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If I Was Vince McMahon....

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We all know the wrestling world is buzzing after CM Punks brilliant worked shoot to close out RAW. It was edgy, it was personal and it was damn real, but what does it mean and why was it done? Between 7 second delays and censor beeps and cutting out the mic (which was done perfectly may I add) most people know this is all an angle cause Vince simply wouldnt allow it to air if it was real. Other talents have been wasted and lamented publicly, while still under contract and on TV and Vince has always given them his best wishes in their future endeavors, why would he allow Punk not only the freedom to "shoot", but allow the severity and the name dropping that he did?

Here is my take and Ive already been told its a crazy idea but I am going to propose it to the lot of you. (Keep in mind, i am an educated fan and just throwing out a hypothetical scenerio)

Vince and Sinclair Group (Ring of Honor) have some kind of working arrangement.

Here are my reasons. I would consider Vince McMahon to be VERY aware of the wrestling business and world around him, and would find it impossible to believe that he isnt aware that the name of ROHS ippv this past Sunday was called "Best In The World". That being said, Punk name dropped it twice in the last week (yes he called himself Best In The World {BITW from here on out}, but that was jerichos shtick and Punk only stated it last week for the first time... odd timing).

Secondly, Colt and Punk have history for sure and they may be best buds in real life, but you think it was random that Punk mentioned Colt by name, when Colt had a stint in WWE as Scotty Goldman. Colt just opened BITW the night before. Third is that this mirrors the ROH storyline with Punk vowing to leave with the title and doing it... to follow that with using the belt as a table to sign his WWE contract on (such awesomeness).

Why would Vince be open to working with another wrestling company? Sunday nights ippv was more competition to WWE than TNA has in its existence and now with funding, it could be poised to be a legit draw if its promoted correctly. Their direction is one based on wrestling is entertainment. Now I am NOT saying ROH will pose any serious threat to WWE monetarily, but it could draw fans away once people see ROH's raucous crowds and amazing matches. By acknowledging them and potentially using talent cross companies it allows Vince to get into even more markets, more exposure on HIS talent. Plus I dont see Vince allowing too many of his talents to lose, so it could give him a chance to bury the competition.

All I know is with the funding Sinclair Group has (and they have a lot of it), RoH could explode real fast. "Wrestling" died due to lack of competition, (TNA can say Wrestling Matters till they turn blue (wait didn't they already...) but they at times are even more dysfunctional than the WWE. RoH is pure wrestling where the wrestling IS the entertainment. There is just enough backstage stuff to get to know the gimmick and the rest plays out on that 18'x18' stage.

That being said, if I was Vince this would be the start of an invasion angle, but one that doesn't end in mass extinction. CM Punk wins the title and shows up on ROH with the WWE title should be the start.

Thoughts? /puts on flame suit

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    Clear and thought trough.

    Vince was sympathetic to ECW too (though my main source is The rise and fall of ECW, which is of course produced by WWE, so some kind of bias ), so I second the idea that he has sympathy for ROH.

    Some little vengeful moments aside, Vince is about the business, and I think he sees that ROH is good for the business.

    I don't think he sees them as competition, as they are no competition, and won't be for the next fifteen years. They don't have the back catalog, facilities, experience, name recognision, etcetera. ROH caters to the mature wrestling fan, and does that well. They'll take a bit from that demographic, but that's it.

    But they do keep that demographic watching wrestling, and that's better for the business than having them quit or going to MMA.

    ROH produces talent, and it's that what Vince is after. He can afford it to have friendly relations with ROH, because they're not going to get to the point where they are true competition, and as with ECW, everybody is waiting to jump from ROH to WWE and even TNA. Nigel McGuiness, Tyler Black, Austin Aries, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero (if the rumors are true). Everyone on the ROH-roster who gets an invite, will jump ship.

    Punk will maybe rejoin for a few months, but he'll be back in WWE later. It's where the money and exposure is.
  2. Theiconsting's Avatar
    You actually believe that RoH is bigger than tna or even got anywhere near the ppv buys lol
  3. rygaux's Avatar
    no i didnt say that whatsoever. TNA is just there, its doing its thing but its not a whole hell of a lot different than WWE. ROH brings wrestling as entertainment, something many people keep complaining they want.

    What i did say was competition. And immediately people start with "OMG WWE HAS ALL DA MONIEZ". No one thinks positioning and posturing and cornering markets. ROH was always a place for GREAT wrestling. Shows that left fans willing to follow only on tapes and dvds, often months after the event actually happens. However ROH had no major markets to air on and therefore was as much of a threat as any indy fed. Now Sinclair BROADCAST Group has purchased them, and seeing as how they OWN the stations, its publicity all the time if they so choose. Now here is where great WRESTLING, properly promoted and funded could gather much more of a fan base and potentially lure a good chuck of WWEs "old school fans" (which i consider myself cause ive been watching since 1985 and I was 3) into becoming ROH fans.

    TNA has been around for 10 years, have had a relatively stable inflow of money from the Carter bank account AND huge names such as Ken Anderson, Steiner, Nash, Booker T, Angle, Hogan, Sting, Bischoff and they still barely sell any PPVs. This is widely known. TNA has had many opportunities to aggressively grow and they keep dropping the ball.

    So yes ROH brings more potential competition because now average wrestling fan gets exposed to really really good wrestling content and it allows people to make their own mind up on something different. WWE/TNA have their differences, but their similarities are far more common. ROH is a different animal.
  4. monctonvike's Avatar
    roh has been around for 9 year as have tna, roh has a tv deal for 22% of the market they won't even be subject to nielson ratings as a result. I love roh the action in the ring, is better than anything you typically see in wwe or tna. However you can say the same for countless other promotions as well like aaa, dgusa, uwf and the nwa hollywood ect ect. There ppv's are 15 dollars and not really anywhere where they can be streamed or its alot harder to stream them. The wwe and tna are stuck in deals with viewerschoice and some other ppv companies. Its great what roh does with there online ppv's but they have also had ppv's seen by 1500 or less people.

    Tna is available in like what 100 countries? When roh was on hdnet (crappy exposure i know) they averaged what like 20 thousand views. OVW and fcw do better than that. I am not saying anything bad about roh I love there shows, In the US they might be the number three promotion but right now they are as far away from tna as tna is from wwe. It might upset some people cause they love roh or hate tna but its true. Does that mean they can't pick it up and bring it someday or be the number two company someday of course not, but they have along way to go and they won't get there over night. I wish them the best
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  5. Y2J___Y2J's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    You actually believe that RoH is bigger than tna or even got anywhere near the ppv buys lol
    It's well known that TNA rarely get more than 20,000 PPV buys per event and ROH would probably be very close to this figure on PPV buys if not getting more buys but I will agree with you that TNA are far ahead of ROH in terms of television exposure etc.

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