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Why CM-Punk's Promo was fake

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Here are the reason's why CM-Punk's promo wasn't a "shoot".
  1. What a coincidence that Raw ended with that promo.
  2. The second he went off-script, his mic should have been taken off. Yes I know it's a live show but it took them that long to mute his mic
  3. WWE has a great feeling that ROH is going to get big so why not just say the name. It's not like no one knows what ROH is, especially with their successful PPV the night before this promo.
  4. WWE likes controversy and that's why they gave the promo to this character because of his success at being a "heel".
  5. I believe that WWE wants Punk to be the ultimate heel, even though he is considered by many already.
  6. Its just a work, that's all I have to say
  7. First you all believed that Vince McMahon actually died from that limo explosion, and that Matt Hardy actually jump the barricade while he wasn't employed with the WWE and and attack Edge because of Lita. Oh yeah, and that John Cena was actually leaving the WWE or been fired.
  8. WWE realized that there is a point where they can't ignore the internet-wrestling-community. How long can they ignore the opinions of the wrestling minds that surface the internet. People knows whats going on and WWE would do anything for ratings. WWE probably and I said "probably", realized that ROH is "potential" completion combined with TNA so basically the WWE has to step their game up. Some may say that the forces of TNA and ROH is no competition to the WWE at all. Well, if they continued with the route they were going then, yes TNA and ROH is definitely competition in the long run. So basically, they just stepped-up their game a little bit. The WWE just founded the right time to use that promo. They would do anything for attention.

    This was also a way of them asking for their "old" fans back that went to TNA or ROH. There basically saying to themselves..."Hey, we got the kids, now we can get back our old audience" "Let's give them what they want...a shoot promo" "Everything that they want to hear" "Just so we can get some attention from them

    Pro-wrestling has always been about putting on a show and making it look real. WWE, however lost that "real" factor. This was a way of them trying to destroy the stereotypes that have been portrayed upon their product recently.


    And again, this is for the people that actually believe that this promo was a shoot

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  1. luisalexander70's Avatar
    scripted or not this came from the heart of cm punk
  2. jamez20's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by luisalexander70
    scripted or not this came from the heart of cm punk
    Those were words of the entire WWE universe including the entire locker-room. Everyone wanted to say what he said on a open mic, the WWE however gave him that opportunity.
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