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WilloTron 5000

And I Quote: All Rhodes lead to Greatness

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This is my first blog in a long time so it's a case of shaking off the ring rust haha. It's not included in the title of the blog but i'd just like to say how disappointed i am to hear about the release of Chavo Guerrero. Chavo requested the release and with good reason, unbelievably under-utilized and in my opinion joins the list of 'most underrated wrestlers' along with others including William Regal.

I'd also like to quickly praise the tag team match on Smackdown this week between The Uso's vs. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. I thought it was a good standard of of tag team match with good pace, high flying moves and both teams showing good tag team potential. My match of the week from this week's edition of Smackdown purely for good improvement, Raw tag teams need to catch up!

I'd like to talk about Cody Rhodes. Cody is a superstar who in the last 18 months has really blossomed in my opinion. You could see the potential in him when he was one of Orton's right hand men as part of Legacy. Although since he broke out on his own i'm really excited about what he could deliver in the future. The 'dashing' character was great in my opinion and really harked back to the 80's with the likes of Rick Rude. Although i think his current situation is even better. The darker Cody Rhodes is great and without Undertaker appearing and with a watered down Kane, i really believe Cody is the darkest guy on the whole WWE roster at the moment! This is backed up with an extensive move-set which includes 2 of the best moves in WWE currently; beautiful disaster kick and Cross Rhodes. And, the guy id great on the mic!!! People reading this must think i want to marry the guy and have his kids. But in reality, i pray that he wins this years Smackdown Money in the Bank and goes onto win the World Championship. I believe that although Cody is without winning a mid-card title, he could really shock people and make the main event spot on Smackdown his own. I wouldn't be suprised if Cody won at MITB.

I tuned into Smackdown this week and saw that Sin Cara was facing Ted DiBiase. I groaned and i admit it. I have been underwhelmed by Sin Cara since his debut. Now i'm more than aware about the 'WWE' style but it hasn't stopped Rey Mysterio and the like in the past. However i was pleasantly suprised with Sin Cara this week. Or rather with Dibiase maybe? I'm not sure, but i feel Sin Cara has finally performed to his potential in a WWE match whether that is because of him, Ted DiBiase or both factors combining. Anyway whatever, i'm looking forward to Sin Cara vs Evan Bourne on Raw. Everybody is hoping for it to deliver to it's potential. Let's hope eh?

In the last 2 week's or so i've been watching a lot of old ECW ppv's on Youtube and it has made for fantastic viewing. I don't know why i started watching it, whether i've had too much time on my hands since finishing uni or just a general wrestling fan's urge i'm not sure - but it was refreshing! From the nature of the matches, to the lack of gimmick's to the one man commentary from Joey Styles. I'm more than aware of WWE's PG stance and we have to respect it because it appeals to certain sectors. If i was aged under 10 though, watching an episode of ECW wouldn't prompt me to start fighting my younger brother with household items. Our ladders are at the back of the shed, the only tables we have are made of oak, pine etc and our chair are certainly not steel. Let alone i wouldn't know where to find barbed wire! Maybe what i've just said there is stupid but yet true. Although after watching ECW i have respected it, enjoyed it and hungered for more. I'm sure many original ECW fans would concur? Well where's an ECW substitute on mainstream TV? Or at least something that resembles it, because there's certainly a market for it! I've read many people on here stating that TNA has had more extreme moments than ECW and is more extreme, well get real! We all know that an ECW '3rd coming' is out of the question, and CZW isn't really the same. But WWE would benefit from a few more matches containing weapons, no blood required! TNA i admit do cater more towards that market but there isn't a wrestling promotion that caters to the extreme wrestling fan's taste quite like ECW did!

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  1. KingOrton's Avatar
    Boy you really went off topic there, didnt you?!
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    Good Blog @WilloTron 5000 I agree Cody Rhodes is great on the mic and good in the ring, and has charisma, he will be a great WHC someday, and I am glad you called it the Beautiful Disaster the announcers on Smackdown seem to be at a lost when naming this move, I'm jus sayin...
  3. wrestlingfan316's Avatar
    I agree with you about Chavo. I hated how after Eddie's unfortunate passing they pretty much kicked him to the curb and made him a mid-card jobber. He has outstanding skill I'd like to see him in ROH this fall. He seems like he would be a perfect fit there. Does anyone else agree?

    I guess TNA could be a good alternative to ROH if he decides not to go there. Although I think TNA would have to be serious about bringing back the X-division for him to be used to his full potential there.
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    I would have have to give credit to Diabese Jr more. Sin Cara biggest problem is his timing. I wouldn't mine seeing Rhodes champion, it would make it more interesting.
  5. knox's Avatar
    awesome blog, i for one loved how you went off topic. Between Kofi, Dolph, Morrison and Rhodes...Rhodes would be the ultimate World Champion. When I look at Rhodes I see heel Cm Punk, Rick Rude and a hint of Raven.

    I think Cody is the full package, hreat blog my friend
  6. URATOOL's Avatar
    Rhodes is ok. That's all. He's a mid carder and that's all he'll ever be. I'm not even sure he'd have made it onto the main roster if it wasn't for his dad and half brother. He just doesn't stand out for me. Oh and that lisp just makes every promo sound like he's delivering it after being punched several times in the mouth. I can see why they have put TDB junior with him. Ted is again only on the roster cause of daddy, but with his inability to talk he makes Rhodes look the more interesting of the two.

    Oh and Cody. You should have gone for a dark face guard. We can all see through it and see you look exactly the same as you did before your (fake) facial injury.
  7. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    Sorry everybody if it appears as if i went off topic. Makes the blog look a bit random. My actual blog title included Sin Cara and something about 'Extreme' as well as Cody Rhodes. However e-restling chopped it off. Sorry again
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