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The Undertaker's Streak Ending?

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This is my first blog, I've browsed the forums and there's a lot of speculation to the streak ending next Wrestlemania due to Undertaker ageing and the circumstances around the build-up including his previous match with Triple H.

The build up.

There's a lot of speculation that it'd be Triple H in a rematch and Undertaker was made to look in bad shape to prepare for the loss. Triple H is one of the Undertakers best friends within the business so it'd be understandable if he was to lose to him. There were also talks of Sting returning last Wrestlemania and even Goldberg to end the streak. That in mind Triple H would most-likely be the most marketable to end the Undertaker's streak Stings at Impact Wrestling and Goldberg's been missing for the last six years.

The match.

Noticed a minority saying that the Undertakers last streak match would be bland? Normally in these circumstances with an ageing wrestler on the last chapter of his career *cough* Hulk Hog-... never-mind, anyway on the ledge of his career incapable of doing what he'd previously accomplished. That same minority are underestimating Taker's technical ability it's normally overlooked due to his persona. Which would create a double-standard due to that same minority saying Randy Orton has in-ring ability (not a jab at Randy I enjoy watching him too!) Last Wrestlemania all I read was on how great Randy Orton worked in regards to selling and technical ability. Sorry to crush your cups of tea but The Undertaker's technical ability was/is outstanding, granted he's ageing but he still pulls it off.

My belief.

The Undertaker's streak wont end based on how marketable he is. I think a majority are underestimating how big of an entity The Undertaker is towards (former) WWF and WWE. Whilst he's still marketable they'd have no reason to end the streak, even when he retires they could still market it with appearances, irregular matches and who knows he could go on to be a has-been like Ric Flair or Hulk Hog-... never-mind. I just believe The Undertaker's too valuable to the show for them to step out of their comfort zone with him.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    It won't end. The only way The Undertaker will end his streak at WM would be to "pass the torch" to another superstar. IF his competitor is HHH, a loss at WM would mean nothing, let's face it, Trips is about done himself. I'd say Taker is sitting back at home right now, hoping to God he has the tank left to make it 20-0. The last thing he's doing is sitting at home resting up for one last match (that in my opinion might kill him) to drop the streak. Sorry, it just ain't happening...
  2. pab75's Avatar
    I hope it doesn’t end but knowing how the WWE is and ruining the veterans as they leave the company, unfortunately it probably will end. Their philosophy of having the veterans take one for the industry is piss poor and lacks severe integrity; it falls in the same line as a World Title being changed to often.
    Ric flair should have won at WrestleMania, Ricky Steamboat should have pinned Chris Jericho at WrestleMania and the following PPV. Fans want happy endings, by rights Undertaker should win and retire with his streak.

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