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WWE insults fans with RAW POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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As a loyal fan of the WWE, I usually let a lot of things slide with the company. I let the edited cheers and boos on Smackdown! slide, despite my extreme grotesque towards altering the crowd to suit what the company wants. I let the FAKE OBAMA segment on WWE Capitol Punishment slide. It was a complete waste of time, but I still felt the solid matches made the PPV a decent show. However, lying to the fans and telling them they have the power to make matches on a RAW when they really don't...?


How dare the WWE insult fans with a rigged show that is SUPPOSED to be for the people? If WWE had a planned show from the get-go, then why waste the fans time by asking them to vote for who they wanted to see and then technically telling them -- "Thanks for the vote, but we're going to do this instead" -- Are you kidding me?? What a way to slap your fans in the face, WWE. Now I'm sure a lot of the internet smarks will say, "This is typical WWE" but I was one of those wrestling fans that always supported the fact that WWE would NEVER .... NEVER lie to their fans. They may treat their talent like crap, but they would never lie to or cheat the fans. This past RAW proved me wrong. This past RAW proved to me that in the overall scheme of the things, the fans don't matter. It is ALL about what Vince McMahon and the Creative Team wants. How fucked up can you be?

Now am I saying WWE RAW Power To The People was a bad show? Not even close to one. It was a good show filled with a bundle of high class wrestling matches. I loved the triple threat for the WWE Title #1 contendership. I also loved the 2 out of 3 falls for the US title. Even the divas title match was somewhat decent. The show was fine. However, that still doesn't make up for the fact that the fans were LIED to on RAW. For those who didn't even see RAW, let me give you an example of how rigged this show was.

Divas title Match Picks:
Eve 11%
Kelly Kelly 53%
Beth Phoenix 36%

-- Now, I like K2. Unlike some of the divas nowadays, she is at least TRYING to be a good wrestler. However, this obviously should have gone to Beth Phoenix. She is much more over with the audience and even with the kids. Hell, when all three divas came up on the titantron before the voting, Beth Phoenix got the LOUDEST pop. That alone should have told you who the fans wanted. Although I'm not too upset with K2 winning the divas title, I am annoyed they played this off as if the fans wanted to see it.

Picking Evan Bourne's Opponent:
Jack Swagger 19%
Mason Ryan 51%
Sin Cara 30%

-- This vote made it obvious to me that the show was rigged. What kind of a wrestling fan would choose Mason Ryan (A HEEL with little credibility) over a possible GREAT match between Sin Cara and Evan Bourne?? You mean to tell me that HALF of the people that voted wanted to see a heel Mason Ryan more than a fan favorite Sin Cara? Kiss. My. Ass. I can guarantee you many fans were pissed Sin Cara was not picked for that match, and proves that because they made a public apology on it. Backlog of text votes? Fuck off. Ryan obviously was BOOKED to go over on Bourne on this RAW so it really didn't matter what the fans want. I refuse to believe the WWE fans are THAT stupid.

Kane vs. Mark Henry
Body Slam Match 13%
Arm Wrestling Match 52%
Over The Top Rope Match 35%

-- Okay. This wasn't even funny. Even the fans felt this one was bullshit because we got a "THIS IS STUPID! THIS IS STUPID!" chant during this contest. I would think the average fan would pick the choice with the most action. That could include either over the top rope or body slam match. Either one of those choices would have been fine with me. But you mean to tell me HALF of the people that voted again would rather see an irrelevant arm wrestling match?? Fuck off. Waste of time.

I could go on, but the examples I've given are strong enough. I've never been a fan of the current WWE backstage regime, especially the creative writers, but I never thought they would sink this low. If they get any worst, Vince Russo will start to look like a fucking pro at booking a show. The Power To The People show was a complete slap in the face to all wrestling fans and WWE should be ashamed of themselves. I don't care how fucking wealthy this company is and I don't care what they felt gave them to the right to do this to the fans, this was NOT right. I never been so insulted to be a wrestling fan.

Also, it was recently stated on that the company had technical difficulties with the voting system because of a high influx of votes, which caused some of the matches to end up with the wrong results. So you mean to tell me a multi-billion dollar company like WWE can't handle at influx of text votes around 679,000 when shows like American Idol get a million votes weekly and they handle it with no problem? Yeah right! Don't insult my intelligence. If WWE truly has trouble with that many votes, they should never again do fan voting.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Festeringeviscerate's Avatar
    Real Wrestling fans need to boycott this shit! We the IWC need to take a stand, & Stop watching & going I.E. Paying to see this shit! I think if everyone who is tired of this joke they force feed everyone including the "PG audience" Every single week & stop watching & going to the events, they will take a hit of some sort to the point it will hurt their revenue a bit, & hopefully see how shitty the product has gotten & realize they need to overhaul the business again.
  2. knox's Avatar
    dude me and a guy in my section started the "Batista" chants during the Mason Ryan match lol it was priceless...the crowd was pretty annoyed by him being chosen though
  3. pauadrian's Avatar
    lets stop watching it and going to it and if u still want to watch it watch over the internet
  4. jrsckilla23's Avatar
    Great blog i loved everything you said but IMO i think we have been getting slapped in the face by WWE ever since this PG crap. I also agree with Festeringeviscerate said cuz he is right if we real wrestling fans who have been watching actual wrestling entertainment i for one have been watching it since 1989 until now but i know there is more people out there who's been watching it longer than i have but my point is we should stop watching it for about a month or 2 and Vince and the creative writers will be kissing the 18 and over fans asses so we can come back to watch WWE once again because in reality wrestling fans and i mean adult wrestling fans have brought chants,excitement and loudness to the WWE.

  5. Theiconsting's Avatar
    good blog your pretty well on the money there the WWE rig everything from nxt to tough enough to any show where you supposedly get a vote. Vince has never listened to the fans & never will such an arroagnt jackass. I used to be a big WWE fan but mostly now i watch it as a filler lol
  6. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Man, you are so misinformed...

    WWE's Polls aren't rigged, they're predictable. They know that the majority would pick specific options or people when given the change. The same thing happened when Christian lost his title, the choices were heel Henry, heel Sheamus, or Face Orton. Who do you think the audience was going to cheer for?

    As for Mason Ryan example, that should be a proof that IT ISN'T RIGGED. Why would the WWE want to put Mason in a match when they're Pushing Evan recently and are trying to make Sin Cara as Marketable as Rey Mysterio? It was obvious to everyone except the results that Sin Cara was going to face Evan Bourne, but excess votes for Kelly Kelly messed that up. We'll be seeing that next week.

    And you do have to remember that this is the power to the people, not to the Internet Wrestling Community. There are more people out there watching Wrestling than the IWC. You could have people who actually wanted to see the Arm Wrestling or Trolls who wanted to ruin the event for people.
  7. King Scrapper's Avatar
    @Rassling Fan.....You're an idiot.
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