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NXT - McMahon doesn't get it!

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For years now we've constantly heard that the WWE has to 'Move with the times' and thats why certain things happen that leave the loyal dedicated WWE fans confused, we always hear that Vince McMahon and his loyal band of merry have their fingers on the pulse and the WWE will always adapt in order to appeal to the greater audience as well as give the WWE fans (or Universe as it is in McMahonland) something fresh for our very own viewing pleasure.

NXT was the concept thought up after the WWE and SyFy decided that WWE's version of Extreme Championship Wrestling wasn't working or bringing in the volume of audience they expected, the WWE where basically in breach of contract because they swerved SyFy by changing the direction of the ECW show they sold to SyFy, they needed a drastic change and they came up with NXT.

Now, in theory it wasn't a bad idea, giving themselves such little time heading into the first season of the show was always going to be a 'Hit or Miss' but you'd think they would have learned their lessons with the second season, instead in season two it was possibly even weaker, only this time it was rushed, rushed to the point that now they have 5 free weeks of TV so they are further devaluing the 'competition' if you can even call it that they now have to produce yet another season a third season (in the space of 7 months) with only 6 Diva contestants and it will be over in four weeks, this totally cheapens the wins from the first and second seasons for Wade Barrett and Kaval in my own personal opinion.

If Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H or even Kevin Dunn had their finger on the button of what generates interest in the general public then surely they would have seen one of America's biggest contestant shows is American Idol, for me this would have been a far better concept to use as a blueprint and might have actually helped the WWE spike the ratings up for SyFy

I personally believe that they could have used a three judge panel and like American Idol those three Judges could have doubled up as mentors for the rookie Wrestlers and I'd like to have seen the Rookies perform by actually Wrestling and Promoing and basically just allowing their personalities to come across, I'd have used Nine instead of eight rookies and given each Judge three acts each to mentor, after each of the rookies had a match or a promo the focus would then go directly to the judge panel where the judge's/Mentor's give their honest assessments good or bad on how they performed, I'd then use Matt Striker as the host to stick up for the talent and ask the talent how they feel about the opinions of the judges.

I think the three Judges could really have made the show and helped the talent, the three Judges I'd have used would have been Chris Jericho, Jim Ross and Roddy Piper

I'd also have used to show these wrestlers and their mentor's talk about tactics, discussing the best ways to get the best out of themselves, basically just use it to learn more about the actual worker, who they idolise, what their ambitions are ect...
I'd also use it to help them develop their Wrestling character as the show progressed

I'd like to have seen each of the judges given three Rookies each for them to work with over the course of 6-8 weeks before the Eliminations would start begin.
The week before the 1st Elimination of the show the WWE fans would be told to go to and vote for who they want to save, at the start of the show from then on in Matt Striker would announce who was safe and the bottom two would go to a vote from the judges to stay in, each show would start like this from here on in until the final.

During the week leading up to the final of the show the WWE fans who vote would make up for 40% of the final count, with each Judge having 20% of the final say (this would allow for the WWE to have who they want to win if needs must)

I think it might look rather complicated on paper but its pretty straight forward, it also might actually spark the ratings as it's a format that might appeal to a bigger demo-graph than the average WWE audience.

So what does everyone else think then? are you happy with the way the WWE have set up NXT with every rookie assigned a 'Pro' and I use that term loosely because of some of the recent standards in the Professional ranks, Zach Ryder and Primo Colon for example have barely done anything of any note in Pro Wrestling yet they are expected to be considered as legitimate...WHY?!?

Or do you think that the WWE could have made NXT more entertaining by using the American Idol blueprint as a way of gaining more viewers, more publicity and more online hype for the show?

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  1. arsenhole's Avatar
    get you're facts straight this will not be over in 4 weeks the first elimination is in 4 weeks this whole blog is dumb
  2. mitch176's Avatar
    well arsenhole is an asshole cuz he doesn't know what he's talking about. This whole blog was actually a very good idea, I like your NXT sooo much better than McMahon's NXT.
  3. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    There is a few problems with this format that only works on American Idol...
    1- 6-8 Weeks before voting with an hour episode each and 9 workers? If there is three matches per show, then that'll be 18-24 matches per week. That means we would see almost all the possible one on one match ups by that time (and if we include various match types, that'll be all of them).
    2- 3 Judges who doubles as mentors to 3 of them each? And if they count for 20% of the votes, then (storyline wise) favoritism will arise. You saw that with Season one from Jericho himself with Wade Barrett.
    3- One of your judges is JR, who is not a wrestler. Which is the same problem with Vickie right now.
    4- You know why American Idol works? It's because it's target demographic likes music and the chance to decide the next pop idol would get them interested. By letting the judges be part of the decision, that'll negate the idea of audience deciding to choose who'll be the next wrestler.
    5- Finally, wasn't this Tough Enough?
  4. The Doorman's Avatar
    Honestly, I like watching NXT. But I think your way is great, not putting down the way they do NXT though. I mean I really dont care how they run it, I'll probably watch it anyway.
    i drink the wwe koolaid, U MAD?

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