuse to stop watching the show why? because let's face it, RAW and SD are TV shows that truly entertain, in my humble opinion TNA's Impact is as boring as watching Mr. T's new grill or toater or whatever he was promoting; I think TNA's lack of talent is only match to the same old wrestling that most of the wrestlers there have, and let's talk about people like Bubba Ray, D-Von, Mr. Anderson, Victoria, Mickie James, etc etc, those guys were fired from WWE because they didn't have what it takes to be a huge superstar and I honestly believe that Kurt Angle and Sting are the only true talent in that company and don't get me started with the whole Hardy Bros and friends "talent", let's just say they good to me high.

Don't get me wrong attacking TNA does not mean I totally agree with WWE policies; WWE has made some incredible bad decisions, for example and the most recent one, CM Punk's case, you have a great guy who can wrestle and make an amazing match, any type of match and what happens: HE GETS NOTHING! just like John Morrison and Sheamus, those two guys are an amazing talent and WWE has decided to ignore them and concentrate everything in Cena and Orton, Orton and Christian deserve the spotlight but Cena? c'mon guys he's nothing but a bad wrestler red neck & ass kisser just like Hulk Hogan was and just like Hogan, WWE has stablish Cena as the american hero and sorry if I ofend any american or even the USA but that angle in particular is the most enormous piece of crap I've ever heard, I thought WWE had passed all that shit already once Hogan was out and thanks to the Attitude Era, WWE had become what most of us fans really want from them: TRUE WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT!!

So, to finalize this I just wanted to let eveyone know that WWE is wasting some great talent talking about CM Punk, John Morrison, Sheamus and of course Christian, Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara, I think those guys are the future of the company and the WWE must realize this quickly before they decide to take their future some place else just like Punk is gonna do. I honestly want the Attitude Era back I miss Bloody Cage or Hell in a Cell matches, Buried Alive and First Blood bouts and of course Ironman and Last Man Standing gruelsome fights! Let's all hope WWE realizes that if they don't do something quick fans will start to change the channel to stupid TV Shows like The Simpsons or worse...

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. KingOrton's Avatar
    Dont hate Cena, but dont like Cena... Cena hate is OVERRATED!
  2. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    I mean, you act as if Cena want's this gimmick, I'm sure he himself would love to do more then 5 moves, and the only reason he has been taking a beating and fighting back in 5 moves lately is because of his nagging injuries, I'd tell Vince to F Off if he wanted me to work injured like that.

    Also, F the Attitude Era, I rather see the wrestlers healthy doing what they love then being in a car wreck match blading all over the arena, a bunch of selfish "I want to see this.." fans you are... you don't even care about the wrestlers do you, and I see your another "CM Punk is soooo good" IWC ass kisser.
  3. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    I agree with most if not all of the points you made, especially the 'wasting talent' paragraph at the end. the problem is that we do not know and will never know all of what goes on backstage. I read on this site today that Wade Barrett took his 12th straight loss on SD! -- this time last year he was leader of The Nexus and we were all buzzing about how, if used correctly, he would be one of the best heels for a long time.
    WWE is about story-telling, but changing storylines and demoting wrestlers (Superstars) so quickly is insulting to them and the audience. it's like they think we just forget storylines that happened over 3 months ago

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