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Greatest Hardcore Wrestlers

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To be honest I'll probably get flamed for the order of the top two, but between them it's so tightly contested that I had to order it that way.

1.) Sabu (Terry Brunk -- AKA, Terry Junior in the back.)

Sabu is a close-cut number one purely because he puts CZW to shame and makes them look like school-girls. This man has been in "two-dozen," no rope barb-wire matches. That means 24 matches with barb wire for the ropes, and that was his record before he faced Abyss. Sabu's beaten the likes of Terry Funk, Mick Foley, and loads of other huge names with the barb-wire style. CZW use barb-wire, but they don't wrap it around their body then jump on to their opponent sending them through a table. Who happened to be Terry Funk... Taught by The Shiek (his uncle,) and a very-close friend of Rob Van Dam. Sabu had suffered from paralysis, along with all of his other various wounds still to return and participate. Normally using the (not so small,) aluminium nail to stab his opponents with. His high-flying, death defying persona puts him at a comfortable #1 spot. However, it's a shame what WWE, and TNA done with Sabu especially in the WWE vs ECW segment(s) where Sabu lost to John Cena, but done all the major high-risk stunts himself... purely because John Cena was meant to be superman. But if you've beaten Terry Funk at his own game, then you deserve the #1 spot. Not sure why he's known as junior, when he's in his 40's but still it's a shame what they did with him. ((

2.) Terry Funk (AKA, Terry Senior in the back.)

What hasn't Terry Funk done? He practically revolutionised hardcore wrestling. Faced and beat almost any hardcore legend you can imagine. Hell, he was 50/60 when he lost to Sabu. And I'm sure everyone that's old enough to remember LOVES, Chainsaw Charlie. Another person that has the capability of putting the CZW wrestlers to shame.

3.) Mick Foley

Why would I need to explain MANKIND, being on this list? I'll just leave it at, "BANG BANG."

4.) Abdullah the Butcher

Although he was discredited a lot during his profession, once teaming with "Cactus Jack," (Mick Foley...) he'd proven himself time and time again. Not to mention showing how brutal forks and "broken glass," can be if in the right hands. Recently inducted to the WWE hall of fame, is aged 70 currently.

5.) Rob Van Dam

This is depressing I'd of put Tommy Dreamer as number five, but anyone who's old enough to remember RVD and Sabu's team back in the old ECW days know full-well what RVD is capable of. Especially during the Sabu & RVD, vs Tommy Dreamer, and Terry Funk era. He's gone away from the gritty blood-soaked style towards a more commercial style of wrestling. Still, his and Sabu's relationship is amazingly tight even to this day... he was also taught by The Shiek (Terry Brunk/Sabu's Uncle.)

6.) Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer even to this day, just like RVD and Mick Foley is a house-hold name. Just like everyone above, he has the capacity to embarrass CZW. I dislike what TNA, had done with Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, RVD, and Sabu... but that's TNA for you... they released Sabu because he was too "blood-thirsty," they cushioned RVD from being as hardcore as he was in the "good ol' days." Then they had AJ Styles beating Tommy Dreamer and the true hardcore legends at their own game? It was pretty low, and lame that they'd bring back all these hardcore stars just to use them to push their own talent then release them.

7.)The Sandman

This is what happens when you put a kendo stick in an abusive alcoholic red-necks hand. You get someone who's made it in to the Hardcore Wrestling hall of fame. I can't remember who inducted, but I think it was Tommy Dreamer. And to be inducted to the Hardcore HOF, by dreamer is a feat. on its own. Especially with his fight against Sabu the stairway to hell.


Raven also like many of the names above trained by the Shiek, was a no brainer to put on the list. I was contemplating him from the start but I understood that there would be quite a few further up the ladder than him. Everyone responded and said Raven, so I slipped him just under Sandman. I have to say I preferred him in WCW than ECW, I prefered him in ECW than to TNA, and TNA to WWE. He's been all around the block, but what wrestling company wouldn't want him? Yes, like many of the mentioned he is ageing still capable of putting on a show I guess you can call it the "Raven Effect."

9.)Nick Mondo & Necro Butcher

I decided to put the two stars that have been with CZW in the past, one retired and one moved on to a brighter future in the same slot. This is purely because although no-one can doubt they can take it to the extreme, and beyond they aren't glorified enough. However they have earned a spot amongst the list.

10.)Abyss, Dudley Boyz, New Jack or Hardcore Holly (I can't chose sorry.)

I can't put my finger on this one because the Dudleyz are great entertainers and have accomplished amazing feats. in their careers. However, even though they are hardcore they lack the "hardcore finesse," that the others have. All of the others have a strong passion to take the biggest beatings of their life and come home drenched in blood head to toe as long as they gain their pay-slip by the end of it. Abyss however, has been up-coming hardcore wrestler for almost his entire time up to now at TNA, he's taken hardcore beatings from so many at TNA and has bled more than enough time to be recognised as a true hardcore wrestler. The best of all time or one of them, or even in the top ten? I'm not so sure about... but he has managed to sell his beatings that's for sure. New Jack would have been my pick, heck I'd of put New Jack above the CZW guys out of pure respect of what he does to his body to entertain. He's landed and cut open his head more than I can count but his one flaw is that he's non-commercial and wasn't glorified like the rest, so I'll just hold this 10th spot as a "post-vote." I'll count the names New Jack, Abyss, Dudleyz or hardcore holly and edit it that way because this beats me.


FINALLY, for all you true hardcore fans here's the renowned Terry Funk vs Sabu for ECW Championship no rope barb-wire match. My possible favourite hardcore match of all time and you can tell why possibly the two biggest titans of hardcore ever, fighting off with no ropes. WARNING: it is very morbid, extreme etcetera... everything you'd want.

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 2.

--- I'll leave the rest to anyone commenting, if you can come up with a reasonable, 6,7,8,9,10 I'll be happy to include them.

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  1. Hotsauce2k360's Avatar
    i dunno about a order... but u could throw raven,edge,abdullah the butcher,undertaker has done some crazy things,abyss
  2. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    A very justified and worthy list. I've been watching a lot of old ECW ppv's on Youtube recently and it's been a very nostalgic look back. I do think though that 'The Sandman' should certainly be mentioned within the greatest hardcore wrestlers of all time.
  3. Festeringeviscerate's Avatar
    Nicely done, Good list.
  4. AOF666's Avatar
    No argument here
  5. nrb6304's Avatar
    Necro Butcher? Sandman? The Dudleyz? New Jack? Sick Nick Mondo?
  6. Viper's Avatar
    Where's Raven??
  7. kiltbill's Avatar
    " It was pretty low, and lame that they'd bring back all these hardcore stars just to use them to push their own talent then release them."
    What? You expect Dreamer to go over AJ, just beacause he'd been willing to rip himself to peices for ECW? TNA sould be building up the reputations of there own talent, and Dreamer and Bully Ray are doing exactly what professionals should do - there job.
    What were you expecting TNA to do? They can't folk go the full tilt, proper ECW style on TV. Every wrestler has to adapt their style to meet their employers expectation, and most importantly, their own age.
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