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WWE: 2002 Style Draft to Move Forward

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In my previous blog, I discussed how brand- specific PPVs could be the way forward -

After thinking long and hard about another old school way in which WWE could enliven their 'Universe', I came back to what they did in 2002 with the Brand Extension draft. At that time it brought a new excitement to the WWE, along with just something different.
Now, I know that the brand extension method can't be replicated in today's arena, but what were to happen if the entire WWE roster were to be drafted from scratch? Would this lead to never-before-seen matches and feuds? Let's find out...

(Yes I have ranked the Superstars in what I would think are about right, you of course may differ. For the sake of it, Raw, being their number one show, get's first pick. After this it will go: SD, RAW, SD, RAW, etc)

*HHH & Undertaker not included, and yes I know CM Punk will be leaving, but try to ignore that for this blog's sake


1. John Cena - WWE Champion
3. CM Punk
5. Alberto Del Rio
7. Christian
9. John Morrison
11. Big Show
13. Kelly Kelly - Women's Champion
15. Kane
17. Ezekiel Jackson - Intercontinental Champion
19. Kofi Kingston
21. Mark Henry
23. Great Khali
25. David Otunga - Tag Team Champion
27. Michael Mcgillicutty - Tag Team Champion
29. Layla
31. Eve
33. Justin Gabriel
35. Ted Dibiase
37. Heath Slater
39. Drew Macintyre
41. Natalya
43. Goldust (Injured)
45. Santino Marella
47. Vladimir Kozlov
49. Chavo Guerrero
51. Primo
53. Chris Masters
55. Tyson Kidd
57. Yoshi Tatsu
59. Jimmy Uso
61. Johnny Curtis
63. JTG
65. Rosa Mendes
67. Kaitlyn
68. Tamina


2. Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Champion
4. The Miz
6. Rey Mysterio
8. Sheamus
10. R Truth
12. Dolph Ziggler - United States Champion
14. Sin Cara
16. Cody Rhodes
18. Alex Riley
20. Wade Barrett
22. Daniel Bryan
24. Evan Bourne
26. Brie Bella
28. Jack Swagger
30. Mason Ryan
32. Kharma (N/A)
34. Jinder Mihal
36. Nikki Bella
38. Skip Sheffield (Inj)
40. William Regal
42. Zack Ryder
44. Beth Phoenix
46. Melina
48. Maryse
50. Tyler Reks
52. Gail Kim
54. Trent Baretta
56. Alicia Fox
58. Jey Uso
60. Curt Hawkins
62. Brodus Clay
64. Hornswoggle
66. Husky Harris (N/A)
68. DH Smith
70. AJ


Cena/ Christian - Basically this would be Christian in replacement for Truth in the whole 'Conspiracy' business. As we know, Cena needs carrying, and who better to entrust than Christian. Good promo potential here
Slater & Gabriel/ McGillicutty & Otunga - Do I need to say anything about the history here? Also, add Punk into the mix... and with Slater and Gabriel needing help, they ask for Ezekiel's help (saying that it was Barrett's fault etc). This would lead also to a short CM Punk/ Zeke angle, which could be ok.
Kelly Kelly/ LaylaLayla needs to be champ again. And also, MY EYES WILL EXPLODE WITH THESE TWO STUNNERS. No more piss breaks for me
ADR/ Morrison - I know this could be done at any point, but it has the potential to be a show stealer, a young person's version of Bret Hart/ Shawn Michaels. It could also lift both of these people into franchise guys, given time.

Other mentions: Cena/ Kane, Gabriel/ Morrison, Layla/ Eve, Punk/ Christian

Orton/ Truth - Both of these guys hear things in their head, which could work. Conspiracy theories could be rife in this feud also.
Barrett/ Rey - I have always been a fan of power guys against smaller high fliers. Their offensive differences could work together
Sin Cara/ Rey - Need I say anything?
Bryan/ Ziggler - Two of the best wrestlers in the company. Their matches would speak louder than any words. This could well be the match(es) of any given year.
Sheamus/ Swagger Two underrated performers in my estimation. If the company uses Swagger in an American Hero gimmick, Sheamus' promos could be brilliant also

Other mentions: Ryder/ Anyone, Mihal/ Miz, Orton/ Mysterio, Riley/ Rhodes

In conclusion, I thought that there would have been more variety of new feuds available. However, I guess the point that needs to be made here is that too many short feuds have resulting in not too many great feuds left for the WWE to use.
After 'drafting' the superstars, I saw there are enough big names now to keep fans interested, and people should consider the writers to be the key failure of the company, and not the actual talent.

I mean, look, I drafted Daniel Bryan at 23rd! And Ryder at 42 for crying out loud!

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  1. Enforcer23's Avatar
    you know this would of been a good way to do this years draft seeming vince wanted to change the rosters around
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I like the comparison with JoMo/ADR and HBK/Bret. I could see it as a great feud too.

    I also agree with nrb6304. As great as WWE used to be at pushing mid-carders into the main event picture, there are simply too many to do this any more. Remember the year 2000? Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit (will I get into trouble for mentioning the name of a troubled yet great athlete?), and Chris Jericho had a great feud for the EuroContenental (I can't help it, Angle became great by naming himself the EuroContenental Champion lol) Championship. One year later and Angle was WWF Champion, and Jericho and Benoit were well on their way to becoming greats.

    Now try it with Dolph, Swagger and Bourne? (three random names of their multitude of mid-card talent). It just couldn't work. WWE has tried to push all three of these and it's failed for all three. Dolph got his push against Edge and as soon as it ended he was thrown back into obscurity. Swagger was a great heel Champion for a while, and then just a great heel. Now he's been insulted by Michael Cole and responded by walking out and back into a mid-card status. As for Bourne, his push has been derailed before it's started. He returns and squashes Sheamus, only to go on to win a few more matches. The crowd loves his style and he just doesn't have the backing from creative or Vince to be pushed into a more high-profile feud.

    This has happened with Sheamus (he was WWE Champion once y'know, and he had a decent WrestleMania match with Triple H...), JoMo, and so many others who just cannot get out of the endless stream of title changes that is the mid-card.
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