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STATE OF THE 'E: Are We the Worst Fans Ever?

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Yes. That's right. i said it. The "WWEUniverse" is actually the worst thing going in THE 'E right now. I'm seeing more and more of it and I don't think it's going to stop. I will give examples on my thought process here. Have fun reading and can't wait to hear the snarmy comments and comebacks! =P

1.) CREATIVE - They are responsible for providing us fans with entertainment week in and week out. I don't know how you guys THINK the world of pro wrestling works but I challenge you to: write out a short term feud, fully script it, get the performers to remember lines, do production on backstage vignettes, make awesome promos for the said matches and try to do this with close to 90 people on a roster. I want you to fully create 52 episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw or WWE Friday Night Smackdown!... not to mention Superstars and NXT also have running storylines as well. It's hard to do. people get fried, it happens. They are human as well and I guarandamntee that if you tried out for it, you'd fail. Prove me wrong otherwise.

2.) THE TALENT - This current roster is actually VERY deep. You say there's no talent? Screw that noise. THE 'E has provided us with MANY people we've been wanting there. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, Alberto Del Rio, Evan Bourne, Kharma, Justin Gabriel, and many other talents from the "Indies" not only do they have their homegrown talent as well in Orton, Cena, Christian, Sheamus, etc, etc. They have the talent and the roster to have many great things happen. And to me, CM Punk has been on point ever since joining the roster, and many of the others have been reduced to fodder but, for what reason? Well, the world of wrestling has its own reasoning that we'll never fully understand. Don't automatically assume that just because someone isn't on TV that Haitch and the boys backstage are "holding them back." There's reasoning for it. A lot of it, you're not on the "inside" like you truly want to be and 50% of what you read on these sites are true. Grow up.

3.) VIOLENCE - Umm, excuse me but, what are you watching? Week in and week out you watch people get beaten up. That I'm pretty sure qualifies as "violence" THE 'E have guys that when you really look at it are stunt men. The whole world of professional wrestling is pretty much a live action movie from beginning to end. It's not different than going to see "Pirates Of The Caribbean" at Disney World truthfully. Just because there isn't blood anymore doesn't mean a damn thing. Remember, the "home invasion" of Randy Orton by Triple H happened right at the beginning of the "PG Era" and not to mention the beginning of Nexus also happened here too. Just because there wan't any blood didn't make it any less violent. Blood does not make wrestling. True story.

4.) THE ATTITUDE ERA - For some reasons a lot of fans think that professional wrestling wasn't around before this period. And a lot of people automatically remember the promos, the matches, blah, blah, blah. It was crash TV. They threw things to the wall and saw if it stuck. THE 'E wasn't the only edgy thing on TV at that time. ALL of television was getting raunchier and raunchier. People were losing a lot of common sense through this and realistically this time period is where "reality" television was birthed. People kept wanting stations to push the envelope and they did. We saw bare asses on ABC and not to mention the high level of cursing past 10pm. THE 'E was just following this tradition. They weren't pioneers of great television. Hell, if you go back and actually watch "The Attitude Era" you'll notice that more botches occur in that time period than any other. I'm talking from THE 'E, WCW and ECW. They messed up everything all the time. It was high impact, high reward. ALL of television has shifted into another direction. People want things based more realistically, they want things to feel "organic" in a sense. Pro wrestling had to adapt to that. People forget that pro wrestling has its cycles. This is just one of them.

5.) THE FANS -- We are 100% the worst thing that THE 'E has going for it. Because of that flash in the pan of 6 years, everyone thinks that pro wrestling should be about tits, ass, blood, chairshots, and people getting hurt. That is not what pro wrestling was for over 70 years before that. We became the worst thing in THE 'E. Spoiled little brats that throw tantrums when things don't go our way. We whine and whine to the IWC about how wrestling isn't fun anymore about how horrible it is. Here's a fucking clue, if it's so horrible: STOP WATCHING!! Force the program to change again They're still pulling in a 3.1 to 3.5 cable rating weekly. That averages to about 5 MILLION people watching. Granted, they were pulling 5.8's and 6.2's in the past but, every other show was too. People watched a ton of TV back then, now we Tivo, DVR and download. It's a different era and we need to realize that. THE 'E has gone 80's style again. More focused on family and fun for everyone.

I know that when I sit down with my son every Monday night I'm still having fun. I still let it take me away. We're watching a show that costs $1.5 Million a week to make. Average that with Smackdown! and they're throwing $3 Million a week into television tapings. Not to mention the OnDemand channel and their internet shows. They put a lot of money out weekly and during "The Attitude Era" they lost sponsors as quickly as they gained them.

That is going to conclude my rant on this situation at hand. Give them some credit or don't whatever floats your boat. They do a great job and we all continue watching. It's easy to play Tuesday morning quarterback but, I want you to go get a job for THE 'E (Or any other promotion for that matter.) and then you come back and tell me how easy it is to do all of this.

I also want to include quickly my "Top 5" ways to "fix" THE 'E. No "real" explainations considering they're right in your face.

1.) Become A Private Company Again -- Their most prosperous times were when they weren't publically traded on Wall Street.

2.) Evaluate Your Fans -- Hold focus groups to see where the National fanbase stands. Hell, you have a lot of our e-mail addy's. Send us surveys. Not that difficult.

3.) Cut Costs -- With all the lighting, pyro, HD everything, THE 'E is spending $5 Million a week (with everything combined.) Pull back on a lot of things. Nip/Tuck.

4.) Hire Story Editors -- Make them the final stages before VKM. Basically right now everyone pow wow's in a room and then you get things worked out later. That's right and wrong. There needs to be a medium.

5.) Ticket Prices -- Yeah, you have tickets that start out at $20.00 a pop. But they're WAY at the top of the stadium. The last time I took my wife and son to see a WWE Monday Night Raw, it cost us $500.00 -- $350.00 for tickets, $20.00 for parking, $100.00 on merchandise (Program, a shirt for my son and a couple odds and ends.) and like $50.00 for food. (It was over $500.00 acually -- DAMN!) Why do you think attendance is down? In a recession (and coming out of one.) You need to help out your fans.

Okay, NOW I'm finally done. Flame me and kill my IWC cred all you want in the comment section below. Have fun.

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  1. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    I actually agree on most points there but I don't know about others but I just want to see good tag team wrestling 2 on 2
  2. abarasch523's Avatar
    wow man i agree with a lot of this stuff, good to see someone with his head out of his ass
  3. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    I don't agree with your 5th point tbh. Specifically this line "We became the worst thing in THE 'E. Spoiled little brats that throw tantrums when things don't go our way. We whine and whine to the IWC about how wrestling isn't fun anymore about how horrible it is".

    I think you're forgetting the key element here which is the fact that WWE is a business. This is suply and demand and in every business you'll see people complain about the product and how they think it should change and better itself. Even if we didn't compare the current WWE product to the one in the Attitude Era it's no secret that their current product is pretty sloppy compared to what they had at many points throughout their history. Personally I think it's ironic when parents get mad when their children see a wrestler bleed or curse but they're ok with guys attacking each other over petty matters as if that's an ok example for their kids.

    As I said it's no secret that the current WWE product can't hold a candle to the product they had in the past. Even VKM knows it, but he's willing to look the other way as long as the kids keep buying the John Cena t-shirts, lunch boxes and action figures. Are we really the bad people when we compare what we have now to what we had then? Of course not cause if we're gonna give them our time and money we damn well deserve to have imput. We're all adults here and if I order a top sirloin and you make me a bowl of slop it's my right not to eat it because I'm the paying customer. I don't have to eat it and like it too.

    As for your first point if creative is burnt out then they need to hire new writters not force us to watch re-runs of John Cena matches week after week. In no business could someone just get away with the burnt out excuse. If you're no good in your job anymore you get fired, it's the way the world has always worked and WWE's creative team is no exception. I'm not saying their job is easy, but like every person who's ever held a job they get payed for it. Storylines are not something they work on in their spare time after a shift at Sears, no far from it. They get payed alot of money for the crap they put out so storylines should look like more than something someone wrote on a piece of toilet paper as they took a potty break. Anyway it was a good blog even if I didn't agree with everything XD.
  4. daverende5's Avatar

    No seriously, ... .

    Now they have the HD cams, they shouldn't cut it.

    Only wait five years or so for the 3D cams.
  5. thetheme's Avatar
    Yes, and hell YES. Someone that KNOWS their wrestling history and KNOWS what they are talking about! Especially with #5. People complain week in and week out, but still watch. So in the eyes of the WWE, "everything is fine". The only way to send a message to a company, stop supporting them, it's that simple. You have said nothing wrong and what you have said on here are facts that many ignore because they are more spoiled than the Cena fans they complain about all the time. Good work.
  6. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Glamour Girl
    I think you're forgetting the key element here which is the fact that WWE is a business. This is suply and demand and in every business you'll see people complain about the product and how they think it should change and better itself.
    The thing is, the IWC is not the majority. I've keep hearing them say to push Zack Ryder because he's famous on the internet, but his most viewed video didn't even crack 200,000. Raw gets over 3 million per episode. See where I'm getting at?
  7. f408m's Avatar
    as a zack ryder fan, I'll say one thing, and I'll probably get flamed here but If the guy has 100,000 people backing him, buying his merchandise, and posting signs about him on shows, and he's not even on TV on a regular basis...isn't that justification to put him on TV? I mean come on you have guys like Santino with the COBRA has a finisher (how can that honestly be taken realistically)?
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