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STATE OF THE 'E: What Has CM Punk Done For You Lately?

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On June 20th, 2011, CM Punk announced that his contract expires at midnight on July 17th, 2011 and that if he wins the WWE Championship at "Night Of Champions" he will walk out of there WITH the Championship in his possession. Literally. Leave the company and all with it.

In my mind, 3 things are going on here:

1.) CM Punk wins, messes everyone's head up and he actually WALKS OUT of THE 'E with their Championship. Now, what would happen? Well duh, that would force them to make a new belt. Which, they have already done so about a year ago if you believe all of the reports. It was said that: "They're just waiting for the right time to debut it."

Well, if Punk leaves the company high and dry, what better option would they have? I can forsee a tournament coming from this as well. THE 'E are building to something big with this theory if I'm proven correct next month.

2.) CM Punk loses, and walks away peacefully. That would certainly mess with people as well. Him promising that he'll leave with a bang and all this noise he's making... it's just something that would be clearly just the right thing to do. And he will be in his hometown as well...

3.) CM Punk loses, puts Cena on the injury reserve list. It's been documented that Cena has been nursing a lot of injuries as of late so, truth be told Punk could easily "beat" John down and that would give him ample time to heal so hea can go against The Rock next year. With that being said, Punk could still leave the company with the Championship and force the ending to option 1. as I stated a little bit ago.

In my eyes CM Punk is one of the greatest Super... wait, WRESTLERS that THE 'E ever got ahold of. I'm glad he's had such a great run with the company. With that, lets reflect on his accoplishments: (In THE 'E)

Taken from Wikipedia:

o ECW Championship (1 time)
o World Heavyweight Championship (3 times)
o World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Kofi Kingston
o WWE Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
o Mr. Money in the Bank (2008, 2009)
o Slammy Award for "OMG" Moment of the Year (2008) -- Cashing in Money in the Bank to win the World Heavyweight Championship
o Slammy Award for Shocker of the Year (2009) -- Forcing Jeff Hardy out of the WWE after Steel Cage match victory
o Slammy Award for Despicable Me (2010) -- Harassing Rey Mysterio and his family
o Nineteenth Triple Crown Champion

Straight Edge Society Leader (2009–2010)

The New Nexus Leader (2010–Present)

We can officially add his current "shoot" personality in there as well.

Personally, I think all of the contract negotiations have been settled and Punk will just take some time off. They're making too big of a fuss over it. Now, if I'm wrong on that... I wish him all the best in his career moving forward and yeah, I'm gonna miss him like hell but, I can only hope he shows up in IWGP or Dragon Gate. Nobody should go to TNA who's at a height like him.

"Even through the darkest days, this fire burns, always."

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  1. Parallax's Avatar
    1) Punk wins the belt and leave the company with it? That would be interesting. But WWE would just introduce the new belt, and likely give it right back to Cena. They've made it pretty clear that they don't think too much of anyone else on Raw except him.

    2) Punk loses quietly and leaves? That's the most boring, and most likely, scenario.

    3) Punk loses but injures Cena? The most interesting scenario IMO. But WWE needs him to sell SummerSlam, so that probably won't happen.

    Anyway, if Punk does indeed leave, I can't say I blame him. I feel like he's the most complete performer in the company and he's only getting a push now because WWE is desperate to keep him I think. Too little, too late IMO.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    At this point in time, I actually hope Punk gets what he deserves, and that is either: 1) Winning the WWE championship and staying around or leaving
    2) Taking a long period of time off or going to ROH (wouldn't mind him in TNA either)

    He has had a fantastic career, theres no doubt about that. But what has he done in the past year? Hes led the SES, had a great feud with Rey Mysterio, and led a group of rookies who have made a big impact in a short time, albeit their mic/wrestling skills have BARELY improved. I loved his earlier stuff, much more than this. He was used more often in the main event and they had him going for championships. But then they had him losing frequently, and leading The New Nexus. Thats sad, for a man of his skills. Thats why I wouldn't mind seeing him walk out sooner rather than later, or getting better treatment. Out of anyone who deserves a "push" to a world title, its him, not Kofi, Dolph, Ryder, Mcintyre, Cody or Swagger.
    With all that said, I hope he finds peace whereever he goes.
  3. knox's Avatar
    Point blank Punk has the hugest fanbase in the WWE for a heel. Punk dominates the 18-35 age group. Punk is the only reason the older fans watch WWE because he has that attitude era swag about him.

    I think the WWE fails tremendously if Punk goes...especially if Cena is the one that beats him
    I'm atleast thankful he leaves 2 weeks after he comes down under Ironiclly him & Jeff Hardy are my faviourites cant wait to see him 1 last time before he hopefully comes to TNA where he'll probably win a title without hving to cash in MITB or leave the company to get a world title shot WWE really dropped the ball with him if you look at even where he started in ECW he has been using much less moves then he is in his arsenal. X PUNK X (those X's are for him being str8 edge not kisses........awkward silence lol)
  5. Jaitsu's Avatar
    if Punk does go to TNA however, i hope they either set up a feud between him and Hardy once Hardy is finished all the rehab and stuff and is back on TV. or have him going for something else, as long as they don't drag him into the Immortal storyline... (OH GOD, i just realized they'd have to drag that dieing storyline on for months more, in order to beat the no compete clause... one thing i hate about TNA is that damn Immortal storyline)
  6. alexrules01's Avatar
    CM Punk won't go to TNA, he doesnt like Hogan and I don't think teh Hardy's are high on him either. Plus CM Punk > TNA (excluding Kurt Angle)
    Quote Originally Posted by alexrules01
    CM Punk won't go to TNA, he doesnt like Hogan and I don't think teh Hardy's are high on him either. Plus CM Punk > TNA (excluding Kurt Angle)
    Well apparently not many people liked Punk backstage in WWE either & he is good friends with Aj , Joe, Danials & some other talant in TNA
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