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Greatest Stars to never be World Champ

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Ok guys, I'm going to blog about the greatest stars to never win the WWE/World Heavyweight, WCW and TNA World title. This list does not include the ECW or NWA World Title.

Now I know I'm going to forget a million names so please help me out and try not to bash me for a couple mistakes. If I miss a name simply leave a comment telling me so I can add it on the list. Once again I was born in 1991 so I might miss alot of names. I have Classics on demand and basically learned alot from watching it.

My list mainly consists of the 80s because they're were so many great stars of the 80s to never win the WWF Title because Hogan was literally hogging it.

20. William Regal
One of my favorite of all time. He was Sheamus before Sheamus. Regal knows every move, hold and reversal. One of the few wrestlers that can be technical, brawl and flashy. I couldn've seen him as a monster heel WCW Champ and WWE Champ.

19. Jim Duggan
I wasn't a fan but dude won the 1st Royal Rumble.

18. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Definitely had his talents wasted. Would've loved to see him as World Champ. I guess thats bad booking.

17. Koko B. Ware
Great entertainer

16. British Bulldog
He was one of the big guys that could actually go. He wrestled a clinic with any and every opponent. I will never forget his match with Bret Hart Summerslam 92'.

15. Rick Rude
His talents were wasted for a while. Great heel.

14. Paul Orndorff
Not sure why I like this guy so much but he's good. I'll never forget the promo he cut when he was in the gym trying to train overweight people.

13. Dusty Rhodes
He was sloppy in the ring but everything about him is legendary. I feel there was room to have him as a champ.

12. Curt Henning
This guy was awesome. I could write a book about how much he deserved it. Hopefully his son will be something big because I definitely see something in his son.

11. The Honky Tonk Man
Honestly I'm not a fan at all but he was a great heel. I think maybe one reign would've been cool.

10. Owen Hart
Sad thing is I don't think Vince would've ever gave him the belt. The dude was a ring master.

9. Harley Race
Toughest guy to ever lace up a pair of boots. The best in my opinion to ever do the "King" gimmick. His "King" gimmick topped Lawler's, Booker T's, Triple H's and definitely Haku's.

8. The Junkyard Dog
One of the most charasmatic wrestlers of all time. Never one the big one but was a basic wrestler that was super over with the crowd.

7. Tito Santana
He was great in the ring and exciting to watch. He stood proudly for his race.

6. Greg Valentine
Just an all out rugid performer.

5. Razor Ramon (WWF)
Scott Hall in WCW wasn't really championship material. In the WWF, he was the man. I know for a fact he would've been WWF champ if he never left.

4. Ricky Steamboat
An all out high flyer and a huge fan favorite. When I see Kofi Kingston perform I think of Steamboat.

3. Arn Anderson
The most underrated of all-time. The dude was an all out stud. Knows just about every hold and was a great talker. I love Ric Flair but I always wished that Arn was the top guy of the Four Horsemen.

2. Ted Dibiase Sr.
He won the WWF Title unoffically but never had a real title reign. The belt was literally hogged by Hogan. Dibiase Sr. was the greatest heel of all time. His gimmick was perfect. Everyone hates a man with alot of money especially when they brag about it. Great guy.

1. Roddy Piper
In my opinion the greatest talker of all time. Its a difference between cutting promos and knowing how to talk. He was a talker and amazing in the ring. I'm glad the WWE still shows him respect but he definitely should've won the big one.

Hope you guys enjoyed the list.

The main reason I did this list is because I can only imagine how many current WWE stars that will never be World Champ because of the belts being hogged by Cena & Orton.

I was tempted to add Matt Hardy but I didn't wanna hear the complaints.

Please leave feedback and let me know who I missed. Thanks & Be Safe.


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  1. blink's Avatar
    Great list all around!
  2. thetheme's Avatar
    Some of these guys were world champions in other promotions. However i do understand what you are saying and I see your points about them. Im just going to mention some others. Rick Martel, Brian Pillman, Marc Mero, Val Venis. As far as the term "belts being hogged" goes, in every era that has happened to "define" a generation. Hogan, Warrior, Macho Man. Bret Hart, Diesel, HBK. There are other in between but you get the point. How many times did Rock, Austin, and HHH trade the belt around? Angle was thrown into the mix, but didn't get reconized for his skills until later. HHH was given the World Heavyweight title and kept getting it back after he would lose it. So is that considered hogging and holding others down? It happened in the "Rock N Wrestling/Golden Age" era, the New Generation era, the Undisputed era, and the PG era and many people say it's crap. But it happened in the Attitude era as well, and since most of the ICW were kids and teens at that time then that same crap was ok and it gets looked past just because it was the era that they are so in love with.
  3. Desitatta's Avatar
    You forgot Lex Luger, he would have been great with feuds with Hitman and Yokozuna.
  4. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Desitatta
    You forgot Lex Luger, he would have been great with feuds with Hitman and Yokozuna.
    Lex Luger was World Champion, in WCW. The problem was, he wasn't that good of a champion. People tend to call him a choking champion because when he is on the top or near it, he fails.
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    I would have to say Golddust, Bigboss Man and not sure if he ever was in any company BamBam Bigaloo.
  6. tad locust's Avatar
    Good blog and Good list.I would have put Brian Pillman,Sean Waltman,Tully Blanchard,Goldust, and Jerry Lawler on the List though.
  7. knox's Avatar
    thanks guys for the comments, I must agree with Goldust, Marc Mero & Brian Pillman
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