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When you beat Cristian/Orton, you know you're doing something right

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Decent ppv last night. I judge a ppv mainly on how well I remember it. And I remember practically everything regarding the matches of CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio, Christian vs. Randy Orton, and R-Truth vs. John Cena.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio. Now this is the CM Punk we expect. He and Rey put on the best match of the night with some unbelievable sequences. They had some pretty heavy competition to beat too, in Christian vs. Orton. But they did. If it is actually true these guys don't actually like eachother, I don't see how, given that when they step into the ring together they produce magic. Rey actually lost clean, and with his match and his promo, Punk proves once again he is without a single doubt the most complete talent the WWE has to its name. Damn good match. How much would it suck if Punk left the WWE? When he leaves people will just look at it and realize what a huge loss it is once it's not there. But if Punk does leave, this match could set up a mask vs. career feud which would be a great way to send Punk off. And if what happened at this ppv is any indication, the show the two put on will worthy the stakes.

But their competition was hot too. As per usual for them. It wasn't as good as their earlier matches , and it was a bit slower but Christian vs. Orton was fun beginning to end and had a better finish than CM Punk vs. Mysterio. These guys (christian orton) put on a great match every time they step into the squared circle together and I take nothing in WWE as seriously as those two guys and their feud right now. It's pretty awesome. I'm really excited to see what happens now on SD. Does Christian become even more heel? Does he tween now? Are they trying to tween him? It seems like the writers are actually out thinking everyone. Looks like they've abandoned completely making Orton a canonical face at the cost of some of his grittiness. And with the finish to their match it makes Christian's role as canonical heel doubtful or least a bit layered. Though I have a nagging feeling that maybe they thought Christian couldn't handle another loss, but if that's the case, it means they are thinking about this feud long-term, and damn right.

Something else doubtful is a John Cena match being fun. But this was. I enjoyed seeing Truth beat the crap out of Cena and I defy any you to call the Lie Detector stupid when you see it landed on John Cena for almost a 3. R-Truth's video promo was absolutely perfect and so was the finish to their match. Truth's face when he was taking a drink of water was absolutely golden. No doubt this feud will surely continue as Truth has done a good job of entertaining the older crowd unlike Miz, while playing a good heel to John Cena and not taking the focus or relevancy away unlike Punk. Also, it should continue cause, Truth's @#%#% awesome.


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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    Had to be a hired actor, they would of been ejected or probably arrested.
  2. Rockstar83's Avatar
    its called "Planted seed" in wrestling terms...aka "Child Actor" watch this kid be like the big thing 15 yrs from now in wwe
  3. Viper's Avatar
    bullshit ending.
  4. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    Great blog man, I agree with everything you said. I will say that R-Truth and John Cena's match wasn't the greatest match of the night. Not by a long shot but it wasn't bad either. I thought the little kid throwing soda in R-Truth's face was epic! R-Truth's heel character is really growing on me!
  5. Lowki's Avatar
    Damn you little jimmy!
  6. SmackdownhotelCEO's Avatar
    I guess Little Jimmy is a Racist...

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