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An open letter to the WWE and IWC

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I’ve been reading blogs and discussions on many wrestling sites and mainly here on EWN. Nice job guys by the way of expressing your opinions and comments. I always enjoy reading your stuff.

Here are some of the problems you guys seem to have with the current situation in the WWE and some of my solutions to keep it PG but at the same time make it a little more interesting.

First of all the John Cena character: I will not repeat what’s being said about Cena but mostly people bitch about his Super Cena character. In my opinion John Cena’s character is being modeled on a modern day Hulk Hogan persona: 2-3 moves, gets beaten up most of the match up until he hulks up and finishes his opponent, flashy colors and similar catch phrase catering to kids ‘’ hustle loyalty respect’’)
I remember liking Hulk Hogan back in the 80’s but my older cousins used to find him boring (just as I find Cena now).

Here is how the Cena character can be modified and still be PG:
1. Bring back the Vanilla Ice Cena. How great was it a couple months ago when he went one on one with the Great One using his Thuganomics. Just keep it clean and avoid using words like ‘’ass, gay etc.’’
2. I know John Cena can wrestle. For god sakes make the guy wrestle. A couple more cool moves wouldn’t hurt him either, and probably the older fan would jump on the bandwagon. Maybe take a couple of moves from Bret Hart (my best wrestler) to complete his repertoire.
3. His matches have to be ‘’back and forth’’. He can’t get his ass kicked for 15 minutes and then in less than 2 win the match. It hurts his opponents’ credibility and his.

The second point I would like to touch on is the weight divisions. This is actually something that bothers me a lot. I mean come on, who actually believes that Evan Bourne can win a match against Sheamus let alone compete against Ryan Mason or Jack Swagger. I’m sick of watching these matches where there’s a big difference in the size and weight when I could see an amazing match between Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd, or Justin Gabriel or Sin Cara.

Have the heavy weights fight heaving weights and lightweights fight lightweights.
My solution: BRING BACK THE CRUSERWEIGHT BELT!! This is necessary. It could actually save the WWE. If the WWE wants to keep their product PG what better way than expanding the Cruiserweight division. Exciting highflying matches that kids would love and we old school fans would enjoy also. Remember WCW Cruiserweight division? I do!!
For it to work though, WWE will need to make this division as dominate division. Good story lines and most importantly have some of these matches in main events (PPV or TV). I believe the WWE has already dominated players like Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Rey Misterio, Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, Santino, Chavo, Primo and Zack Ryder. This division could lunch many of these guys to the main event scene. Boxing does it, MMA does it also. Only in Pro wrestling is the main event reserved for heavyweights. I prefer seeing a main event match between Rey Mysterio and Tyson Kidd for example than John Cena vs R-Truth.

So please WWE keep the heavyweights division for guys over 6’1’’ 230lbs.
Wrestling vs Entertainment: I would like to know what’s the deal with that? WWE is so constipated with the terms they want us to use. WWE Universe instead of Fans??? Superstars instead of Wrestlers??? I get it that the WWE are in the Entertainment business but the product that they give us on an average of 15 shows per month not including house shows is WRESTLING!!!
Speaking of wrestling, they should have more matches of Raw and Smackdown and longer. 2 things I hate about Raw and SD are the 2 min matches and commercial in the middle of a match. How stupid is that. I’m sure there’s a way to fix that.

Stupid vignettes: Dancing contest on Raw??? Come on. Do we really have to sit and watch this shit? That is not entertainment. That is plain and easy stupid fillers instead of having longer matches and create better storylines. Hell give me the main writer position, I’ll make good use of that 4 min. Enough with the Knighting of Michael Cole sketches and go back to real story telling for Wrestlers!!!
Tag team division: Everybody on the IWC have been screaming for a better tag team division. With over 40 Superstars on the roster, the WWE should find a way to showcase most of them in order to create new stars and faster. I remember most of the main eveners of the 90’s were tag team wrestlers in the 80’s or early 90’s (Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Christian...). I can see a great tag team in Husky Harris and Brodus Clay, Michael McGillicutty and Ted Dibiase, some of the NXT guys and many others. Give each tag team a name (like back in the day). In addition, just like the Cruiserweight division, the Tag team division should be showcased in main events from time to time.

This is only some of the things that I believe the WWE should start with to make their product a little more interesting and please most of the IWC and the new PG fans they cater too.

This is my first blog, I’ve been a wrestling fan for over 25 years, and I miss the time when I used to count the days until Monday Night Raw. Now I watch it only in hopes that the WWE will realise how bad their product has become and make the little tweaks that could change my opinion of them.
I hope you guys enjoyed this and please feel free to give your comments.

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  1. johnnydropkicks's Avatar
    I enjoyed the dance thing.

    Vickie was actually hot for a second. And it was hilarious to see Cole get a cheer.
  2. jaymo's Avatar
    Great blog i agree with bringing back the cruiserweights
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    I agree, especially the dancing. Last time I remember, Mark Henry was dancing with Hornswoggle. Or Mark Henry and Khali doing a dance off with the Usos. Now they are trying to make Mark Henry a monsterheel again. Or stupid gimmicks like Big Show dressing up like Peewee Herman. WWE needs to get rid of the gimmicky stuff. I don't think the kids are even entertain.
  4. A.Jay's Avatar
    You sure its been 25 years? Cause they way this was written seem like a fan boy more then a wrestling fan.

    I guess what I have discovered here is IWC would rather have the Attitude Era and nothing else. It's not going to happen. The WWE doesn't have to up their game because week after week month after month year after year you guys get mad about the WWE and kkep watching it.

    I repeat something I said in a comment before when wrestling fans stop watching the WWE and give some play to TNA the WWE will have to change its direction. They did it when WCW knocked them down and thus you guys got your Attitude Era.
  5. deadly56's Avatar
    In your blog you metioned how wwe needs to make better storylines I admite its not as good as before but thats because they had better superstars thats why they had belts like the cruserweight and if wwe did bring them back do you think people would care that much like they don't care about the US,IC BELTS also you metioned in your blog your sick of matches where theres big difference in the size and weight if wwe does make every superstar in the roster fight some one there size don't you think we the fans will get sick of that.

    Next time just have common sense when you write a another blog thats all im saying.
  6. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Hogan may have been boring but his ring psychology was much better than Cena's. The Cena match strategy basically buries every opponent he faces when after being brutalized by them Cena still gets up and wins with very little offense of his own. Hogan would hold his own in his matches rather than just get crushed and pop up to Hulk up and win at the end. I mean yeah the hulking up thing is a no sell but it's better than Cena.

    The return of the cruiserweight division is an awful idea but only because WWE can't do it well. The stories for a cruiserweight divison are always going to either be cut or pushed to the back burner in favor of the WWE championship. Are you really going to tell Rey that he can no longer compete for the big belt?

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