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Realism vs Captivating

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Second blog here, and I'm probably gonna piss a lot of you "hardcore" wrestling fans off here, but I think it needs said. WRESTLING (speaking about WWE) ISN'T ABOUT YOU (the individual), BUT ABOUT WHAT CAN KEEP THE COMPANY, AND BUSINESS SUSTAINED. and what keeps the WWE thriving?

I was going to make it three different paragraphs but they all flow into one. Money keeps a business going. Money pays for everything, including the superstars you watch every night. That money comes from fans who buy merchandise and ppvs and tickets to the shows and live tours. If the WWE caters only to your way of thinking, they'd be out of business in a week. You have to understand that these superstars travel the world now, something rarely done back in the 70s and 80s. They have to put on a show that everyone wants to see. See personally I watch wrestling because it's like a soap opera, tension, disputes and finally a match to resolve the issue. WWE has grown its soap opera so that people from all nations of the world will watch and become lifetime fans. And when is the best time to capture a fan, when he/she is young. When he or she doesn't understand the "fakeness" of the business. I know that's when a lot of us where captivated by wrestling, seeing superstars (cause the term wrestlers really isn't enough, these guys fight, act and entertain, a lot more than just wrestle) flying through the air, applying vicious submissions, thats what got us. But now we've grown and we know the cogs of the machine and we think it doesn't care about us. What we forget is that the company isn't only for us, THERE ARE MILLIONS, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of other people who are being captivated by watching their hero, or as we now call them "faces", defeat the villian.

We used to sit back for hours on end just watching, and enjoying the spectacle in front of us. But now we bitch and moan because "the WWE is
rigged?". This brings me to my next point monday night raw's power to the people. You want to complain that it was fixed? Wrestling is fixed. Each individual outcome was fixed from the beginning, no matter who, or what was chosen. Do you honestly say you know what really happened with the Evan Borne match? No, but you use it has a way to diminish a company's reputation because you didn't get to see what you wanted. Things fail, not everything is perfect, remember when lady gaga sold her album for 99 cents, she crashed and we can't believe that a shit load of people where texting? Come on people.

Closing statement
There's a big difference between captivating and realism, yet it seems people want both. You want action and violence, but does that captivate a 8 year old girl in Paris? Is bloodshed really what a 9 year old boy in South Africa really wants? The WWE is not perfect, but neither are we, and we seem to forget that. I want you to imagine you were Vince McMahon/ or any member of the creative team for a day. You have millions and millions and millions of fans demanding perfection, you have a business that demands income and you have thousands of paychecks. Would you stick to a failing plan, or go to PG and captivate more young fans all around the world? In the end, sit back and enjoy the show or watch TNA or ROH or shut of the tv.

Please leave comments, hates, loves or things you think I missed. I'm open to new sugesstions

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  1. spidercentz's Avatar
    I agree 100%. It is, after all, just entertainment. Just as all scripted shows are.
  2. blink's Avatar
    What else are these forums for, if not to bitch about the show we all love? There's nothing wrong with saying "we would've rather done this" or "we'd like to have this happen" or "they should push so-and-so! That'd be awesome!" and essentially that's all this forum is for. It seems like you wasted a blog to bitch about the very essence of the forum.... Bitching. And really I wouldn't even call most of it bitching. Sure there's complaints, trolls, and jackasses but that's everywhere. Even in the offline world. Do you hand everyone that complains about something a hand written complaint? Lol. See now look, I'm bitching about a blog that's bitching about people bitching about the company. That's quite a paradox I have created!

    Essentially, the point I'm trying to make is, don't get your pantys in a wad after reading people's complaints and wishes. We were given an open floor to do so and just cuz you write an exhaustive blog about how dumb you think we are, does not mean we are going to stop.

    All in all though it was a well written blog. But you, my friend, have just been COUNTER POINTED!
  3. knox's Avatar
    One of the best blogs I've read so far on this site. You are 100% correct. I happen to be one of the marks that bitch all the time about how the WWE could be more adult. The thing is, 'The Attitude Era Fans and the Internet Fans" are now the minority.

    We don't have a say anymore because the amount of kids that watch wrestling outnumber us. Thanks for explaining this. Great blog and straight to the point.
  4. Sony's Avatar
    The problem is not the PG rating, it is the weak storylines combined with wrestlers with limited charisma. It is very hard not to compare wrestlers today with wrestlers from the past. Wrestlers had more charisma in the 90s and much, much more charisma in the 80s. If the storylines were weak, the wrestlers and his charisma would entice you to still watch. Another main issue is the weak storylines. WWF/E was never known to come up with great storylines, in fact,historically, they would usually steal storylines from other organizations along with the other org's wrestlers!
    Now that there is no storylines to copy/steal, Vince and his writers are having trouble coming up with original, ENTERTAINING, storylines.

    P.S. The last memorable storyline WWF/E came up with was the Austin/Mcmahon storyline and that seem to run forever. After the storyline ran its course, instead of moving on, WWE repeatedly tried to rehash it instead of coming up with anything original. Mcmhahon vs Austin, Mcmahon vs HHH, Mcmahon vs HBK, Mcmahon vs Hogan, Mcmahon vs DX, Mcmahon vs The rock, Mcmahon vs Taker, Mcmahon vs Bret, hell....mcmahon vs Donald Trump. I know I am missing some more feuds vs mcmahon
  5. Desitatta's Avatar
    Agree with you, but you forgot the most important paragraph, namely John Cena. He is destroying WWE.
  6. SmackdownhotelCEO's Avatar
    You sir have articulated what a lot of people often overlook or forget. Please continue to post. People forget that the "Sports Entertainment" has been around longer than PG Rock coined the phrase a while back. They've been called Superstars in the WWE for a longer time than PG era. WWE just chooses to market itself differently than others in it's industry as an industry leader should.
  7. AOF666's Avatar
    You might have some points, but it is not good for any company not to please their loyal costumers. It's us wrestling fans will pass our pation on to the next generation. A kid is going to born and know about WWE. I'm fine with the fact they want new fans, but they need to find a balance between the new and old.
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