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Money In The Bank Predictions

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Hey guys, Black Falcon here with my first ever blog on the upcoming WWE Pay Per View ‘Money In The Bank”. Only in its second year as a full PPV, The Money in The Bank match has taken mid-carders such as Jack Swagger and CM Punk and propelled them into big-time matches and Championship reigns.

Here I’ll be commenting on the confirmed championship matches, along with my predictions for who will be involved in the ladder matches.

Raw MITB Match Participant Predictions:

Kofi Kingston: Losing the Us Title may be the best thing to happen to Kofi. This could be the start of him finally getting a push to the WWE Title. He’s had some memorable MITB moments before, his ‘ladder stilts’ to name but one, and has always come close to winning before, making him a good choice.

John Morrison: How could you have a ladder match without Morrison? He has plenty of experience and some awesome moments to go with it. I believe they will use him to do the spectacular stunts now that they don’t have Shelton Benjamin anymore. I just hope he’ll be back from injury in time.

Evan Bourne: With his recent win streak over Swagger, It would be easy to see why Evan would be up for contention. I can’t see him winning it, but he will provide some entertaining moments. If not in the match, I have a feeling he’ll be getting a push for the US Championship

The Miz: With A-Ry most likely being pushed for a US title shot, Miz will most likely find his way back into this. With a win from last year, it’s unlikely he will win again. However if last year was anything to go by, he’ll make it memorable.

Chris Masters/Tyler Reks: Even though they haven’t been seen in the last few months, these guys have each made huge impacts on Superstars. They’ll fill the always present ‘fish out of water’ gap, being big powerhouses not used to being seen in ladder matches. However, with Chris’ strength and grappling skills, or Tyler’s wild unpredictability, they would both be good additions.

Alberto Del Rio: Having already won this year’s Royal Rumble, I doubt they will actually push Alberto for the win. However, we know he is a skilled wrestler, and does have ladder match experience. He will be most likely put in as someone to get pushed off the ladder so the crowd can get a happy moment.

Zack Ryder: The people’s new favourite, I wouldn’t be surprised if the WWE bigwigs didn’t add him just to make sure people watch it. He’s a spirited competitor, and definitely has the charisma for a future champ, if he gets in this match, he’ll be the one everyone will cheer for.

R-Truth/Rey Mysterio: These guys may just get in because they have nothing better to do. R-Truth has previous experience, and my personal favourite ladder match has always been Mysterio vs. Guerrero at SummerSlam, and they both have the skills to excel at this match.

Smackdown MITB Match Participant Predictions:

Trent Barreta: Smackdown has a lot more up and coming talent than Raw does, meaning we can count on guys with potential like Trent. He’s had a good run on Superstars, and I think he is deserving of a push.

Jinder Mahal/Sheamus: With Mark Henry and Kane most likely thrown into the Big Show fued which will most likely get a match as well, it falls to these guys to fill the ‘fish out of water’ role. Mahal’s been on a rampage really, which could set him up for it. However, as a former King of The Ring, with ladder experience, Sheamus would be a definite threat to contend with.

Johnny Curtis: I can’t see a cooler way for Johnny to debut than in a ladder match. He won NXT for a reason, and after all these promos I’m getting impatient for a big match to start his career. Let’s hope his skills match up to talk.

Daniel Bryan: A definite threat, however without a major ladder experience, Bryan might not be the choice. Then again he is a fan favourite as well as having a suitable skill set for the challenge.

Justin Gabriel/Heath Slater: Although good as a tag team, including one of these guys in the match would be good to let show what they can do on their own. Besides, who doesn’t want to see a 450 splash off a ladder?

Tyson Kidd: After he sorts out which pointless manager he’s going to pick (No offence to them because they are pretty awesome besides Vickie) Tyson should be able to pull off a good outing in this match. His technical knowhow and quickness make him a perfect choice in my opinion

Ted Debiase: With Rhodes most likely losing to Bryan in a qualifying match, this match could be used to let Ted distance himself and become his own man again. He is way too talented to be used like he is now so hopefully they’ll see sense and put him in.

Wade Barrett: I’m guessing that Sin Cara will have an IC title push which will leave Wade wide open to storm into this. With his ruthless fighting style and aggressive streak, Wade would be sure to use those ladders to maximum effect.

WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs. CM Punk

CM Punk’s final match in the WWE will definitely be one to remember. Always a great performer, as well as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grab a microphone, I can’t think of a better place than at the PPV of the event that made him a champion. However I can’t help but feel that they will let him win the match just to screw him over like they did to Mysterio last year, by letting whoever won the Raw MITB cash in on him. Even if that does happen though, it will great to see CM Punk one last time.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:Randy Orton vs. Christian

Okay, I know his foot was outside the ropes, but Christian seriously needs to get over himself. Okay, so he pinned Orton on Raw, but that means nothing. I have nothing but respect for CHritians legacy from the Era of Awesomeness to his return and becoming ECW Champion, but this feud is just becoming boring. They might make it a ladder match to spice things up but otherwise just another boring Orton/Christian match.

And this is it for my first ever blog. The last thing I’m going to put is the match I want to see most:

Otunga and McGillicutty vs. Hawkins and Ryder vs. The Usos Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

As long as someone besides Z-List and Mr. Not So Perfect wins I’m happy. Usos are finally getting the push they deserve and Ryder and Hawkins are always fun to watch.

Anyways hoped you like this.

Black Falcon signing off.

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  1. cy1911's Avatar
    i dont know how your bored with peep vs rko. their matches are amazing and this is one of the great feuds since y2j and hbk
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    ^Agreed. After watching their match at Over The Limit I can see why fans are so into their feud. Right now for me, its the best feud going in the WWE besides Bryan-Rhodes.
  3. cubco's Avatar
    I have a theory re. the Christian vs Orton feud. It's going to be bigger and longer than we all think.

    Sheamus wins the SD MITB, then during the Christian vs Orton match, Christian hits the killswitch and is pinning Orton, but Sheamus comes out and beats down Christian with either the breifcase or some type of weapon. The he turns his attention to Orton. Christian wins the match via DQ - screwy, but its good in the long run. Sheamus cashes in on Orton and wins the title.

    Triple Threat at Summerslam. Christian takes out Orton, but Sheamus pushes him out of the ring to steal the victory.

    It all leads to the Royal Rumble which Christian wins and then he goes onto WrestleMania to face the champion, which might be Orton again by that point. And Christian, after a long year of trying, finally wins it back.

    As for RAW, Cena wins.
    I would like Del Rio to win the MITB
  4. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Lets hope Christian gets the otherwise what reason is there to watch any e programs
  5. 01crusea's Avatar
    Personally, I can't see anyone other than Alberto Del Rio winning the Raw MITB and Sheamus winning the SmackDown MITB.

    I'd quite like to see Randy Orton vs. Christian be made into a Two Out of Three Falls match –*that would fit perfectly into Christian's "give me one more chance" thing.

    And I wouldn't be surprised if John Cena vs. CM Punk was made into a cage match, just like Cena vs. Sheamus last year. Either way, I want Punk to win and leave with the title. That should start off a losing run for Cena (as discussed under another blog post) and they could have a tournament for the title, with more than enough opportunity to make a new star out of it.
  6. blink's Avatar
    Christian really needs to win this one. You know why hbk/Jericho was good? Because we knew at the drop of the hat either guy could win the match. In this series no one truly thinks Christian can beat orton. He pinned him in a tag match. Big whoop. Even a jack ass loser no body like zack Ryder could pin orton in a tag match. Or even me! If Christian is to be taken serious in the main event scene and pose himself as a threat to the belt hogs (orton/cena) he has to get wins against them. And taking the title would be for the best. I want Christian to be champ. I want him to be the top heel on smackdown. He more than deserves it. He's more than capable! I'm surprised he's made it this far with his crap finisher.

    I talk too much. Maybe I should write my own blogs lol
  7. Pro_Abdi's Avatar
    I don't think ADR will win the Raw MITB, i'm pretty sure that he is in line to face Cena at summerslam and wouldn't need to win MITB because he is already certified main event. The idea with MITB is to push the mid-carders to main event level, so im backing Cody Rhodes to win the Smackdown MITB, as for Raw im thinking its a toss up between Doplh or Kofi.
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