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Why do we Hate our Wrestling Era?

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I loved the attitude era like must of you have already expressed in previous blogs or comments do too. We loved the wrestlers, the storylines, the Monday night wars, etc. We loved everything about it and got behind it. We got to see wrestlers start at the bottom, become solid mid-carders, and eventual main-eventers.

Here are my reasons why I’m not a big fan of today’s wrestling.

1) I’m no longer a kid. I don’t believe that wrestling is real anymore. I was a child/teenager when WWF/E was entering the attitude era and at the height of the Monday Night Wars. I remember switching back the channel from show to show so I could watch the better wrestling match or promo. When I was a kid not only did I think wrestling was real but I chastised anyone who said it wasn’t. My arguments where if it wasn’t real why do you hear the sound of a chop going across the wrestlers chest and see the hand marks, that wrestler went through a table, they get hit with chairs or other various weapons, and why do they bleed.

2) I no longer have the same love for wrestling that I once did. My brother, friends, and I would make our own rings out of old bed mattress’ and make a championship belt out of cardboard and set up wrestling events. We would do all the wrestling moves on each other and our favorite wrestlers finishing move to win the match and the title. We couldn’t wait for a different wrestler to enter the main-event status so we could be them. If we were all kids know all we could be is Randy Orton or Cena. When I would watch the shows or ppv I would be at the edge of my seat and jump up and down if my favorite wrestler won and screamed if they lost. None of today’s wrestlers make me want to do that.

3) I no longer believe the storylines. When I was a kid I believed the storylines were real just like I thought wrestling was. I really thought the wrestlers hated each other. I didn’t think they liked one another. When I watched the SCSA vs. Vince I truly believe they hated each other and would do anything in there power to hurt the other person. There is always that one person you know that you just can’t stand because they have nicer things, get all the girls/boys, are better at sports, or whatever. Whatever it is, just bugged the hell out of you and you’d sell your soul to get one chance to be better then them. This is how I felt about the feud they had. I also felt a great connection with the HHH vs Rock. You knew that they were going to be stars but you didn’t know who was going to get there quicker or be bigger and you wanted it to be the one you loved because you couldn't love them both. The one reason why I think the storylines suck more then anything is because you have wrestlers on 2 separate shows instead of being on both. The story lines can’t evolve if you have 4 shows and then a PPV. You need to go back to 8 shows and then a PPV. This is why you get the same wrestlers wrestling each other over 2-3 ppv because the writers and wrestlers don’t have time to evolve the storylines if they only have 4 shows before the next ppv. By the time you get to the 2nd or 3rd ppv were so over the feud that we want them to move on to something else. There are 2 solutions wwe could do. Go to one roster for 2 shows, or drop ppv. They won’t drop ppv because they’ll lose money but if they went to 1 roster for both shows you’ll have more wrestlers competing to be main-event status. Wrestlers will improve to stay or move up to main-event level because they’ll have more competition then there is know. The Pros…You’ll have better shows, better storylines, not the same main-eventers for every ppv, better competition, and better ppv. You won’t lose any money on shows because you’ll still have 2 shows. The Cons…Some wrestlers won’t be used but the way to help this is to finally start WWE Network and put Superstars on it. Use the show as a why for mid-carders to hone there skills. Use the US or Intercontinental title as a way that shows that the superstars are close to making the step up to the big leagues. This would give the title incredible meaning to all the wrestlers on Superstars because they know that they are getting close to making it to the 2 shows.

4) The wrestlers. I no longer feel like I have a connection with todays superstars. The superstars that I grew up with are no longer wrestling, dead, or way past there prime and feel they are tarnishing there image by still wrestling (HH and Ric Flair). The reason why the Monday night wars worked was because WCW had more of the popular wrestlers and in there prime (HH, Flair, Sting, Nash, Hall to name a few) and WWF had all the new wrestlers (HHH, Rock, Shawn, Undertaker, Christian, and Edge to name a few). I loved the wrestlers that WCW had but I watched WWF because the new stars were edgier, brought something different to the table, and had better mic skills. The superstars of today don’t offer anything new to the table. It all seems like the same stuff every week. I want something different.

The 4 reasons I listed above I feel have contributed to wrestling becoming bland in this new era of wrestling. Feel free to leave any comments if you like.

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  1. blink's Avatar
    You make very food points but the one constant thought I had while reading this is that maybe you just don't like wrestling anymore. Maybe you've grown out of it. Sure i don't jump up and down win my guy wins either but if they get screwed and the heel is doing their job right, I still get plenty pissed! I don't know man. I'm not arguing with anything you said cuz it's all true but maybe, sadly, you're just not in to it anymore.
  2. Desitatta's Avatar
    You forgot the most important reason namely CENA.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    My passion has changed in the last ten years. It use to be liking and disliking certain wrestlers, now on how they sell the product. I use to wrestle with my brother all the time, making up our own wrestlers. I think when to hating a certain wrestler, Owen Hart set the bar to high. He use to piss me off so much, that I wanted to put my fist through the tv. Eric Bishoff and Shane McMahon could do that too, but not like Owen. Thats whats missing today, new generation can't bring the passion of wrestling out of people. They try, but can't cut the mustard. I think they screwed the whole formula wrestling up to the point where I'm rooting for the heels. WWE made the heels the underdog, faces are supposed to be the underdog. I guess Vince McMahon is the only person can still draw it out without even trying.
  4. jamez20's Avatar
    more like, "Why do YOU hate our wrestling era?"
  5. clh2285's Avatar
    duh fergot CENA....give me a fucking break
  6. clh2285's Avatar
    Good Blog
    I still like this generation of wrestling but I guess I just don't get so emotionally attached to it, to the point that it upsets me. Like people on this site when someone "drops the ball" or whatever they flip there shit and start blaming everyone they can. How about just quit raising your blood pressure over something you can't control and just don't watch lol?(this was not directed towards the writer of this blog) These guys are getting paid for this and it seems people forget this, if you went to Orlando or Stamford and tried to rant to them like you guys do on this site, first of all they would not give you the time of day and if they did it would be a site to see when they blow your mind. YOU are a person sitting behind a computer at home complaining about a fictional tv show that you are so emotionally attached to that you can't put it down(even you people that read the dirt sheets to keep up, then bitch) and they are very successful business men and women that have no time for your rants. Because guess what? after you grow tired of bitching and finally stop watching and reading, they will still be doing the same thing they were doing running a business, and if they fall? I promise it wont be because of the Internet Wrestling Communist.
    On a side not I apologize to T-Bone2807 for ranting in the comment section, it was not directed towards you but the ones that comment with bullshit remarks.
  7. Enforcer23's Avatar
    exact how i feel bland boring and the wrestlers are just not there for me
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